Higher Self’s Perspective: The Matrix

What if the world in which we are living is actually the dream world and the real world were actually a big fluffy unconditionally loving conscience—more than a mere world… but an entire universal thread of creative energy?

You remember the movie The Matrix? If you’ll recall, human beings were being sourced for their energy by a malevolent computer system. Human bodies were kept in pods and the bodies were nourished through an embryotic-like fluid. Each person had a plug implanted into their cervical spine (at the area of the pineal gland—the insertion point of spirit according to 19th century Danish religious philosopher Søren Kierkegaard) and through this doorway, a software program portraying a world very similar to ours was streamed.

The people whose bodies were in the pods were experiencing their lives through one part of their brains. They had absolutely no awareness that the world in which they were living was an illusion. This illusion was called the Matrix. In the Matrix, the pod people’s very active minds experienced the world very much in the way that we do in our world. They were subject to laws of gravity, they ate in restaurants, built relationships, birthed children. They lived and they died. And when their minds experienced physical death in the Matrix, they were so mentally attached to the illusion that their physical body died in its pod.

Personally, I believe that The Matrix really does a fantastic job of illustrating the relationship between our earthly selves and our Higher Selves. There are two important differences, though. The first difference would be that the Real World is not physical, but rather a stream of consciousness emanating from that great big fluffy stream of unconditional love that I mentioned earlier. In my mind, that big fluffy unconditionally loving conscience is what I call Source (and very often ‘God’ or ‘God/Goddess.’ I’m a bit fickle in that it just comes out differently depending on my mood. But I always mean the same thing—‘big, fluffy unconditionally loving conscience.’) This stream of consciousness that I AM is an individualization of Unconditional Love (Source.) Source is holographic (meaning that it is the same through and through. No matter how you slice a holograph, you always get the same image as the whole. So even though Source individualizes itself as Me, Source is still Me through and through.

The second difference would be that whereas in the movie, our real selves are prisoners of a malevolent super power that seeks to dominate and control and source us for our energy, in my spiritual philosophy our real selves are extensions of a benevolent super power that allows itself to be expressed infinitely, not just through us, but through everything we see around us… and everything we don’t know and can’t even imagine. This benevolent super power doesn’t take from us like in the movie, but rather nourishes us from its own Being, providing everything we need like the Earth provides for the forest.

It’s where our unconditionally loving individuations enter the three dimensional illusion of our human collective conscience that that things get more than a little hairy for us. Unconditionally Loving Source has extended Itself into my I Am Presence and my I Am Presence is extending itself in its own way. Because I AM is a holographic extension of Source, it is endowed with the same infinite creativity as God/Goddess. It is infinite, vast and creative beyond my imagination, but what I am experiencing here on Earth is just a teeny tiny stream of who and what I AM.

Okay. That’s all I’m gonna share right now. I wish you a blessed, blessed day.


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