Full Moon in Scorpio April 30, 2018: Mystical, Powerful YOU

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 Begin the 10-day Full Moon Ritual on April 27th and try to complete it before May 10th.  The New Moon rises in Scorpio on April 30th at 1:58am CEST.
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Keywords: Death, Rebirth, Power, Confronting Fear

When the Sun moves into Taurus, the focus of our vibrations centers on fertility and connection to the land.  There is a sense of abundance in and around us. The April showers have unlocked and activated the eager-to-be-seen May flowers.  The temperature is just right to make love.  Beltane is calling and it really is time to dance around the maypole in frivolous delight.  Sensuality calls us out of our homes and out of our clothes.  Lying in the park surrounded by yummy picnics, good friends and stimulating conversation are more than idle pleasures.  They are nourishment for a hungry soul.

With the Sun in Taurus comes great responsibility because Taurus rules the second house of the zodiac:  the house of income, wealth, and earthly possessions.  There’s a LOT happening here because this house is intricately connected to our feelings of self-worth, which influences our ability to THRIVE.  The Sun moved into Taurus on April 21st.

The Full Moon always falls opposite the sign the Sun occupies.  So while the Sun (masculine, direct, and outward) has us moving outward in the expression of our sensual, sexy, abundant, VIBRANT nature, the Full Moon has us moving inward to face the other end of the spectrum:  the concepts of death, transformation, and TAXES.

I won’t be talking about taxes and ‘other people’s money’ in this Moon report, however, let me just suggest that if you have any issues with bureaucratic institutions, you might want to take the time now to look for resolution.  That’s all I have to say about that…

When the Moon is full in Scorpio, it’s as if our intuition is diving deep into the rich texture of a fertile landscape.  There is SO MUCH LIFE in the dark shadows and it’s this energy that is calling our attention.  The Full Moon in Scorpio is one of our more pivotal phases because of Scorpio’s rich, dark nature.  Scorpio is deep, unbridled passion and it is ruled by the planet Pluto.  Pluto is known as the god of the underworld because of his original associations with mined wealth—for example, gold and silver, which are mined from beneath the Earth’s surface.  His connection with the act of mining and uncovering value helps us understand the importance of this Moon phase.

The Full Moon in Scorpio means that the powerful Goddess energy of the Moon is penetrating the Earth’s surface to find the hidden treasures.  At the time of the Full Moon, our intuition is amplified and much of our egoic resistance is lessened as our subconscious mind comes forward.  Many people experience wild dreams, visions and downloads (epiphanies) about themselves, their healing journey, and the world around them.  For those rooted in left-brain ‘logic’ this is a daunting time that makes them feel out of control and looney.  But for those of us initiated into the ways of the Goddess, we embrace the fluidity between the conscious and the subconscious with enthusiasm, even expanding our experience with ritual and rich healing practices.

The sign of Scorpio is deep, probing, and unafraid of the mucky stickiness that must come from getting down and dirty.  This Full Moon will find us risking the stability of our tenuous comfort for a dance with the Lord of the Underworld.  Who knows what riches will reveal themselves to us?

Download the April Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly pdf

How to benefit from the Full Moon in Scorpio

I am a woman who ADORES transformation.  I love the concept of death and rebirth even though it scares me.  I want to encourage you to hop on my boat and take a ride with me through the Full Moon in Scorpio.  Be sure to sign up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual.

Confronting fear.  Releasing fear.  Every Moon phase is a doorway.  At the doorway stands the High Priestess who calls down the Moon.  But before you reach this High Priestess (this earthly woman who has done her work and can, in integrity, embody the Goddess,) you MUST walk through the guardians of the path.  The guardians of the path are the things you fear most.  During this Full Moon in Scorpio, I am encouraging you to call forward your courage so that you can confront your darkest fears face-to-face.

Some of you may be shaking in your boots and saying, No freaking way, Crystal Lynn!  Others are saying, YES!  But how?

For those who are not ready for this kind of big, Badass breakthrough, I don’t blame you.  It’s freaking scary.  Just sit back and relax into this Full Moon phase and take on some of the more gentle opportunities that are coming forward for you.  Not everything is about extreme transformation.

For those who simply MUST push past their fear because they are tired of being ruled by it, understand first, that with powerful transformation comes great responsibility.  If you want to be Badass, you must BE Badass all the time, not just when it’s easy or convenient.  Badass does not equal chicken poop.  The Universe is prepared to make you an Unconditional Badass, which means that even when faced with fear, you choose to hold to your Divinity.  This is what is meant by humility.  Humility means that you never deny the Divine and you submit your ego to it all the time.

If you are ready to walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, then put on your big girl panties and fear no evil for the truth of who You Are is with you.  Her rod and her staff are your magic wand which you use to harness your energy and direct it into the world.  At this Full Moon in Scorpio phase, the Universe is preparing a banqueting table at which you are invited to feast with your fears.  Keep your mind on the Divine as you enjoy the feast, but do NOT get distracted by the temptation the little demons lay at your feet.  They will tempt you with the comforts of self-doubt, fear of failure, and fear of success.  They will tempt you to stay safe and small in bad relationships, in subordinate positions at work, and they will make you think that no one will read your book if you write it.  They will tempt you to stay comfortable in the belief that you are not educated enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough to claim the life partner of your dreams.  They will tempt you into believing that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They will lure you into their web of deceit with fantasies of people pleasing and having lots of conditional friendship that make everybody happy except you.  You LOVE to make other people happy!

