This Week’s Spiritual Guidance: The End of Ego means Taming the Tiger

Art work by Hu Kun

The year 2017 has been a very auspicious year.  Numerologically speaking, this ’10’ or a ‘1’ year was our great opportunity to awaken to our supreme inner creativity, our primal force, and our personal Inner Authority.  Because of our past challenges and wounding, many of us found that we didn’t really know what it meant to be the True Authority of our lives, so that much of this year was spent learning it.  We were like children being given full access to the world but we had to learn to walk and we had to learn to get our needs met and we had to learn to usher in our true heart’s dreams and move beyond our limitations into a relationship with the Universe that was worthy of something more than what we thought we ever had.  What I mean to say is that we weren’t accustomed to having so much power at our disposal and this year we learned a lot about our great potential.  This 10 year had our minds open to a higher vision of ourselves and we were like, “Okay.  I have a Higher Vision of myself.  I see my potential.  I know what I want for myself and I actually feel like its within my reach.”  This very powerful vision and the FEELING of being able to achieve it is very strong.  For those of us who were NOT aligned with this authoritative power before 2017, we certainly got a taste of it in a big way.  And we liked it.

We spent 2017 pushing into our Authority and claiming it as our own.  We wore it at work. we wore it with our friends and family.  We wore it in the bedroom, at the gym, in our cars, in our church.  We wore it everywhere we went.  We used this new feeling of Authority to help us envision a brighter future for ourselves.  We delved into our hearts and we listened to our Souls.  We confronted our fear and challenged the old inner paradigms that told us we were weak, unworthy, and small.  Okay, look.  We pushed ourselves into the world and sometimes the world pushed back against our Authority.  But the new authoritative Spirit in us would NOT BACK DOWN.  We retreated for a day or two to regroup when the going got tough, but we came back from our respite with fists swinging– our Spirits reinvigorated.

2017 was a tough year in many ways, but it was a good one for helping us get clear about what is most important to us.  And isn’t that what Authority is?  Knowing what’s important to you and having clarity around your priorities and your life path is super significant.  2017 ends in several days and we want to really bless this year for the richness that it has brought us through joy and sorrow; through pleasure and pain; through opportunities gained and opportunities lost.  Blessings and deep, sincere appreciation must abound for our beloved 2017 because True Authority blesses and appreciates.  True Authority blesses by its very nature.  True Authority is creative, generative, sexual, life-affirming, joyful, expansive, trusting, knowing, and connected.  True Authority is Unconditionally Love.  It loves without condition and this is the greatest blessing of All.  This is the nature of God/Goddess/Source of All.  True Authority is appreciative.  It is not grateful.  Gratitude is for the ego.  Gratitude implies that something was missing and then it was given by some authority outside of ourselves.  Nothing was ever missing from True Authority.  True Authority stands fully rooted with God/Goddess/Source of All, Mother Earth, and the Universe.  It just does.  Because of this strength, True Authority is not grateful.  It is appreciative.  Appreciation is a higher octave of gratitude.  Gratitude is for the ego, which perceived a lack.

So here we are at the end of 2017 and we are already feeling the tremendous pull of 2018.  It is YUGE.  And so damned good.  WOW.  It is on, my Sisters and Brothers.  It is on.  Right now, you are feeling the pull of transformation. The New Moon in Sagittarius has just passed and we are entering into the Winter Solstice.  The Winter Solstice happens at 5:28pm CEST on Thursday, December 21st.  The message for this Solstice is that it is time to emerge from your tomb and to enter the light.  The Winter Solstice is calling forth your magnificence.

