New Moon in Virgo September 20, 2017: The Harvest of Our Thoughts

The New Moon rises in Virgo on Wednesday, September 20th at 7:29am CEST (if you’re a stickler for the date, be careful because I’m in Central Europe.  It might be September 19th for you.) This is a glorious and ROUGH Moon phase for those of us who are committed to Authenticity.  Now, more than ever, we will be aware of our Shadow and our Light. I have created a ritual especially for this New Moon. I invite you to join it for free. Sign up to get the New Moon Ritual.

The sign of Virgo rules the 6th house of health.  Our physical and emotional health are closely related, although it is not always so evident.  For example, I seemed to be really healthy at one point in my life.  I was lean and running marathons and eating an organic diet.  On the outside, I seemed like I had my shit together. My physical appearance was always a step ahead of my emotions, however, and this somehow managed to distract me from what was going on inside.  Cool and calm on the outside, inside I was an emotional train wreck.  Shame, anger, resentment, lack and self-doubt had been stuffed down and repressed but were slowly gnawing away at my Light. This wasn’t evident until the emotional imbalance caught up and surpassed the physical fitness.  When that happened, all the posturing that went along with my fitness disappeared and my body started reflecting the truth of my emotional state.  I was emotionally broken and physically broken.

So yes, Virgo rules the 6th house of health and this presents a great opportunity for us to bring creative and hopeful energy to our health and wellbeing for both our body and our emotions.  The sign of Virgo is represented by a virgin maiden and a shaft of wheat.  The wheat represents the harvest and is really appropriate since it is the end of summer and the time for reaping.  The virgin represents the eyes of vital, fertile innocence.  The New Moon in Virgo gives us the chance to reap the bounty of our good thoughts and deeds and to envision our world with new eyes.  I was sitting with a wise woman the other day and she said, “Crystal Lynn, it is impossible for me to change my world when I am asking questions from the place of not knowing.  When I am in my world trying to change my world, I can only ask what I know.  I have to get out of my perspective and see things with new eyes.”  Indeed.  And this is the opportunity presented by the New Moon in Virgo.

Firstly, ask yourself what is being harvested inside your heart right now.  Your harvest is the collection of all your thoughts and beliefs, your behaviors and the energy you have poured into things.  SOOO if you’ve been working hard, focused on the prize, now is the time to expect reward.  If you’ve been thinking optimistically, hopefully and expansively, likewise, you should be keeping your eyes open for the ripe fruit of your positivity.  Likewise, if you’ve been feeding your fear, practicing doubtfulness, and nourishing limiting beliefs, then you can expect to feel some expansion of that with this New Moon, too.  This isn’t about anything but the Law of Attraction and the Principle of the Harvest:  You reap what you sow.  All your thoughts, actions and deeds are being acted upon the stage of your physical body.  Your physical health is a combination of many factors, some are controllable and some aren’t.  One thing, though, that is for sure, emotions and thinking effect your health.

And by the way, if you want to know about how the Moon and the other planets are influencing your life, then order your Astrological Blueprint (birth chart.)  It’s a 30 page report that tells you about all sorts of things like your relationship with money, intimacy, romance, career, health, friendships… even taxes!  Hahahaha!  Who doesn’t want to know the role the tax board plays in their evolution?  Order your chart for just $20 and I’ll deliver it to you within 24 hours.

The New Moon in Virgo is the PERFECT time to clean up the emotional body and the physical body.  Want to start a new fitness routine?  A new diet?  Start a course of vitamins?  Start a cleanse? Want to do some deep healing of an old wound?  The autumnal equinox and the New Moon are two forces that will aid you for this new beginning.  Your job is to decide what you want, affirm it with a definitive YES, and then take inspired action every day to achieve your desire.  As you amble through each day, you might notice resistance coming up.  It can be fear, anxiety, doubt or any of the other negative emotions.  When the resistance comes up, you must say no to it and do some kind of Shadow Work to release yourself from its grips.  Shadow Work can be journaling,  meditating, dialoguing or any standard Shadow Work exercise. OH!  And the greatest Shadow Work of all is to be in contact with your Inner Child.  If you don’t know how to do it, book in for a series of sessions to learn how (schedule a complimentary Discovery Session) and above all, keep following these Moon Phase Reports and Rituals that I release. Sign up for the ritual and you will automatically get the report delivered to you each month. My readers are getting a full blown healing opportunity delivered to them twice a month and from the thank you messages I receive, it seems to be doing them a LOT of good.  So look, you’re meant to thrive and f you tend to give up when fear or doubt step in, you have to stop doing that.  You have to stop throwing in the cards when the going gets tough.  You have to have grit, tenacity, endurance and commitment.  You can develop these things with practice.  The New Moon in Virgo will help you with this, too, because the 6th house also rules obstacles and challenges.  If you are struggling with manifesting, you might want to work on your Root Chakra, which is the seat of grit, tenacity, endurance and commitment.  I even have a solution for this:  Reiki. If you want to know more about Reiki, then read about my upcoming program.  You are going to LOVE IT!

