Full Moon in Cancer January 2, 2018: Bye-bye Low Self-Esteem

The Full Moon rises in Cancer on January 2nd at 3:24am in Zagreb, Croatia.  If you’re in the Americas, that can be January 1st.  If you haven’t signed up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual already, please do so.  Beloved, Friends, this is the last Moon report of our magnificent year of Authority 2017. I want to begin this report by telling you first what we must do during this Moon phase and then I’ll give you the background Full Moon in Cancer growth opportunity that is being presented.  I’m starting off with the directives first because Self-Leadership is demanding our attention.  Your Authority will not go unheard any longer.  You must let go of your attachment to ego so that Self can lead.

In my last few reports, you’ve heard me talking about Self-Leadership.  A few folks have reached out asking what I mean by this concept.  The need for Self-Leadership comes as a response to two different occurrences that stem from a life experience dominated by the ego (ego leadership.)  The first tell tale sign of ego dominated leadership is an overwhelming wave of negative emotions that many of us suffer.  These emotions take us over like a tidal wave, crashing upon the shores of our good mood and positive focus and washing away all the beautiful sand castles and sand drawings that our innocent hearts have created.  Our mood can go from joyous, happy, and life-affirming to dark, heavy, and fearful.  I’m in a retreat center in Costa Rica and one of our sweet retreat goers expressed this beautifully last night over dinner saying, “Whenever I feel good I know that something bad is going to rise inside me and take away all those good feelings.  It happens like clockwork.  I can’t maintain the happy feelings.”  She beautifully articulated what many of us experience on a daily basis.  In my last video, I talked about taming the tiger of ego and it is only through Self-Leadership that you can successfully do this.

The second aspect of an ego dominated personality is the consistent succumbing to fear-related habits and mental tendencies.  The primary force we’ll be addressing with this Full Moon in Cancer is low self-esteem (which I’ll talk more about toward the end of this report.) But these also include an inability to surrender to change; an inability to go with the flow; relying mostly on the old masculine pattern of thinking and perceiving rather than balancing them with the feminine qualities of feeling and intuiting; controlling instead of allowing; holding onto the caterpillar mind when the Universe is evolving you  into the Butterfly experience, and ultimately seeing the world through the lens of low self-esteem and making choices that reflect it.  This last part is the biggest.  Fear and low self-esteem cause us to separate from our Higher Self and it becomes impossible to thrive at the deepest level of our being, which is where we need it most.  Our subconscious mind needs a good cleaning and airing out.  We have tons of negative subconscious beliefs and thoughts that sabotage our Thrive.  Some of us, on the outside, can give the air of having our shit together, but the give away is the strange compulsions we exhibit– emotional eating, binge drinking, working at jobs that don’t serve us, being in dysfunctional relationships (co-dependency,) relying on medication to manage our moods, embracing pot culture as if its some kind of badge of honor and even forming dysfunctional cultures around it, and any other methods of escape that we use to take us away from the anxiety and separation we feel inside.

Self-Leadership is the theme of 2018 and this means you have two things on which you need to focus– taming the tiger of ego and letting go of the fear-related habits and tendencies that are clouding your magnificence.

If you’ve been following my blogs and watching my videos, then you’ll know that I talk to you about three aspects of your human experience– your Soul, your ego, and your Higher Self.  I see your Soul as the collection of your memories, your past lives, your karma and your life purpose.  Your Soul holds your raison d’être, your reason for being.  Your ego is a drive that cloaks itself in your personality.  You have a tendency to identify as your ego and so you are limited by the boundaries of ego’s perception.  Because you have given your power to the ego, this drive now thinks that it is you and that it owns your bodily experience.  The ego perceives through the senses and it takes what is physical to be real.  Ego thinks that it fills up every aspect of your body and so it identifies as the totality of the self.  This is ego’s perception.  You tend to base your decisions on ego’s perceptions and you buy into the material world as if it is real, even though it is an illusion.  Ego doesn’t create anything– it reacts to what You have created, but it thinks it is the source of creation.  You tend to think that your ego self is your true self, but you’ve forgotten who you are.  Your Higher Self is the Truth of who You Are.  Your Higher Self is the pure, unadulterated expression of God/Goddess/Source of All that is unconditionally loving, expansive, creative, and life-affirming.  All of your creations come from your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is magnificent light and it is the Truth of who You Are.

