A Chance for Love, Creative Expression and Profit– Venus in Pisces

I found this lovely goddess at jenniferhealy.deviantart.com

I awoke this morning with a sense of grace and I looked out my bedroom window and saw Venus sitting prettily in the morning sky. I wrote you a few days ago about the Full Moon in Libra and now I want to introduce another aspect that you will probably find thrilling—Venus in Pisces. On a personal note, the Full Moon in Libra has been ultra shocking for me as I realized through hands-on experience the depth of my own egoic dysfunction. I’ve made my own life a living hell and it’s up to me to get myself out of it. As I wrote you in my Full Moon in Libra report, the Moon and Jupiter in Libra are working to help bring us into balance. The Moon (being the symbol of the Divine Feminine) is illuminating and highlighting our inner landscapes by showing us the stark and cold contrast of what is great in our lives (Light) and where we are in utter denial, fear, and resistance (Shadow.) Jupiter (Divine Masculine representative) is expanding our outer world—bringing us into the material world by expanding what is Libran within us… the urge to relate, to connect, to balance.

During this Full Moon in Libra, the effects of which started on April 8th (three days before its apex on April 11th) many of us are feeling an intensification of our feelings, both dark and light. Here goes Libra tipping the scales to find balance! The darks are very dark and the lights are very light. The cosmos are all working together to make sure that we KNOW that what we are doing is either right for us or wrong for us. All of our thoughts and behaviors are amplified right now, so as to make the right choices undeniable.

In my personal world, this is manifesting in a very present awareness of what I am thinking and what I am feeling. If you’re like me (and you probably are if you’re reading this post (Law of Attraction 101) then you probably are highly analytical. But unlike me, you probably don’t acknowledge how highly sensitive you are to subtle vibrations (also Law of Attraction 101—you are attracted to my blogs on levels of which you are not aware. Hahahaha!) Many of the folks who come to my work have developed keen and sharp minds to keep the predators out of their psyches and their emotional bodies. They’ve sharpened their minds and come to rely on them so much that they’ve forgotten that they have a very soft underbelly. This soft underbelly is called ‘empathy’ and you, my friend, are probably super-empathic and are in denial about it. You may not know it because you are heavily identified with your thoughts, your mind, its beliefs and what you THINK you are.

Well, this is kind of what this Full Moon in Libra is really all about. This Full Moon is about getting you to wake up and start acknowledging the softness of your being—your feminine, intuitive, empathetic side. It’s the part of you that feels EVERYTHING but represses it. You feel everything, but you don’t recognize or acknowledge it because you’ve developed a powerful coping mechanism and means of escape called ‘thinking’ or ‘perception.’ It’s your thinking and perceiving that distract you from feeling. And you know I’m right because I feel you opening up to receive this affirmation of who you are. You are not the person your mind thinks you are; you are the being that God/Goddess created and knows that you are. And this being is actually super sensitive and a lot more tender than your brain thinks. It’s this being that the Full Moon/Jupiter in Libra tandem is prison-breaking.

Your tender heart is bound in a prison of your mind. Your mind has your heart on lockdown for many reasons—genetics, parenting and teaching, peer pressure and most importantly as a response to early childhood wounding and trauma (don’t worry if you weren’t an ‘abused’ child. This revelation isn’t about degrees of trauma or abuse. You have to understand that children are lightning rods of emotions both light and dark. When they feel, they feel with their whole unfiltered being and so what can seem like a small and ‘normal’ incident to your adult and mature mind, can BE an absolute living nightmare for an undeveloped and completely innocent childish mind. Remember that no matter the slight, what you experienced as a child was real and eternal for you in the moment because you hadn’t developed an understanding even of time. The beauty of children is their in-the-momentness.) Also, it’s important to remember that your heart is super receptive and it was the first organ that got developed when you were in the womb. You were receiving the subtle vibrations of your mommy’s perceptions from the get-go. If your mommy was in any kind of trauma, then your heart became accustomed to processing the dark stuff early. Your fetal brain would have started to develop later, but it would get its real training out in the real world. Sadly, we don’t do any direct heart training for our little ones. We focus primarily on training that mind to cope with what the heart knows. We are taught very early on that what we feel is not what we should use as a guide. Hello?  That feeling stuff is our intuition!  It’s the thing that connects us to our Godself.  I can remember my mom criticizing our cousin because she was always talking about how she felt. The criticism was that all that feeling was getting my cousin nowhere and that she should start thinking her way through her life. Interestingly, I can’t see where my mom’s thinking mechanism got her any further or happier than my cousin’s feeling choices.  I think this example is evidencing the need for balance.

