New Moon in Capricorn January 16, 2018: An End to Low Self-Esteem

The Moon rises New in Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16th at 8:17pm CST.  I’m in Costa Rica, so if you’re in Europe, this will be January 17th at like 2:00 or 3:00am.  Here is the link to the New Moon in Capricorn ritual.  It is free to join, but you must sign up to get access.  Alright.  So this is a particularly auspicious New Moon, but it is a CHALLENGING one.  It’s the first New Moon of the year of the Divine Feminine 2018.  It’s auspicious because the Sun is in Capricorn, the Moon is in Capricorn, Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Capricorn.  Capricorn is Saturn’s domain.  Saturn is a planet that exhibits tremendous hold on your self-esteem.  His nature is restrictive, and in a sense, he can allow your awareness of your magnificence, thus allowing Higher Self-esteem to rise, or he can restrict your understanding of your magnificence and lower your self-esteem.  When Saturn is in Capricorn, he is happy because he rules Capricorn and it is like the king coming home to his kingdom.  There is a lot of celebration… but here is the challenge:  it is time for the king to clean up whatever messes were made whilst he was away.  Saturn detests a slacker and any place where we’ve taken shortcuts and neglected our responsibilities, we’re going to be held accountable.  Saturn is the teacher of demons, and the bringer of tough life lessons.  But let’s tuck into the energies a little bit more and find out how to best use the gift of all this planetary action in Capricorn.

Capricorn and Saturn make up the 10th house of the zodiac, which is the house of reputation, career, and vocation.  It is about what you give to the world and how it is received. The energetic vibration of this house is discipline, slowly building with care, excellence and outstanding quality.  Saturn will be in Capricorn for about 2.5 years, which can feel like a long time because during that whole time, we’re in the process of learning a hard lesson!  Where Saturn transits is a 2.5 year long lesson.  If you embrace learning, you’ll be delighted.  If you are resistant to pain and a heavy hand, then you’ll suffer in your mind.  During this time period overall, we are being forced to look at what we are offering the world with a critical and discerning eye.  Is it excellent (or is it half-assed?)  Are we working with integrity (or are we lying and covering up inadequacies?)  Are we working at the level of Mastery in our fields (or are we settling for mediocrity?)  Are we acting with discipline, focus and purpose (or are we relying on luck to carry us along?)  Saturn is known as the Taskmaster of the solar system.  He is charged with making sure that we are on point with our Life Purpose and he holds us accountable to everything we say we want to accomplish.  He gives no gifts unless you have earned them through being of excellent service and done the hard work necessary to achieve.  Saturn detests slackers and it is said that his gaze can wreak havoc in the lives of the lazy and undisciplined.  HOWEVER, the flip side is that when we work hard, with integrity, dedication, focus, and purpose, the rewards are TREMENDOUS.  Okay, I should say right here that although Saturn is in Capricorn, depending on your particular astrological make-up, he might be transiting your relationship house or your money house or your health house or something like that.  There are 12 houses that make up the zodiac and where he is in our particular chart at this time will tell us how we will be affected.  If you want an astrological reading to explore where Saturn is for you, then book yourself in for one with me and we can see how you will be affected over the next couple of years.  For example, if he is transiting your money house, then your lesson might be to learn how to breakthrough limitations around abundance and how to make money more powerfully.  If he is transiting your health house, it might be that you will have some serious health issues highlighted, but the solutions will be there for you, as well.

