This Week’s Spiritual Guidance: Divine Feminine Badassery in 2018

I am in mountains of Costa Rica, writing, being present, and connecting with my wild, instinctual nature (my own Life Force Energy.)  It is easy to see Life Force Energy from where I am sitting.  It is everywhere in the lush green grasses, the wildly growing trees, the thick brambles and bushes.  Life Force Energy (LFE) is in the song of the birds, the fluttering butterfly wings, and the beautiful flowers that rise from the hearty brush.  I am in the arms of the Goddess.  This Week’s Spiritual Guidance is coming from the Divine Feminine and it is wanting you to consider your greatest potential.  Beloved Friend, what did you come to Earth to do?  What is your Life Purpose?  Why are you here?

So many of us are in survival mode and we don’t take the time to get creative and think about thriving.  We are co-creating our experiences with the Universe. The message that I’m getting from the richness of the landscape and the deep internal stirrings is that it’s time to unpack the suitcase of our greatest potential and to start making whatever we find there our greatest priority.  It is an invitation to be a Conscious Co-Creator with the Universe.

LFE (Life Force Energy) was speaking loudly to me yesterday.  I was observing nature at work– the birds foraging, the ants fortifying their stores, the spiders spinning their webs.  My heart began to sing the song of Springtime.  It was so sweet.  I just felt Spring open in my heart and the Goddess Ostara came very strongly to my mind.  The Goddess Ostara is a sexy energy of voluptuous generosity and Spirit.  She is full of life and vitality, but she is slow in that she unfolds like the petals of a flower.  She is fully present in every moment and every part of her existence and she is strongly connected to the sprouting of greenery from Mother Earth.  The Goddess Ostara is also known as Eostre or “Easter.”  Her symbol is the fertile rabbit and the Easter egg.  It is also from her that comes the concept of rising from the dead.  It is through this consciousness that we are reborn in Spring.

Yesterday, the Goddess stayed with me for quite a long time and I felt her energy urging me to create, envision the future and to release all the dark and restrictive thoughts and experiences  that have been burdening me.  I said, “Yes,” to this blessed Goddess of Spring and I meditated a little more on what I desired to manifest this year.  I sat down with my computer to write This Week’s Spiritual Guidance and I wondered where to begin my insights.  How should I focus this article?  What is important for me to share with my audience and readership? I decided to take a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance.  I sat and quieted my mind.  I tuned into my Higher Self and guess which card I drew?

Goddess Ostara.

The message on the front of the card reads, “Fertility… It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions.” And when I turned it over, it read, “Spring-time is any time when the light increases within your mind and entire system.”

Excellent.  Perfection.

I often contemplate the seasons because I know that we humans, too, have seasons.  I used to think that Winter was all about hibernation, but I was perplexed because in spite of Winter, we people had to get up and make our livings!  We weren’t like sleeping bears… or were we?  I wondered, how can I hibernate in the Winter when I am clearly alive and accountable to work and family?  People are active and have obligations, right?  I discovered that rather than sleep the Winter away, I am to keep living my life, but I can slow down and do less.  By surrendering my ego’s control of how things OUGHT to be, I could surrender to how I FEEL.  In Winter, Spirit guides me and my Intuition guides me to feel less pressured to accomplish but to feel more inspired by my connection to people and my Inner Being.  It’s cold outside right now.  I am NOT going walking until it feels good.  Instead, I’ll sit and meditate and sip tea and appreciate my inner world.  By slowing down in Winter, I draw more close to my friends as we come together around the fire sipping warm drinks and sharing the contents of our hearts. We are more content to linger in comfort and spend less time in the outside world.

The Goddess Ostara is still with me very strongly.  She is blossoming my heart and softening the hard edges of my mind.  Fear of change is stirring up the depths of my Shadow Self so that I can get free of limitation and unite with her.  The message on Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Ostara card begins almost as if in answer to the unasked question, why in the dead of Winter am I getting messages from the Goddess of Spring?  The response:  “Spring-time is any time when the light increases within your mind and entire system.” As I sit here feeling connected to Life Force Energy all around me, I am truly experiencing a state of enLIGHTenment.