You Are Magnificent.  Self-Leadership means that you are led by the magnificent Higher Self.

So, there is another element that we have to consider in our earthly human experience, and this is Life Force Energy (LFE.)  LFE is what we take in when we inhale.  It’s not the air, but rather its the stuff that activates the air.  LFE is the stuff that courses through our veins.  It’s not the blood, but it’s the stuff that activates the blood.  LFE is the thing that makes our heart beat and our body function.  It’s not the brain, but it’s the stuff that activates the brain.  LFE is the thing that calls in and shapes the world, it’s not the heart, but it the stuff that activates the heart.  LFE is called by some Prana and by other Chi or Qi or Ki.  All the roots of ancient cultures have their own names for it.

Your Soul has an agenda for LFE.  Your Soul knows how it wants to use LFE in this lifetime.

Your ego is afraid of LFE.  It wants to control it, beat it into submission and fit it into ego’s limited perception.

Your Higher Self LOVES LFE because LFE is an extension of Itself.  LFE is pure, creative, unconditional energy.  LFE is the tool of the Higher Self and it controls and directs this energy through the heart.

So what does this mean for YOU, Precious Friend?

Ha!  Thank you for asking!

In any given moment, you get to choose between the ego and the Higher Self.  You are the Divine Higher Self Consciousness that is having a human experience and this coming down to Earth meant that you would have an experience of separation.  This separation is called ego.  The thing is, at this point in your life (you’re a grown ass woman or man,) you have a choice.  This is a free will Universe and you get to choose between the ego’s perception and the Higher Self’s knowing.  You get to choose between fearful separation and unconditionally loving union.  You get to choose between the material route and the spiritual path.

When you choose the ego’s path, you concern yourself with all the limitations that you perceive with your mind.  You consider things like how much money you have, how you’re going to pay your rent, how often you’ve failed in the past.  You think about lack and because you are focused on what you don’t have, you think in terms of WANTS.  Ego wants.

When you choose the Higher Self’s path, you don’t concern yourself at all.  Concern implies doubt. Higher Self is incapable of doubt because it is not concerned.  It already knows and simply does what comes naturally to it.  When you choose the Higher Self’s path, you are identifying yourself as the UNCONDITIONAL source of creativity and so you simply expand your Self into the world.  You are not concerned with past experiences.  You are not concerned about the future.  You are not concerned about money.  You simply know what you desire to create and you do it.  Oh, sure!  You might need access to money.  But that, too, is an opportunity for you do create.  The Higher Self creates EVERYWHERE.  This is its natural state.

By the way, do you know what the word unconditional means?  It means without conditions.  It means that there are no ‘ifs.’  For example, “I stick to my diet and eat according to my prescribed meal plan every day, no matter what happens” is a statement of unconditional commitment. There is no condition that can enter the picture to make you waver from your diet. “I stick to my diet… unless I get overwhelmed by emotions” is a statement of conditional commitment (which is not actually commitment, at all.) Basing your choices on conditions can be useful to keep yourself protected in some way (for example, I will go running today IF it is not icy.  You shouldn’t go running on ice!)  But you have to discern when your conditions are limiting you and disrupting the flow of your natural good fortune.  For example, I’ll go ask that guy out on a date if I know he’ll say, “Yes.”  In this case, your ego’s fear is creating a limiting condition.  Maybe your Soul just needs for you to take a risk and experience living in the Mystery so that you can grow some balls, while your ego is putting conditions up that are keeping you safe and small.  The guy might say, “No, I’m gay, honey, but my twin brother has been expressing an interest in you since you started working out at this club. He’ll be here tomorrow.”  Unconditional is expansive– no ifs, ands, or buts.  Conditions are limiting and keep the ego in tact.  Unconditional Love helps the Soul’s agenda of growth and aids in your evolution.  It’s not always comfortable, but it is essential to break through the old paradigms that are holding you back.