This is where the Full Moon and Jupiter in Libra are coming in. These two energies are working to help us find a balance between the heart and the mind. Although I tend to exalt the heart, I don’t disregard my mind as a useless organ!  (Hahahaha!  Could you imagine?  The brain– what rubbish!  Toss it out with the appendix!) My philosophy is that my mind is to be the tool to help me realize my heart. The challenge is to keep the two in balance. Hehehehe! If I did what my heart wanted, I would fall in love with every man, woman and child that I see. I would never go home because the city is just too beautiful. I would jump into the middle of the river just to feel it… but I can’t swim! I need my mind to help me balance out the absurd impulses—but not to dominate. BALANCE.

This last weekend, the planets began helping us see clearly where we are not in balance, to witness the effects of these imbalances, the vision to see the root causes of the imbalances and now the spiritual and emotional support to help heal those root causes. Personally, I have been physically debilitated—sick as a dog! But soooo damned high (lots of laughter, play, and opportunity for more.) I’ve even been romanced. Hehehehe! But sadly, too sick to do anything about it.

Last night, I skipped another social event that I really wanted because I was too pooped to party. I made the mature and wise decision to stay home and do shadow work. DAAAAANG! What was revealed! Oplah! I came face-to-face with a core negative imprint that had been subtly haunting me all my life. I sat in meditation with this for quite some time last night and this morning, I meditated some more. The thing I know is that it is now ready to be healed. Good. The question that I had was how. What should I do? How do I heal it? I got out of bed with this question on my mind. I opened the heavy metal shutters to reveal a beautiful awakening sky. The sun was still below the horizon, but the sky was a beautiful palette of colors—indigo, orange, pink and purple. And among all of that was a beautiful morning star. Because Jupiter had been staring in my room the last few nights, I thought that maybe he had another message for me. But I grabbed my iPad and star-gazing app and found out that it was actually Venus. When I tuned in, I felt that there was something significant that I should explore and again the message was about finding the balance between the polarities.

If you look just in the center of this photo where the sky turns green and blue, you can see the tiny Venus.

There she is!

First of all, I don’t usually write about all the planets because to truly honor astrology, I would need to give it ALL of my focus. But I do love it when the planets and stars call on me to deliver vital messages like what Venus wanted to share.

Venus, as you probably know, is the planet of love and romance, artistic expression, wealth and beauty. She represents yet another aspect of the Divine Feminine and you can imagine Venus as sensual, feeling, and heart-oriented. As she was shining so beautifully in the morning sky, I felt awed by the beauty that I was witnessing. But I was also aware of an interesting phenomenon. In astrology, Venus and the Sun travel very closely together.   If you can catch the morning sky at just the right time, Venus stands alone and shines bright like a diamond in the sky. But when the Sun rises, her beauty is diminished and then eventually obliterated. You just can’t see her anymore.  You need the darkness of night to really appreciate her beauty.

In the zodiac, the Sun is the Authority—the center of the universe. Everything revolves around it. The Sun is representative of the Divine Masculine and he is rational, active, physical, and hot. So here we see again, in the unfolding of the morning sky, the masculine coming up to eclipse the feminine. HA! Now don’t get me wrong, the sunrise is an essential part of my day and of course, the Sun is necessary for life on Earth. But it does show me how I am geared toward letting my brain eclipse my heart.