Beautifully timed (our Universe is SOOOOO fucking awesome) we have Saturn moving into his home of Capricorn (shout hallelujah!) and we have the Sun moving into Capricorn and Pluto is in Capricorn.  This powerful dynamic is setting us up for a deepening of our most significant change– Self-Leadership.  Self-Leadership means releasing ego-leadership and instead accepting your Divine Badass Butterfly nature and using it to guide you through life.  2018 is all about Self-Leadership.  Okay, so if you haven’t already done so, I want you to start following me these writings.  If you have not signed up to get my blog posts delivered to your inbox, do it now because you are going to want to have all the Moon reports and access to the rituals every single month.  You are going to want to have the Weekly Spiritual Guidance reports delivered to your inbox to give you the inspiration and the motivation you need to THRIVE.  Sign up and keep your journals with you at all times because the next TWO years are setting you up for 2020, the time when Saturn, Pluto, and JUPITER are all aligning in Capricorn.  Adding Jupiter to the mix means that all the good work you’ve done around Capricorn will be rewarded with bonuses and gifts beyond your imagination.  Jupiter is the bringer of gifts and it is good luck.  You know that luck favors the prepared, so use your time now to focus on your Soul’s goals. You’ve got a two year aim and I am determined to see us all through to achieving our greatest goals during that time (and beyond, of course) but the next two years are going to be soooo very important for us, Friends.  You should definitely consider my Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-creation with the Universe program.  It’s designed to help you write goals that come from your heart– not your ego.

Look, I love long term-goals and I love short-term goals.  Two years is an EXCELLENT medium-term goal.  Do you know how much transformation we can get done in two years???   SOOOO MUCH.  These powerful energies in Capricorn are FOUNDATIONAL.  This means that for the next two years, what we do is potentially creating for ourselves a foundation of prosperity, good health, wealth, abundance, and blessings.  We can transform ourselves and put our greatest dreams out into the world AND we can start to see a return on our investment.  Excellent.

So look, Capricorn is the sign of discipline, excellence, and depth.  It rules the 10th house of fame and honors and so you can bet that what you choose to offer the world (HELLO!  This is your CAREER!) is coming up for review.  Saturn and Capricorn rule social status and public life.  In the body, they rule the knees, joints and skeletal system.  Saturn is going to be in Capricorn for over two years.  This is NOT just significant if you are a Capricorn.  It is significant for everyone.  We all have some kind of investment in career, excellence, politics, our own reputation, and at the very least our knees and skeletal system.  Yep.  That’s right, Friends.  Watch your joints and if you have knee issues, then make sure you are right with Saturn.  I actually suffer from knee subluxation.  That’s when the knee slightly dislocates.  This is NOT fun.  But oooooh, does it have me paying VERY close attention to the lessons of Saturn.  Saturn is my natural ruler, so it doesn’t matter.  I listen to Saturn anyway.  I’m Aquarius, and we are ruled by both Uranus and Saturn.  Yay, us!  It ain’t easy because Uranus is all about change and progression and it’s up in the air and in our heads and far reaching vision and a feeling of total freedom… Saturn is the opposite of all that.  Saturn is all about deepening an experience, so it is slooooow moving, paying attention to ALL the details, not cutting ANY corners, doing things over and over until you get it right and if you cheat then you will suffer.

This is really significant, friends, because so many of us want to have great careers and a sense of freedom financially.  We want to feel like we are thriving.  Saturn’s job is to take us there to the THRIVE, but his methods are to make you truly Thrive, not half-assed pretend to be busy, but actually out of integrity.  Saturn is goin to put us all in integrity.  He is going to make us work hard to build our businesses and to promote our work, but he is going to reward us greatly in the end.  That’s Saturn.  He is known as the Task Master of the Cosmos.  So if you have any plans to thrive in career or in the public eye (and I very much do) then you are going to want to be in alignment with the teachings of Saturn.  You want to have success romantically?  I know I certainly do.  Want to have excellent health?  Want to find depth and meaning to life?  Want riches and prosperity?  Want to feel good in society?  Want to be in integrity in body, mind and Spirit?  Yep.  Then you need to pay attention to Saturn because he brings the discipline and life lessons to help you thrive.  I’ll be speaking about all this over the course of the next two years, of course.  But for now, just know what’s a’coming.