With that being said, let’s now tuck into the Full Moon in Cancer.  As the Full Moon rises in Cancer on January 2nd, the issue of home come to the forefront of our awareness.  Cancer and the Moon rule the 4th house of the zodiac, so you can bet there is some potent energy brewing all around us.  The 4th house deals with home, Mother, and security.  For this report, I am going to focus on home, but not home in the sense of house and family.  These are all 4th house issues and you are free to incorporate them into you meditations during this time as you want.  But for my work as your earthly Spirit Guide and for this Monthly Full Moon Ritual, I am going to focus on something more intimate and profound.  I’m going to focus on your heart as your home.  Your sweet consciousness lives in your heart, so your Heart is Your Home.

Currently, I am in Atenas, Costa Rica.  I am facilitating a Healing/Shadow Work process called the Completion Process for attendees of a retreat.  This process is a powerful way to access the subconscious mind so that we can heal deep emotional wounds and free our hearts from the prison of the mind.  It is a beautiful process and doing it in Costa Rica in a beautiful retreat center makes it more powerful, but doing it during this Full Moon in Cancer phase is ultimately life changing. If you want to learn more about the Completion Process and have a session with me, then check out the page and book yourself in.  We can do your session using Skype or Zoom or Facetime.  If you sign up to do the Full Moon Ritual, then you’ll see that we are working with the Goddess Isis to help us unearth and release our ancient blockages so that we can redeem our Inner Child and free ourselves from the chains of our past life wounding.  Goddess Isis came to me this morning as I was sitting in meditation.  I was focusing on the blockages and the places where we feel stuck. The message was that we need to work with what is old.  We have to address our childhood wounding AND our past lives.  In the Monthly Full Moon Ritual, I have included a guided meditation that you can follow to release the past life trauma.  If you want to address your childhood wounding, then the Completion Process is your answer.  It is an incredible way to heal trauma and set yourself free.  Your Inner Child will thank you. 

As you know, the Full Moon is a powerful time of emotional restructuring.  But did you know that the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon?  The Full Moon in Cancer is a homecoming for the emotional self.  This is REALLY powerful, friends.  (Hahahahaha!  Look, I say, “This is REALLY powerful, Friends,” for every Moon cycle.  Sorry about being so dramatic.  But shit!  It IS powerful.  The Moon symbolizes deep emotional feeling, dark energy, femininity, Shadow, Mystery and Mother.  When we have a New Moon or a Full Moon, the Shift is about to hit the fan for some vital aspect of our lives.  This IS really powerful and I can’t help but shout it from the rooftops!)  The thing is, we are ascending the spiritual ladder.  Every single one of us is being called by our Higher Self.  Spirit is demanding to be heard and by golly, I hear it loud and clear.  By heeding that call and living through our Higher Selves, we are potentially putting an end to our suffering and pain and we are creating a magnificent life for ourselves.  The Higher Self is real.  A deep and meaningful relationship with it means that you are awakening to your super powers.  Each Moon cycle is an opening to the Higher Self.  There are other openings to the Higher Self, but the Moon is SOOOOOO wonderfully accessible to us.  She is our guardian, our protector, our friend, our lover, our guide.  By using the energy of the Moon every two weeks, we are becoming Conscious Co-Creators WITH the Universe.  We stop feeling like we are victims of something outside of ourselves and we become the embodiment of Divinity– one Moon phase at a time.  The Moon phases indicate our emotional intensity and challenges.  They are driving our evolution.  Right now, we have 2018 starting off right out the gate with the Full Moon in Cancer which means that 2018 is about getting super clear and taking excellent care of your heart.