Saturn is a Badass and his job is to make you a Badass, but not by babying you along making you feel good.  Saturn’s job is to tear down your ego, and to rip away at your ego’s esteem until you find the Inner Presence to rise up and become a pillar of True Strength built on your Divine union with God/Goddess Source of All; not a pillar of egoic control holding onto what its got out of fear of loss of control… which is what most of us have currently.  Saturn’s job is to bring you to a place of true integrity. Integrity is integration.  To me this means that your egoic self, your Shadow, is integrated with your Higher Self.  It means that you do not deny or suppress your Shadow, but that you instead stand in full awareness of your true magnificent Self using your ego as your tool, not the other way around where you are stooped by the burden of your egoic self, confused, angry, and ridden with anxiety.  Saturn might make you feel bad, but it’s by delivering you a boatload of contrast that he is inciting a riot in your consciousness.  He’s using contrast to break you out of ego.  ‘Contrast’ is the term we use to indicate what is not joyful, fun, light, and easy.  The idea is that our True Self is Light, fun, joyful, and powerful.  As humans we are experiencing the contrast to our True Self.  Saturn is 100% challenging you to dig deep into the Word of God/Goddess/Source of All (Word of God = You are Magnificent) and to rise up above the adversity and to stand strong in the Higher Self-esteem of your True Divine Self (your Higher Self.)

SOOO, we’ve got Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn, the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Capricorn.  What does this all mean?  Well, Pluto has been in Capricorn for ages and we are living through the changes in a subtle way. He’s got a 15 year stay in Cappy which began in 2008. I won’t go into Pluto right now because he’s providing the backdrop for all the other events we’re experiencing and his work, although powerful is subtle and in the background.  Suffice it to say that where Pluto is concerned, he is making sure that we experience deeply profound transformation within the qualities of Capricorn.  Pluto probably needs his own blog post so I won’t really talk much about him until he tells me to do so.  Right now, he’s saying, that’s enough:  Transformation is all we need to know from him.  Cool.  Done.  The Sun, of course, is more demanding.  When the Sun goes into a sign, the outward, worldly aspects of that sign are illuminated.  For all of us, with the Sun in Capricorn, there is a focus on our career and reputation.  What we want to offer the world os heavily on our minds and shining out there like a beacon calling to us to say, “Yes,” to it.  For example, I was at Teal Swan’s beautiful retreat center here in Costa Rica at the beginning of the Sun in Capricorn and I could hear the Universe shouting at me, “HEY, CRYSTAL LYNN!  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?  A BEAUTIFUL SPACE, A BEAUTIFUL TEAM, HAPPY CLIENTS AND A FEELING OF CONNECTION WITH THE GODDESS?”  I shouted back, “FUCK YES, THANK YOU!!!!”  The Sun represents power and Authority and there is a natural pull for us to think more strongly right now about what we want to give the world, and we also have more awareness about how what we are giving is being received.  The Sun will be in Capricorn until the 21st of January and then it moves into Aquarius.  I suggest you take serious advantage of the great opportunity with the Sun in Cappy while you’ve got it.  HEY!  This is a great moment to introduce you to Emotional Wellness Happy Hour, my twice monthly coaching and healing circle and it’s only $25 to join.  Each session corresponds with the New and Full Moon and it’s a great way to use the Moon’s energy to heal and to get insight around any problems or issues that you’re currently facing.  As a group, we do Shadow Work, Light Work and Healing as the participants need and our Spirit Guides direct.  It is FANTASTIC.  The next session is Tuesday, January 16th at 6:30pm CST.  It’s perfect because it’s right on the New Moon date.  Yay, us!  Please sign up!

The New Moon in Capricorn is a WONDERFUL thing because the New Moon is void of light.  I like to think about our unlimited Universe as being void of light.  I see the Universe as a great big canvas on which we are painting life with Light.  I see the New Moon in the same way.  The New Moon is our blank canvas and onto it, we get to paint our greatest desires.  The New Moon is the time when we claim our heart’s desires internally.  Remember that the Sun is the outward, masculine expression of Authority and the Moon is the inward, feminine expression of Authority.  At the New Moon, we say, “Yes,” to our desires, we connect to the Goddess, and then we take inspired action to bring our desires to fruition.  In the Cycle of Manifestation, we use the New Moon as our launch pad for our goals, desires and dreams.  We do the New Moon ritual to align ourselves with the energies, we make a thorough plan of action, and we commit to following through with our dreams and plans.  The New Moon in Capricorn is the PERFECT time to launch your dreams, wishes, plans and desires about the career or vocation you want to start, about the business you want to create or improve, the book you want to write, the promotion you want.  It is also the time to reflect on what qualities or skills you need to awaken or improve in yourself to become better at what you do.  A good question to ask yourself is “How can I become a better _____________?”  For me, I am asking, how can I become a better channel?  How can I access more profound and meaningful messages?  How can I deliver my message more effectively and more powerfully?  For me, I am feeling the need to improve on what I am offering; to make my message more meaningful and more useful.  I have my own style of spiritual philosophizing and I am building my beautiful readership, but I am also aware that as my readership grows, I want to grow and take us all deeper into God/Goddess.  I want to bring them along with me on my High Flying Disk.