So again, Self-Leadership is the call of the Universe right now.  What does it mean to lead the self?  Well, I want to look at this from the flip-side because most of the people who come to me for spiritual guidance are coming from the flip-side. What I mean is, most people are coming to me not being Self-Lead, but being ego-lead.  Remember that the ego is NOT the Self.  Ego is a drive.  It is a part of the self that is earth-bound, so it is caught up in earthly matters and limitation.  We are the consciousness that is connected to God/Goddess/Source of All.  That is the Truth of who we are.  Because we are having a human experience, we tend to identify with the earth-bound ego.  So we talk about ourselves as if we are the ego.  We say, “I am angry.  I am hungry.  I am at the bar, but it’s full of smoke and I can’t breathe.  Can we find a smokeless bar?”

Ego thinks that this is the real world and so when we identify with ego, We think this is the real world.  However, the Truth of who We Are is not caught up in the human experience and at any moment we can choose to identify with that Higher Self.  And this is what I mean by Self-Leadership.  2018 is the year when we choose Self-Leadership over ego-leadership.  WE are goign to be exploring what this means all year long.  SAturn in Capricorn is going to help us tremendously with this because SAturn in Capricorn is aimed to deepen our connection to the Self, the leader within.  So Saturn rules Capricorn and the 10th house, which is the house of fame and honors and career, as I said earlier.  It rules how you show up in the outside world.  The thing that we MUST understand is that Saturn directs his influence to our INTERNAL processes so that our career and reputation begin on the inside.  What we experience in the outside world is a reflection of the internal processes.  So as you look at the physical manifestation of your career in the material world, you can see the flaws and weaknesses there and you can then turn inward and find the flaws and weaknesses inside yourself.  Saturn will help you correct and re-align inside and then the outside will reflect that improvement.  This is true of everything because this Law of Attraction Universe mirrors the inside world in our outward manifestations.  But it’s particularly important with Saturn because his nature is to use pain and fear as his tools to help you change.  Remember that fear is of the ego.  So where you have fear, you should look to Lord Saturn.  By the way, take a moment and try to guess which Tarot Card is most closely associated with Saturn and Capricorn.  Think about it for a moment and I’ll give you the answer in a moment.

While you’re thinking about which Tarot card is associated with Saturn and Capricorn, I want to talk to you a little bit more about ego.

If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll know that I wrote to you about the releasing the caterpillar mind so that you can be a Badass Butterfly.  I had suggested that you see this year of 2017 as a cocooning year and that while you were in this cocoon, you were being transformed– metamorphosizing into a new being.  But I suggested that you had just one more major obstacle to overcome before you could truly break free and transform completly… that was the caterpillar mind.  I told you that the caterpillar mind was your egoic self that was still clinging onto you for dear life.

Tons of you wrote to me with the same question:  “How do I get rid of my ego?”

Here’s my response:  “You don’t get rid of your ego.  You assert Your Leadership and take responsibility for your focus. Your ego must step aside in the face of Your True Authority and magnificence.”

It is very clear to me that the old mindset must be let go so that the new mind can emerge from the ashes.  Intellectually, we know that we are protected by our Higher Self and our Divinity.  Intellectually, we know that we have nothing to fear (not even fear itself) for fear is not of our Higher Self.  And yet when ego rises inside is it feels as if our entire being dissolves and what is egoic becomes the only thing that is real.  Its hunger is our hunger, its doubt is our doubt, its anger is our anger, its limitation is our limitation.  Ego takes over the body and we see the world through its eyes and we breathe through its lungs.

Yeah.  No.  Stop it.

Beloved Sisters and Brothers, this is what has to stop.  You can’t keep doing this.  You can’t keep letting this happen.