So your heart is your home and we have the Full Moon rising in Cancer to help us clear it.  To help us understand the Full Moon energy, I like to imagine a nighttime landscape with a Full Moon hovering in the background.  The Moon is brightly lit and casts silvery light, painting everything with a silvery glow.  The Moon also casts shadows.  The Moon is expansive energy and what it brings up for us (what it illuminates and the shadows it casts) are our opportunity for healing.  Many of us, during the Full Moon phase experience dark feelings of anger, grief, confusion, and even despair.  This is intentional by the Universe, Friends, so don’t fight it.  These feelings are coming up for you now in a particularly strong way because the wounding that is causing the dark feelings wants to be healed.  DO NOT BACK AWAY FROM THE DARK FEELINGS.  Do not grab a glass of wine, a toke of pot, a cookie, or escape in any way.  Be there in the pain of the moment and recognize the opportunity that is present for you.  When you feel pain, it is because you are in resistance to the change that is happening.  Spirit is evolving you according to your Soul’s agenda.  Your Higher Self is calling you to change.  Ego is wanting to stay status quo.  It wants to stay stuck in 2017 because of the responsibility that comes with magnificence.  You claim you want change, but you identify with ego and you resist change by attempting to control what it looks like, how it comes, and WHAT THE OUTCOME IS.  I’m telling you right now, this Full Moon in Cancer is a great opportunity.  Do you see the word, ‘port’ in opPORTtunity?  A port is a doorway– a chance to walk from one space to another… a chance to walk from one way of being to another.  All the emotional junk that is coming up for us right now is a portal to transformation.

In that last report, I talked about the caterpillar mind and the butterfly’s new life, right?  Well, I am struggling to let go of my caterpillar mind.  Universe is sending me opPORTunity after opPORTunity to let go of the old way of thinking, to let go of the old habitual way of being, to let go of the old fears, to let go of the old attitudes, the old behaviors, the old reactions to things.  I am watching myself be straight up stupid and MISS the blessings that surround me because my strong old personality is stuck.  I had to sit myself down yesterday and give myself a good talking to and when I did, I was able to relax, release and let go.  I was able to have fun and connect and expand and be in joy.  This is what YOU MUST DO, particularly between now and January 12th, when the potency of this Moon phase comes to an end.  Whatever emotional baggage you heal now becomes the fertilizer for your new garden of joy.  It is time to let go of your shit.  Let the egoic fears die.  This Full Moon in Cancer is going to bring up all of your crap.  DO NOT SUPPRESS WHAT IS COMING UP FOR YOU.  You’re gonna have to take a risk and be vulnerable and make a fool of yourself because your shit is going to show.  The more you have resistance to your shit showing, the more you NEED to let your shit show.  It’s that fear of letting your shit show that is holding you back.  Your Shadow is evident.  Where you have fear, you need to push into it.  Ask for help.  Come on.  I’m a Spiritual Empowerment Coach.  What do you think I do?  My job is to help you work with your Shadow– reveal it, heal it, release it, forgive yourself, plant a garden of joy and light and successful endeavors, make love, and live a prosperous and bountiful life.  That’s my job:  to help you do this.  I offer a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to anyone who feels ready to make positive changes in their lives and want to enlist the service of a Badass Spiritual Empowerment Coach to do it.  I Am Badass.  It is my pleasure to awaken the Badass in you.  Now, let’s say that you’re not ready to work one-on-one with me.  Well, I have several solutions for that.  Right now, I totally recommend that you do my Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe program.  This program will help you write goals that come from your heart, not from your ego.  It teaches you how to understand the difference between your heart and your ego and it also teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction in a way that is comforting and that makes sense to your mind.  I also offer group coaching where you get the benefit of having a coach, but the benefit of learning from other people and paying a little less money for the tremendous growth.  You can learn about all my programs by checking out my Emotional Wellness website or you can book in for that Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session and we’ll talk about your needs and how I can help.  Don’t book an appointment if you don’t expect to keep it.  Seriously.  Don’t stand me up.  I take my work seriously and if you’re just fucking around with your life, don’t put yourself on my schedule.  You don’t have to be Badass to work with me (that’s my job to get you there) but you do have to have common sense and common decency.  Together we need mutual respect.  If you book, keep the appointment or cancel it respectfully.  If you’re wondering why I’m writing this, it’s because there are folks who are wacky enough to book a session with me and not show up.  I now have to include this clause to put folks on blast who don’t understand basic human courtesy.  If you’re not one of them, then don’t take this personally because I’m totally not talking to you and I’m sorry you have to read it.