I do enjoy watching life unfold around me in terms of energetics, dynamics and symbolisms. I enjoy this VERY much! And this morning, I loved what I got from the message of the Sun and Venus—that these two MUST work together… that life is a dance between the masculine and the feminine, day and night, Light and Shadow.

I just want to let you know, since I am sharing a little about Venus, that she is in Pisces. Venus, as I just said, is an aspect of the Divine Feminine and Pisces is a feminine sign. Normally, Venus stays in a sign for about a month. But she has been in Pisces since JANUARY! That’s already like three months and she’s not due to leave until May 31st. This is super significant because if she’s hanging out in Pisces for so long, there’s clearly something important for us to explore. Also, this is a really beneficial aspect for us all, so let’s enjoy these next few weeks and maximize the fun.

Pisces is a feminine sign and the last sign of the zodiac. Her original ruler was Jupiter, but now she is attributed to Neptune. The qualities of Pisces are sensual, feeling, creative, flowing, psychic, mysterious, alluring… and get this: empathetic! WHAT??? Was I not just saying that you are a closet empath? Hahahaha! Pisces has tremendous depth of emotion and sensitivity. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means that Venus is SUPER happy when she is in Pisces. Maybe that is why she has extended her stay there? Or maybe she extended her stay because Spirit is wanting us to move back into our feeling nature… Maybe Spirit wants us to acknowledge our empathy.

Venus in Pisces helps us to expand our creativity, our artistic promptings, our romantic promptings, our love. The urge to create, to take risks for our artistic expression, to be true to our feelings is REALLY strong right now. And what you take on in this area between now and the next four weeks are yours forever, so take a VERY big bite of the apple, Baby.  Get it all in there.  Venus in Pisces is urging us to love more deeply, feel more profoundly, express more freely. It is urging us to nurture our artistic side and to give it creative expression. I came to Croatia and immediately signed up for acting classes and singing classes—not because I want them as a profession, but because I was listening to my heart and my heart said that it wants to express its profound emotions in a creative way. Of course, I’ve been writing, but writing is something that you do sitting down. My body wanted to be involved and my voice! Oh my voice wants to express. Voilà! Acting and singing lessons.

So here’s your opportunity, Lovely. What Venusian-Piscean quality wants to be expressed through you? Is it romance, love, sex, intimacy? Is it a revitalized partnership? Is it a business? A program? A new career that is lucrative and satisfying? Is it a scrapbook or a journal? A painting? Say yes to yourself and make it happen. Make your dream a reality—even if it’s on a small scale. You can take classes at your community college or study online. You can join a group of amateur whatevers and build relationships with like-minded people. Knitting, archery, make-up design. Have you ever watched those make-up classes on Youtube? OH MY GOD! It is artistry! If it’s interesting to you, then take a class or practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-paid lawyer, you can take a make-up class. You’ll look fabulous at all your cases! It doesn’t matter if are a massage therapist without a business background—you can learn from your local Small Business Development Center.

In fact, it’s this rather brilliant coming together of your heart and mind that is going to be the point of healing. The rational part of you (masculine) moves over and makes way for the artistic part of you (feminine.) This is going to stimulate your creativity and your desire to make intercourse. Sex. That’s right, I said it. Following your heart is sexy and it turns on your juices. It makes you want to get your groove on. I’m just saying that if you’re too pooped to penetrate, then maybe you oughtta try a little authenticity. Authenticity is being true to your heart. Listening to what your heart says instead of ignoring the promptings. Do what it says to do.

Right.  Okay.  So if you have not yet signed up to get these astrological musings delivered right to your inbox, then please sign up.  AND I want to encourage you to join me in Spain in October for a Healing Heart and Dream Mapping Retreat.  This is a retreat that begins at home this summer.  We’ll be visioning our future and doing healing work to help us release the fear and resistance that is keeping us separated from our dreams.  If this is interesting to you, then for sure sign up below and I’ll start sending you information within the next two weeks.  Include your mailing address if you would like to receive the occasional postcard from wherever I am traveling.  Thanks, Beautiful.  See you soon!

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