Look, all the Shadow Work in the world is NOT going to stop ego from asserting itself.  Ego is a drive and it is doing its job.  Ego is a wild beast and to think that you’re going to stop the beast from being the beast is just dumb.  A dog is a dog.  It’s not a human.  A tiger is a tiger.  It is not a kitten and neither should you ask it to be.  Let the tiger be the tiger in the jungle.  And you awaken to the fact that you have a tiger inside of you.  Your ego is like that tiger going wild tearing up your life and relationships, shitting where it wants, pissing to mark its territory and you’re not doing ANYTHING about it, except for coping.  Coping is not leading.  I use the analogy of the tiger to show you the depth of strength of the ego.  A tiger is a physically powerful beast and its natural expression is speed, momentum, stealth, power, and focus.  Ego is an equally powerful beast except is has one natural expression:  FEAR.  The more strong your ego, the more powerful your fear.  You might act all bold and loud and confident.  But ego is not in the actions as much as it is in the motives.  What’s driving the behavior?  That is the measure of a man.

Note the goaty (Capricornian) hooves of the beasts…

Okay.  Have you guessed which Tarot card is associated with Lord Saturn and Capricorn?  It’s the Devil.  The Devil card in Tarot represents being a prisoner who refuses to break free of their addictions, compulsions, and fears.  They refuse to be Self-Lead and instead succumbs time after time to ego’s leadership.

The thing is, Beloved friend, your ego is not the problem– your focus as the leader is the problem. Your unwillingness to commit to your excellence in every single minute is your problem.  Your resistance to hardcore Self-Leadership, which is the same thing as hardcore self-love is your problem.  Ego is just a bunch of energy rising.  That’s it.  It’s a bunch of old emotions, fears, perspectives, thoughts and feelings rising up doing its thing.  Ego is a drive that is fueled by fear.  Some might call it the Devil.  I call it, “Hey, you” because it’s not me and I need to have a powerful way of reminding us both that the Truth of who I am is my Higher Self and ego is NOT me.  Ego is a drive, and a drive is a urge to satisfy a need, a hunger, or a void.

For the next two weeks, I want you to take your lessons from a different Tarot Card: “VIII Strength.”  In the Druidcraft Tarot, the Strength card depicts a mature woman standing atop a hill of lush green grass.  To her right, a sword lays tossed casually aside in the grass at her feet.  The woman stands up straight and tall wearing a dress of a rich golden color and over her shoulders is thrown a cloak of vibrant red.  Her right hand rests on her chest with her fingers pointing clearly at her heart and her left hand reaches down and slightly behind her.  It gently touches the neck of a giant wild boar with bristly fur and protruding tusks.  The message of this card is that the wild, instinctive nature (ego) is controlled not by the sharp sword of the lower mind (the ego,) nor by brute strength (the ego).  The Inner Tiger is controlled by the Inner Presence, our True Strength– our heart, our Soul, our Higher Self.  The woman rests her hand over her heart because the heart has the vision, the magnetism and energy to calm the savage breath.  The golden yellow of her dress represents her Divine Will (Solar Plexus Chakra) and the red cloak represents her material manifestations (Root Chakra.) Unconditional Love is your Divine tool.  It is our Unconditional Focus and our Unconditional Trust and Connection to God/Goddess/Source of All that are the tools of Self-Leadership.

Alright, Lovelies.  With that being said, I want to remind you of my Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe program. Goals that come from the Soul are Spiritcentric, not egocentric.  I have put together an AWESOME and wonderfully EFFECTIVE program to help you uncover your deepest desires AND do the Shadow Work to free your heart from the prison of your egoic mind. This program is totally a jail-break for your heart.  Check it out and consider starting it right away. It’s 50% off if you sign up within the next week. This is going to be the best $99 you you have ever spent! Seriously. Right now it’s only $99 and there are 11 sessions including powerful Shadow Work. The program is designed to help you write goals that align with your Soul and come from your heart (not your ego), and it takes you deeply into Shadow Work to help you see your sabotaging beliefs and the negative thought and behavior patterns that are holding you back.



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