Don’t be lured in by false prophets, my friend.  Your fears are lying to you.

Am I saying that all fears are unfounded and should be ignored?  Nope.  Some fears are helpful Spirit Guides that are meant to serve and protect for a brief period of time.  Let them serve you for a BRIEF period of time.  Sit with these and engage with them in a healthy dialogue, but then YOU HAVE TO LET THEM GO!  Do NOT make them your god and follow them with devotion.  Do NOT take them as your battle cry and your security blanket.  Do not make them your protector.  Don’t hide behind them for god’s sake!

Look, friend, Scorpio is a powerful sign, and the opportunity for us to let go of our attachment to some BIG fear is calling us.  DO IT. All the signs are right.  We are in a ‘2’ year, the year of the Moon and  Divine Feminine Authority. Rise up and claim your Authority INSIDE.  That’s what this entire year is all about.

Need help with any of this?  Either sign up for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour to get group help or book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  This latter session is for folks ready to get down to business.  Book this session ONLY when you are ready to dig deep and do the work to heal.  We’ll explore your desires, your fears, and the things holding you back and I’ll tell you my solutions and how I can help.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Death.  Hello.  Death and rebirth are the hallmarks of the Scorpio drive.  Death is the absolute surrender of all the physical baggage and the shift into pure Awareness.  Light goes from being masked by the three-dimensional illusion of reality and returns to the infinite expansion of the Great All.  Every single day, we are in an exchange of death and rebirth.  The very nature of life expresses this dance even as one moment dies and another is reborn.  The Full Moon in Scorpio gives us a once-a-year opportunity to go into this process with our eyes wide open—to be present as the sun sets on one expression and rises with another.

Earlier I suggested that you confront your fear in a courageous dialogue that lets you learn your lesson and then detach yourself from that relationship.  I am recalling this sense of fearless confrontation as you explore the death of what is ready to be released.  During this Full Moon phase, I want to encourage you to do a fearless self-assessment of old habits, behaviors, beliefs, perspectives, and grievances that no longer serve your magnificence.  Where are you a prisoner of your own mind?  Where are keeping yourself hostage to old relationship and social paradigms that are holding you back instead of pushing you forward?  Where are you rooted to your old way of doing things that lets you feel in control of your kingdom, even though your landscape has grown barren and the inhabitants have vacated, withdrawing their energy leaving the place lifeless?

Death of the old way is another way of seeing change.  The Full Moon in Scorpio is a chance to embrace change as we salute and honor what has come before.

Remember that on the other side of the coin is rebirth.  The moment one thing dies, something new is born of it. In Tarot, the Death card doesn’t usually mean the death of the physical body, but rather the release of what has run its course.  Our job during this Moon phase is to let the dead care for the dead while we eternal beings step through the stone gates into the next phase of our evolution.  This is our destiny.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Feel your feelings. Scorpio is feminine and receptive.  It feels intensely.  With the Full Moon rising in Scorpio, there is tremendous opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our feeling nature.  Feeling your feelings can help you be more authentic and it can help you be more compassionate.  Doing Shadow work and Inner Child work right now will be easier because you have more access to your feeling nature.  It’s your feeling nature that directs the healing process.  For example, when I am taking someone through the Completion Process, they have to feel their feelings in order for the Inner Child to trust them.  Your Inner Child can’t trust you if you are in denial about how you feel.  Your Inner Child is a collection of thoughts AND FEELINGS, so if you can’t feel your feelings then you are denying that aspect of the Inner Child.  This is why the Inner Child separated in the first place—because they had to deny their truth! This is heartbreaking for the child and a coping mechanism that helped them (you) survive.  But it’s 2018 now.  You are no longer powerless and you no longer need the protection of suppressed emotions.  You need authenticity.  You need to feel your feelings.

In my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group, I have shared a couple of videos from my teacher, Teal Swan, that teach you how to do Shadow Work and how to change limiting beliefs.  I always recommend these videos to my clients and I teach them how to go through the processes, since most people seem to get stuck in doing it on their own.  I’ve been blessed to work with Teal directly and have gained tremendous depth of understanding from the work.  I’ll tell you, Friend, working with a coach or teacher is invaluable.  It’s great that we have Inner Guides to help us, but our growth becomes exponential when we engage a professional.  Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is a wonderful chance to work with me in a group setting for a low price.  I love these sessions because of the heartfelt connection we develop and the DEEP healing that comes forth.  Our ability to transform is amplified when we come together for healing and it is beautiful.  I hope you’ll join me and bring your own team of healing Spirits to the mix.

Yaaaas!  This is PLENTY of information for you to consider for this Moon phase.  Feel free to share your own experiences in the Comments section below, or join me in my  Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group where you’re always invited to share your experiences during the Moon phases.  Also, remember to sign-up for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour to get help with anything that’s coming up for you around this New Moon phase.

Blessings, Beloved Friend. 

Download the April Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly pdf


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