Wisdom Talks: Intuition– how it serves us and how to access it


Wow! I just had a FUN and INFORMATIVE conversation with Women’s Empowerment Coach, Justine Arian. Here are the practical tools for building your intuition muscles:

1. Quiet your mind with a regular meditation practice and by practicing mindfulness daily. For example, taking a walk and just being present or doing your chores in silence.

2. Practice being in the present moment without judgment.

3. Tune in and listen to your heart center. Literally ask your heart for insight.

4. Recognize “the knowing” when it comes to you.

5. Discern between the different voices in your head. You have an egocentric (lower mind) voice and a Spiritcentric (heart-oriented) voice. Learn their different languages and qualities.

6. Allow yourself to “be in the zone”– that is engaged in the present moment with a full commitment.

7. Practice listening to the Spiritcentric voice in your heart.

8. Learn how your body responds to your intuitive impulses. Don’t disregard compulsive behaviors as simply bad habits. Learn the emotions behind the behaviors and learn how they are telling an intuitive story.

9. Observe the signs and synchronicities at play around you. This is how the angels and the universe communicate with you.

10. Remember that your intuition is never wrong. You may interpret it accurately or you may color it with your perceptions, but the intuition is a direct communication of purity. Build your muscles by engaging and challenging your own interpretations of events.

11. Your emotions are excellent indications of intuitive impulses. Pay attention to how you feel and allow the story to unfold.

WOW! That was an abundance of energy. Thanks to all who could watch LIVE! You can watch the recording on my Youtube channel. Have fun!!


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