This Full Moon in Cancer is the culmination of what we started back in June of 2017.  We had a New Moon in Cancer and I asked you to think about what you wanted for yourself emotionally.  We’re at the halfway point before that cycle is complete.  Universe is bringing up for you everything that is keeping you from being a vibrational match to excellence and thrive.  LOW SELF-ESTEEM is the key factor.  I want you, as you find yourself triggered by events around you and you find yourself in your Shadow energy, to consider how low self-esteem is contributing to your negative feelings.  For example, you might find yourself in a group of people and feel triggered by something someone says.  The fact that you are triggered means that the Moon is working in you.  DON’T FUCKING IGNORE THIS.  Don’t suppress your feelings.  Don’t sweep them under the rug. Look at what is going on inside YOU.  Don’t look at the group and point your fingers at them and say, “They are wrong.”  Look at yourself and ask, “Where am I out of alignment with my Higher Self?  What is the Universe trying to change in me?  What wants to be released from me right now?  Where am I suffering from low Self-esteem?”  Low self-esteem basically means that you don’t esteem yourself.  We generally think about it in terms of our earthly experience and we explore how we love ourselves, take care of ourselves and overall value ourselves.  Well, in our work to Self-Lead, I want to challenge you to look at this in relationship to your Higher Self. Answer these questions:  In what way do I not esteem my Higher Self?  In what ways do I not align myself with my HIgher Self?  In what ways do I ignore my Higher Self?  In what ways do I put my ego’s needs over my Higher Self’s natural expression of Unconditional Love?  In what ways am I disconnected?  In what ways do I feel lack, inferior, or alone?

I want to encourage you to carry around your journal and your tarot or oracle cards, my Friend.  Write down all the things that come up for you in the next several days.  Use your writing as a way of connecting with your Spirit Guides.  Simply write down a question and let your angels guide your hand in writing the answer.  IF you feel nervous, then say a prayer of protection before you do this and light a white candle.  Bless your process and then start.

Now look, I have a LOT to say because Spirit’s guidance is SO STRONG right now.  But I’m feeling a bit tired and I need to be with my retreat guests and I have some clients on the books today, as well.  I’m going to end this report right here because I think you have enough tools to understand what you need to do over the next 10-14 days.  If you have not signed up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual, you can do so here.  The Monthly Full Moon Ritual is a 10 day program that takes you through healing the Shadow, forgiving yourself, working with the Moon energy directly, and opening your heart.  It is totally free to participate.  You can also join my Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group to get support and share your experience as we move through the different days of the ritual.  I thank you for reading this report and for participating in the program.  Please share this report on Facebook and in all your social networks.  It helps me tremendously.  Thank you, Lovely.

You can sign up to get the Moon Phase reports delivered to your inbox directly.  Remember to check out my Emotional Wellness site, too!  Thank you!



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  1. Amber
    January 2, 2018 / 10:36 am

    Fascinating! I’m new to all this information, but it definitely resonates with my soul and answers a lot of questions that have had me in spiritual turmoil for months. I’ve been in a state of knowing but not knowing and this report puts a lot of missing pieces together. Thank you!

    • January 2, 2018 / 10:48 am

      Oh good, Amber! I’m so glad that it is resonating with you and I’m glad that it’s providing some of the missing piece of the puzzle. I hope that you’ll continue to follow the blog and that it provides you plenty of light and guidance. Enjoy 2018, Precious One!

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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