The New Moon in Capricorn is the ideal time to explore what you want to birth in the world as your very own unique offering.  So I ask you, what do you want to give the world?  You are a gift to this world.  When I was a child, I heard people using this phrase derogatorily, “You think you’re a gift to this world!”  It was a phrase people used to make another person feel small.  It was meant to humble them.  FUCK THAT.  You ARE a gift to this world.  You are a magnificent being with a LOT to offer.  Please share with us your magnificence.  But do us all a favor and hone your talent and your gifts.  Don’t deliver us half-assed, arrogance.  Deliver us magnificence and show us that you love us by practicing excellence and getting the proper training you need to insure the highest quality.  This is where Saturn and Capricorn come in.

Over the weekend, I had this strange compulsion to watch a bunch of failed auditions for X-Factor and American Idol.  I’ve never watched either one of these shows and I asked Spirit why They wanted me watching them and it became REALLY clear.  ALL the failed auditioners were untrained, unpracticed, uncommitted, undedicated, unfocused, unpurposeful and unhumble.  These singers heard the beauty and grace of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston and thought that they could do what they did but they did NONE of the work, nor had they the dedication to excellence. The auditioners saw the ease with which these women sang and they thought that all they had to do was open their mouths and sing.  No.  Saturn (aka Simon Cowell) had to bitch slap them.

The Sun and Saturn are enemitic, meaning they don’t get along.  The Sun is unchecked Authority and Saturn is the checker.  Where the failed auditioners wanted to just hop on stage and be magnificent (because God knows if Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston can do it, aaaaaaanybody can do it) and hold the position of authority without doing the work (that’s the nature of the Sun– it’s inherent magnificence simply is enough) Saturn checks them with, “Hold on a minute.” So while I was at Teal Swan’s beautiful retreat center looking at what she created, the Sun in me was saying, “You can do this!”  Saturn in me was saying, “Hold on a minute.  Teal has been working for years to build her excellent reputation.  She thinks profoundly.  She digs deep into her studies.  She works profoundly with the energies.  She eats, sleeps and breathes her talk.  She is disciplined and she shoots for excellence.  She has earned her place as an Authority in spiritual philosophy.  Have you?  What are you doing?  Are you in integrity with the Word of God/Goddess/Source of All?  Are you working with your magnificence?  How high is your Higher Self Esteem?  Are you walking the talk?”  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Saturn isn’t judging me.  He is challenging me.  Saturn doesn’t give a fuck about what I accomplish or don’t accomplish but he knows that I DO.  If you say you want something, then Saturn’s job is to get you there.  Saturn is literally asking me to examine myself and see where I am strong and where I am weak.  That’s his job and we are not to take it personally, but we are to use it as a rallying cry to rise up and create ourselves into the beings we want to be.