The virgin of Virgo is a young woman with an open heart and an open mind.  She is not a toddler, infant or ‘tween.  This virgin is developed enough to have a will.  She wants something.  So what do YOU want?  Be the open hearted/minded virgin.  The Universe gives you what you ask for.  What you are asking for is the thing on which you are focused and give your attention. If you are not liking what you are getting, stop asking for it.  You might be saying, “Crystal Lynn, I am not asking for anger, or the abuse that I suffered as a child, but they plague my mind and stop me from moving forward.  They’re keeping me stuck.”  So why in the heck are you focusing on them?  If they are plaguing your mind then you are calling them in!  That’s how this Universe works.  And if it’s so strong that you can’t stop focusing on it, then why in the heck haven’t you gotten help from me or others like me?  I write these reports and give you a ritual twice a month.  They are designed to help you stop asking for things you don’t want!  Use them and get help. I am here to help.  The Moon is here to help.  The Spirit Guides are here to help.  The Angels are here to help.  You can break the momentum of negativity by getting help from all of us.

The thing is, of course, there is NOBODY out there just being positive and there’s nobody out there just being negative.  We’re all doing it all.  The question is, and the thing that is determining your destiny, on what are you focusing and giving most of your attention?  Out of all those qualities I previously mentioned (hard work, focus on the prize, optimism, hopefulness, expansiveness, fear, doubtfulness, limiting beliefs) we are all most likely dipping into and out of all of them over the course of a day. We’re human and we have a full spectrum of emotions with which to experience life.  But again, on what we focus and give our attention to most is what speaks most loudly in the Universe.  If I spend 90% of my day in sincere appreciation of home, health, AND sickness, I’ve got a 90% positive vibration.  I might have a migraine, but while I’m hugging that toilet with the lights off, I’m saying to God, “I’m not alone.  I remember that I am Goddess having a human experience,” then my vibration is still positive.  Positivity is a practice, not a perfection.  If I spend 90% of my day worrying about money, worrying about my weight, worrying about what I don’t have, talking about what is not working for me, watching the world news with a sense of dread, then 90% of my vibration is based on what we call ‘negative.’  The thing is, the Universe doesn’t really care about positivity or negativity, it just responds with like.  It is Unconditionally Loving.  That’s the Law of Attraction 101.  The problem is that most of us build up momentum in either a negative direction or a positive one.  People who respond consistently negatively (or disempowered-ly) to a situation have momentum built up in that pattern.  For them, it has become a habit to respond with fear to new things, changes, challenges, obstacle and even opportunities.  We’re all creatures of habit.  So if this New Moon in Virgo is amplifying negative or disempowered scenarios, then perhaps this is an opportunity to see where you have momentum along a disempowered path.  Stop it.  It’s just momentum.  It’s not who you are.  You are not your thoughts or your beliefs or your past, your race, color or waist size.  The only one that matters who is judging you is you.  Change your momentum if you don’t like where you’re going.

How do you change your momentum?  Stop doing what you’re doing.  When you feel that old anger, doubt, envy, hate, compulsion, etc, rise in you.  Stop it.  Break the momentum.  You can do it.  Are you sitting on that couch in front of the television instead of being in that yoga class you said you wanna take?  Stop sitting, stand up, go to class. And look, just like the start of any new powerful exercise plan, you have to build your strength, which can be painful in the beginning.  Likewise with stopping negative momentum.  It’s not easy to stop it in the beginning.  You have to build up your muscles, but most importantly, you have to have tenacity and GRIT. The New Moon in Virgo is demanding that we take action on what is wrong in our lives– but not from the outside… from the inside.  What you’re experiencing in the outside world is a reflection of what’s happening inside.  When my wise woman was trying to correct her life from the inside, she realized that she needed to see outside herself, not to change the outside world, but to understand who she is on the inside and to see how the world looks through a new pair of eyes.  But she needs to take that information that she gains back to herself so that she can expand her knowing of her own inner being.  Your work as a spiritualist is to “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven.”  The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you.  You uncover it and let it inform your thinking, your choices, your behavior and your actions.  And then the outside world naturally responds to that.

That’s it for this week, friends.  Enjoy this New Moon in Virgo!

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