Springtime is about birthing your dreams and following the creative, warm-spirited guidance of your heart. But before Spring comes Winter.  There must be conception before birth.  The Goddess has come forth as a wake up call to dive into our heart’s desires and lay the groundwork for them now.  What do you want to birth?  What tangible and viable efforts are you making to create the life of your dreams?  What Badass (Butterfly) goals and dreams are lying dormant in your heart because you’re too afraid (caterpillar mind) to take action on them?  Springtime arrives in two months, but Spirit is calling us to take responsibility for our desires now.  This is really important, my friends.  As I write this, it is the end of the Full Moon in Cancer phase.  The last two weeks have been about looking at our dark side and honestly confronting our deepest fears.  We will have a New Moon in Capricorn around January 17th.  That is a time of powerful creation.  Our job is to direct our Life Force Energy into our Heart’s desires.  The Heart’s desires are different than the ego’s desires and if you don’t know this by now, you need to start reading my posts more deeply.  There’s a difference between the two.  The ego comes from a place of ‘story.’ It perceives from your senses and interprets what it feels according to what it has experienced in the past.  Ego has a judgment about what it has experienced.  It puts things in the category of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  It cannot perceive beyond what it understands in its limited and judged experience.  Your Heart (and Soul) on the other hand, is unlimited and unrestrained by space and time.  Its desires are not wants.  Wants imply a lack of an object’s presence.  Desires are a natural extension of a state of being into form.  I am sitting in a beautiful cabin in the middle of a beautiful land because I follow my heart.  My heart is wild and sensuous and powerful and creative.  What I see is beauty all around me and it is a reflection of the truth of who I AM.  If you want to explore this more profoundly within yourself, please check out my Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe program.  It will help you write goals that come from your open Heart and SOUL.

As you know from following my reports and videos, 2017 was a foundational year for our being.  The Universe pushed us into awakening the masculine sense of Authority within us (and interestingly, we saw the toppling of some VERY powerful men and structures who had been abusing their power.  It is totally symbolic of Universal dynamics happening inside us!  Beautiful! We are coming to balance!)  In 2017, we tended to think a lot, although we still felt, too!  But we tended to take a more masculine, logical and rational approach to our circumstances and the changes we wanted to see in our world.  We were VERY confrontive with our thinking.  We were not going to be bullied by the dominant forces seeking to keep us in chains… not the forces outside ourselves nor the forces inside ourselves.

In 2017, we dug deep and extended our powerful dreams and ambitions outwardly into the world of physical form.  There was tremendous growth within us as we no longer saw ourselves as victims of circumstance.  There was definitely something awakening within us!  We desired to take charge of our own lives and destinies. In 2017 we aimed for Authority and we got it.  Lots of us spiritual types REALLY started to embrace the idea that we are not our ego, but instead, we are something beyond the limitations of our personality, our gender, our race, and our nationality.   This concept moved from being just a thought in our heads and became a reality in our life.  We found True Authority in our Higher Self and when we tuned into that aspect of ourselves, we found that the Truth of who We Are is… Badass.  We found evidence of our Power and Life Force Energy EVERYWHERE!  We wanted to harness that power and use it for good.  Okay, look, we’re still working this out.  We’re not perfect.  We’re still understanding what it means to Author our lives and to stand in our True Power, but we are on the road and we are LOVING IT.  We know that dreams, desires, and goals, when coming from the Heart and aligned with the Soul’s agenda, are more easily attained because there is no resistance.  When we get the little egoic mind (the caterpillar mind) out of the way, we are transformed into something powerful.  We ended 2017 as butterflies surrendering the caterpillar mind.  Dreams, desires and goals are important in the masculine sense and we still MUST work on what we want to manifest in the world; to focus on our goals and dreams and take steps every day to nurture and build them.  But now, in 2018, we are being called to the Divine Feminine aspect of Authority, under the tutelage of the Moon… the Badass Butterfly Moon ALL.  YEAR.  LONG.

This is the year when our feeling nature, our creativity, our tender-hearted and unconditionally loving nature expresses itself most profoundly.  This is the year of the Divine Feminine, the Mother within.  2018 is a ‘2’ year– the year of the Moon.  The Moon represents our Shadow side, and you can be SURE that there will be plenty of opportunity to confront this in 2018.  But the Moon also represents our gentle and nurturing side.  Hahahaha!  We have to remember that there are two sides to the Moon and there are many, many phases.  The Moon changes astrological signs every two days. This year, our moods and feelings will be as varied as the phases of the Moon.  But don’t let this scare you, Beloved.  Don’t back away from the opportunity that your ego sees as an ‘obstacle’ or even as a ‘challenge.’  Instead, know that your various moods and feelings are stepping stones in your evolution.  Your job during this time is to practice riding the waves of change like an expert surfer.  I don’t surf, but I think it’s clear that a surfer doesn’t resist the wave, but rather rides it with obvious joy.  The surfer’s core is strong and they are in a state of flowing and allowing.  Your job during this lunar year is to also go with the flow.  In order to do this, YOU MUST KEEP YOURSELF ANCHORED IN TRUST.