The thing is, media, television and YouTube bring us so much talent and what we must remember is that it takes YEARS of dedication, commitment and hard work to MASTER anything.  In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell writes, “In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.”  10,000 hours.  Over ten years that’s 1000 hours per year.  That’s about 3 hours a day every day for 10 years.  To what are you willing to commit a MERE 3 hours a day every day for 10 years?  If you think that’s too much, then you can certainly understand why you may not have achieved what you desire.  Personally, I find myself writing for about 18 to 20 hours a week.  I love writing but it takes a lot of focus, determination and commitment.  I’m a fucking excellent writer but it doesn’t come effortlessly.  Saturn does not restrict my writing because I am diligent to my craft.  I never experience writer’s block and I don’t slack when it comes to communication (although I am notoriously lazy when it comes to proofreading and typos.  FUCK!  I need discipline there, but I’m getting better!) I am not perfect, but I have been writing for YEARS and I have a natural and fluid style that is uniquely my own.  But I am not a MASTER YET.  Charlaine Harris is a Master.  Elizabeth Gilbert is a Master. Toni Morrison is a Mastery Master of the Highest Order.  I’ve not been writing at this intensity consistently and with dedication for more than three years.  This is my book year– the year I set out to write a book.  We will see how this changes things for me.

But what about you, Precious One?  To what are you willing to commit 3 hours a day… or rather 21 hours per week?  Is it complaining about what is not working in your life?  Is it pointing your finger at who didn’t do what and caused what to happen to you?  Be careful!  You are becoming a master of whatever dominates your time and energy.  Are negative thinking and limiting beliefs dominating your focus?  Are anxiety and fear your dominant feelings?  You gotta shake that if they are!  It doesn’t take an army to change your mindset.  It just takes a “Yes.”  Say, “Yes,” and it is done.  But you do have to say, “Yes,” on all levels.  You have to say, “Yes” in your body by taking affirmative action in the direction of your desires.  You have to say, “Yes” with your thoughts by choosing life- and desire-affirming thoughts that are in alignment with your magnificence.  You have to say, “Yes,” with your mouth and speak ONLY the truth of your desire and your Higher Self.  If you find yourself thinking positively and speaking negatively, then you know there is a lie happening somewhere inside of yourself.  Go find out where you are lying and fix that lie.  Address it head-on.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Be honest with yourself.  AND DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOUR NEGATIVE FEELINGS.  But do it in a way that is constructive.  And don’t vent without the intention of correcting the issue.  If all you do is complain, then you are NOT being constructive.  If you don’t make any changes then you are NOT being constructive.  If you are not confronting your anxiety, your fear, and your doubt, then you are complicit with them.  You would be better off surrendering to fear, doubt and anxiety and at least that way you would be in a state of non-resistance.  But by harboring deeply rooted fear, doubt and anxiety, you are allowing them to thrive in your subconscious mind which is sabotaging your progress and making you sick and you won’t acknowledge it.  You’re living a lie, if this is your way.  DON’T DO THAT.  Stop it.

The reason I established Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is so that you could get help at the time when you need it.  Every Moon phase is powerful emotionally.  We ALL NEED HELP during this time.  I’m offering it.  Come and get it.  But do you even have the Higher Self Esteem to get the help you need?  That’s what this New Moon in Capricorn is ultimately leading to– Higher Self-esteem.  If you are feeling fear, doubt or anxiety, then you are ego led.  2018 is about getting you to be Higher Self led.  Low self-esteem = ego led.  Higher Self-esteem = Higher Self led.

How would your Higher Self treat themselves?  How would your Higher Self behave right now?  What choices would they make?  The New Moon in Capricorn is really about having High Self-esteem.  Capricorn is a cardinal sign which means that its natural leaning is toward dignity, elegance, refinement, and excellence.  In excess, then can be very much about perfectionism.  But in balance they are of great service, delivering excellent quality and a care that comes as a natural extension of their Higher Self into physical form.  The New Moon in Capricorn is the first opportunity to end low self-esteem by giving us a blank canvas on which we can paint an excellent expression of our magnificence.  It doesn’t matter what you do, but it does matter how you do it.  So even if you are the gas station attendant, be the best that you can be.  Choose the highest expression of yourself in every moment and that is Higher Self-esteem.

Alright.  That’s all for now.  Definitely sign up for the Monthly New Moon Ritual and I really hope to meet you in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour.  You can also check out my Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe program.


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