This year, more than ever, you must stay Spiritually tethered to Father Sky and Mother Earth, otherwise, your unevolved ego will become a distraction to you.  Father Sky is the flow of Unconditional Love from above.  Father Sky is Light, the Sun, and Divine Thought.  Mother Earth is the material form of Unconditional Love.  She is the Void (peaceful darkness– like a cool and inviting cave or like a warm and nurturing womb,) the Moon, and Divine Intuition.  Father Sky and Mother Earth are your anchors and when you tether yourself to them through your daily practice of meditation and prayer, energy work, breath work, journaling, and conscious co-creation (visualization,) you will successfully weather every storm.  The Monthly New and Full Moon Rituals, too, will help you weather every storm.  They are there for you to enjoy.  Please take advantage of them… And I should also remind you that I am a Badass Spiritual Empowerment Coach.  I offer a complimentary session to discuss your needs and to see which of my programs can help you find your Thrive.  When you are ready to make changes, then please book in to talk to me.  DO NOT BOOK IN TO TALK TO ME IF YOU ARE JUST FUCKING AROUND.  Sorry to be so blunt, my love.  But don’t waste a spot on my schedule if you want to stay stuck.  I am not saying that you have to be perfect to work with me.  But if you are NOT willing to do the work, then you are NOT ready to work with me.  I don’t care if you are flat broke.  A lack of money is not a sign of not readiness.  When I started coaching, my coach’s fee was $1000 per month.  I had $273 in my bank account.  I was willing to do whatever it took to get what she was offering.  That money (and plenty more) showed up in my account and it set me on a journey of Prosperity, Inner Peace, deep connection and Unconditional Love.  I have programs for every pocket book and the message is always the same:  I help You THRIVE yourself.  That’s my job and I’m a Badass at it.  So book in a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session when you’re ready to rock and roll.

Soooo, back to This Week’s Spiritual Guidance.  You connect to Father Sky and Mother Earth via meditation and prayer.  Just sit and relax.  Close your eyes, open your mind and focus on your breathing.  When you are ready, bring your awareness to the top of your head and feel it opening to receive the loving Light pouring in from Heaven.  Feel that white Light energy filling up every part of you like you are a vessel (which you are.)  When you feel yourself full of Light from above, inhale the energy of the Goddess from below.  Use spiraling vortex of energy at your genitalia to pull up the Earth energy.  Now, for you, you can easily sense the Goddess energy as white or red Light.  That’s a simple way to imagine the Earth’s energy and it is very powerful, indeed.  But for me, something special happens when I pull in Mother Earth energy using the vortex of my genitalia.  I use my breath to guide this, but all my focus is on my Root Chakra and I can feel the vortex pulling in unfathomable loving connection.  When I take in the energy of the Goddess, I take in the flowers, the trees, the vines, and the soil.  When I inhale, I open my Root Chakra and I feel wind and rain and fire and mountain.  My whole being expands as my ego disappears and I become one with the world around me.  I become the flowing rivers, the clouds in the sky, the mountain lion roaming the hillside.  I become the fish and the entire ocean.  When this happens, there is no separation and this is where Trust is strongest.  Trust is simply the firm belief in something and most often we derive our conditions for trust on ego’s perception.  We trust what we have experienced in the past more than what we are experiencing in the now.  I was wading through a river and my ego was saying, “Rocks are slippery.  You’re going to fall.”  Ego said that for EVERY. SINGLE. ROCK.  Of the 20 rocks I navigated, guess how many were slippery.  NONE.  Not one.  Ego will lead you from its perception of its past experiences ALL the time.  That’s its nature.  Higher Self leads you from its connection with Father Sky and Mother Earth.  It leads your from Source Energy.  It leads your from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Follow your Heart.  There will be lots of new experiences for us this year in 2018, my friends, but the greatest experience of all will be the one we have with Trust.  As our beloved Moon initiates us into a year of Letting Go and surrendering to Trust, the Goddess Ostara is ushering us into creation.

Now, friend, bear with me as I attempt to prepare you for something else that feels very important for me to share.  As I told you a couple of weeks back, the year 2020 is SUPER important for us because we are going to be having a terrific lineup of constellations in Capricorn.  Okay, I know that we’ve only just started 2018 and you’re probably wondering why I am jumping ahead two years.  Well, the groundwork we lay between now and 2020 has the potential to launch us into our greatest potential and I want to make sure we are doing the work to make this happen.

So, the backstory on this week’s spiritual guidance is that right now, the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are currently in Capricorn.  The Sun will stay here until January 21st, but Saturn will be here for at least two more years and Pluto will be here for waaaaaaay longer.  This is really auspicious for our midheaven in the long run because Saturn rules the midheaven and Pluto empowers/drives/fuels it.  The midheaven is your contribution to the world.  It’s what you give to the world and how it is received.  It is your vocation, your career, your self-expression.  It is your reputation, any achievements or honors or recognition you get and your fame.  Saturn rules this house and he just moved back into it a few weeks ago. This is a good thing if you value excellence, hard work, and digging deep.  You will be happy if you feel comfortable with paying attention to detail and making sure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s crossed.  If you want a quick and easy solution, you’re up shit creek.  Sorry, Charlie.  The Universe is not gracing us with quick fixes that are rooted in superficiality.  If you don’t wanna work diligently, you might find that you’re forced to do so.  I suggest that you practice non-resistance.  The Universe, while Saturn is in his home, is all about high quality, attention to detail, and the success gained when you are committed to excellence.  Saturn is a disciplined planet.

Saturn and Pluto are both Badass.  Their job is to make us Badass, too, but the problem is that we probably won’t like their methods.  Saturn will withhold what you desire until you earn it through commitment to excellence and Pluto represents all the stuff you’re taught is ‘bad’ but isn’t really bad, but is actually powerful.  Our will to power is so badly suppressed and fractured (especially if you are a woman) and where Pluto is exerting influence, we have to confront the aspect of ourselves that wants the power that is rightfully ours, but we’re too afraid to take because we fear the consequences.  We are afraid that “power corrupts.”  Pluto holds up what we subconsciously desire AND FEAR and then we are left to fight with our ego to first claim our desire and then use our power wisely– great care and responsibility.  A true Badass is someone with tremendous power who knows how to use it responsibly.  A true Badass doesn’t hold back to make weaker people feel better.  A true Badass does not derive their power from the weakness of others.  A true Badass doesn’t need validation from others to know its Badassness.  A true Badass knows itself. A true Badass holds the vibration of Badassery for all people and allows them to claim theirs, too.  But they would never dumb down their power.  Jesus Christ was a Badass.  He knew your Badassness so deeply in the pit of his being that lepers stopped lepping and healed instantly.  That’s Badass.   Michon from The Walking Dead is a Badass.  She knew the power of her two-zombie system so well that she was able to walk amongst the hordes unscathed.  I am a Baby Badass– a Badass in the making.  I am practicing what I preach and co-creating with the Universe.  I have pulled myself out of victimhood and claimed my Higher Self as Truth.  I still got lots of work to do, but I’m doing it every day.

Okay, so what does this mean for This Week’s Spiritual Guidance?  Well, I would like to suggest that we all sit down and think about what it is we want to birth in Spring.  What do you want to see manifest in your life come Spring?  We have the NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN coming up on the 17th of January, and, as you know, New Moons are the time of creation.  During the Full Moon, we go inside and we deal with Shadow, fear, doubt and our internal processes so that we can heal them and grow.  During the New Moon, it’s a different story.  That’s the time when we look at our Heart’s desires and we think about what we want to manifest in the world of form.  What we focus on during the New Moon is kinda  to be birthed within a year.  That’s, at least, when your system should be a vibrational match to it.  What I mean to say is that the journey of your desire, when you say “Yes,” to it at the New Moon, will process through your system over the course of a year.  At the Full Moon, six months later, you’ll be called upon to account for all your resistance to your desire (Full Moon = Shadow Work.) Once you’ve worked through all that, it will be coming down the pipeline and you can expect to see material evidence around three to six months after that.  So it’s a 9 month journey altogether.  Hahahaha!  It’s like giving birth to a baby– the New Moon is like conception and nine months later, we give birth.  We do the New Moon ceremony and we say, “Yes,” to our desire.  We then do all the things we need to do to plan and nurture our seeds and then we see it come to fruition in nine months to a year.  Boom.  Get to work, Friend!

This is a good time for me to mention that I have created a group coaching and healing circle that will happen at the time of each Moon phase.  It is called Emotional Wellness Happy Hour.  This session’s subject is Discipline, Integrity, and Divine Feminine Badassery in 2018 and it is scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th at 6:30pm (Costa Rica time.)  You can check the event start time for your area.   Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is a LIVE coaching and healing event that addresses your specific needs and ‘problems’ using the New and Full Moon as our guides.  Every participant gets their own personalized attention AND they also have the benefit of learning from the group.  It’s only $25 to participate and each session will leave you feeling full of Light, relieved, guided, and ready to kick ass.  Group coaching is AWESOME in that the collective energy of the people that are coming together is always Spiritually guided.  All the participants are vibrationally matched and so each attendee is seeing themselves reflected in the other attendees.  I hold the space for your healing and I give sound coaching direction as guided by our Higher Selves.  During the sessions, I use ALL of my professional coaching techniques, as well as, my ability to channel and intuit, acting as conduit for Divine Spiritual Guidance.  Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is the perfect time to get sound advice and the help you need to cope with what you’re experiencing at each Moon.  The dates for the next several events are on my calendar and I encourage you to sign up — especially if you have a natal Moon in the current Moon phase.  If you don’t know your natal moon, then order yourself an Astrological Blueprint (natal chart) and I’ll send it to you within 24 hours.  But don’t worry about your moon placement as every Moon phase is for EVERYBODY.  If you want some coaching and healing, then joining Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is a must.

Bye for now, Precious One!


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