Deepening Your Connection to Soulmates: Sun & New Moon in Gemini Report May 20 -June 20, 2020

Gemini Life Sector:

Communication, Native Intelligence, Transport, Movement & Entrepreneurship

Gemini Keywords:

(Use these keywords as a guideline to align with what inspires you or to correct what hinders you as the Sun transits this sign.)

☆ Communication, talk and chatter

☆  The effective and practical use of your mind

☆ A keen, sharp mind

☆ Connecting through the mind

☆ The movement of information between various parts

☆ Communicating ideas and concepts

☆ Learning, taking in ideas and concepts

☆ Intelligence within your environment

☆ Physical navigation through your environment

☆ Getting from point A to point B

☆ Close platonic bonds like siblings

☆ Fraternal intimacy

☆ Physically close proximity (ie your neighbors, your neighborhood)

☆ Short distance travel

☆ How you receive information

☆ How you process information

☆ How you share information

☆ Writing, publishing, making art, creating things

☆ Bringing your goods and services to market

☆ The movement of goods and services– ie, from manufacturer to consumer

Sun & New Moon in Gemini Report

Sun in Gemini: May 20- June 20, 2020

New Moon in Gemini: May 22 10:38am PST

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On Friday, we will meet on Zoom to perform this ritual together.  As soon as you sign up, you’ll be sent Mayra’s New Moon in Gemini herbal infusion recipe, as well as the New Moon in Gemini Manifestation Worksheet and Ritual.  You should complete the New Moon in Gemini worksheet and buy and prepare your herbs as soon as possible, and then bring everything to the ritual that begins on Friday morning at 9:30am PST (Check the time in your zone.)   

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This will be particularly great because Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will go completely retrograde in the coming weeks, but the shadow period (a very sticky time) begins on June 1st!  We need to suck up as much beneficial Mercury energy as we can before he heads to the other side of the Sun!  


Hello, Badass-Butterfly-in-Training and welcome to Gemini and the Third House of the zodiac.  You probably know that the constellation of stars that make up Gemini is named for the  two mythological twins, Castor and Pollux.  The stories differ, but according to one tradition, the twins were born from a human woman, Leda, who was married to a human man, Tyndareus, but who was seduced (or raped) by the god Zeus.  Castor is said to be fathered by Tyndareus and Pollux by Zeus.  So one brother is human and the other Divine. The thing is, these two brothers were dedicated to one another to the point that when Castor lie dying, Pollux shared his divinity with him.  That’s how they became the constellation Gemini.  Castor was wounded in a dispute with some distant cousins and Pollux appealed to his mighty father who made them the constellation of brotherly love.  So as you move through this month, try to keep this idea of brotherly love in the back of your mind, because it forms the basis of many of the healing opportunities that are present for us.

The Opportunity of Gemini and the 3rd House

Gemini and the Third House are ruled by Mercury, the swiftly moving planet closest to the Sun.  The Roman god Mercury was the messenger wearing a winged hat and winged sandals, responsible for delivering all things that moved— communication, transportation, trade and commerce, as well as, messages, ideas, and dreams.  Mercury was even responsible for escorting the spirit of the dead into the afterlife, and expediting communications between the gods and humans.

While the Sun and New Moon are laying over in Gemini, the influences of Mercury and the third house are working to evolve you at the mental level.  Remember that the Sun represents our masculine, outward authority (like our actions and decisions) and the Moon represents our feminine, inward authority (like our creativity and power to birth.) Because Mercury is close to the Sun, during this month long Sun transit, I want you to keep your eyes on the things that are in close proximity to you.  This is a period of expressing your authority in relationship to close things at the level of

  • Emotions
  • Physicality
  • Intellect
  • Spirit

For example, during this transit, you can:

  1. Explore your emotional relationship with your immediate environment— pay attention to how your neighborhood makes your feel and what thoughts arise as you move about.  Are you a part of its natural hum, contributing to its rhythm?  Or does it make you feel stuck, like you are somehow a stranger?  Are your thoughts enlightened when you’re out, or are they heavy?
  2. Explore your relationship with your own personal physical body and its movement.  Are you exuberant in your body, light and free?  Or hindered by tight muscles and rigid joints? (Ugh!  My knees hurt just thinking about it!)
  3. Shed the light of awareness on how your mind is functioning. The Jailer for this transit is Limitation, so you can bet that any areas of limited thinking and limiting beliefs will be brought to your awareness for contemplation, healing and correction, if necessary.
  4. Bring awareness to your relationship with Spirit or energy.  This is a great time to check on your relationship with your Higher Self, your Soul and your ego.  In my Facebook group for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs (which you are invited to join,) we’re doing a program I designed to help them build a deep, meaningful relationship with these different parts of themselves.  As Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, it’s their job to be in touch with their heart and to love themselves AND give birth to their entrepreneurial endeavors!  So having a deep relationship with their Higher Self, their Soul and the ego is an imperative.  While the Sun and New Moon are in Gemini, this intimacy will be heightened.

The New Moon + Gemini = Communicated Emotions

You’ll probably recall that when the Moon is new, she’s occupying the same sign as the Sun and this event is very powerful for manifestation. I have created a powerful New Moon Manifestation for you to use during this period.  If you are on my Moon mailing list, then you will have access to the ritual in the New Moon Manifestation Ritual curriculum online.  It’s all there for you FREE.  So be sure to sign up and manifest your heart’s desire!

When the Moon moves into Gemini, you might notice that your confidence around your communication is highlighted.  The Moon always brings internal growth and expansion and when she transits Gemini, she is tickling  your issues of emotional security.   Since Gemini rules communication and the mind, you can bet that opportunity is knocking in this area.

Interestingly, you might notice that you are more able to intellectually grasp your emotions and to even express them with more fluidity and grace.  Gemini is a charming, talkative sign and the Moon’s movement to this sector opens you up to an intellectual compassion that lets you access your emotions without self-judgment and self-ridicule.  Because of this, when the Moon is New, there is a great opportunity to gain an objective view of emotions and to tackle large emotional challenges with the confidence of an appropriately detached parent.

For example, during one Moon in Gemini transit, a friend and I had decided to do a power walk together but she lacked confidence in her physical strength.  I am notoriously a long, fast walker at 22,000 average steps per day and she was just pushing her daily step goal tentatively to 12,000.  The Moon in Gemini softened the hard edges of my goal-oriented mind and there arose in me a compassion that is usually absent from my workouts.  I workout to hit my targets, not to socialize.  During this Moon phase, however, I could easily understand my friend’s needs with my mind.  Recognizing emotional needs and harmonizing them came easily to my mind, and I was able to release my attachment to my goals and to surrender to the opportunity to emotionally connect.

There is already a tendency to connect intellectually in a spirit of brotherly love when the Sun is in Gemini.  Gemini represents the twin brothers and you might notice that from May 20th through June 21st conversation is bright and flows easily and that feelings of intellectual satisfaction abound.  The Gemini twins are energetically joined at the heart and this gives the mind an ecstatic feeling.  My friend, too, on our long walk, became caught up in the ecstasy of our connection because she ended up walking 18,000 steps without a complaint!  When the Moon brings emotions to the Gemini sector, the resistance to potentially daunting challenges subsides.  The mind just becomes more receptive to emotions and this allows them to flow more freely.  Be sure to look for these opportunities during the week of the New Moon– three days before it peaks through four days after.

The Sun will be in Gemini for an entire month starting May 20th and so everything you’re reading in this report is important for the whole month.  But the week surrounding the New Moon on May 22nd is going to be really powerful because of the New Moon at work. So be sure to use the Manifestation Ritual.

Sun in Gemini = Authority Expressed

With this Sun transit and New Moon phase come the unique chance to heal these areas of your life:

  • Communication
  • Native Intelligence
  • Early Education
  • Kindred Spirit
  • Short Distance Travel
  • Transport, Movement and Entrepreneurship (the transport and movement of goods and services between businesses and consumers)

I want to give you a little breakdown of what the Sun transiting Gemini means for you as a Badass-Butterfly-in-Training.  Always remember to take only what you need from this list of opportunities.  Some of the items listed may not ring true for your healing journey.  Just focus on the ones that touch your intuition.  Definitely proceed with an open heart and mind so that your Spirit Guides have an easier chance of communicating with you.

Also remember that the sign of Gemini embodies fraternal love– the love between brothers.  Expect the tone of the month to sway between two dynamics– the human and the Divine.  There will be moments of playful fraternizing, bawdy jokes and light-hearted conversations.  There will also be moments of irritability, perfection chasing and intolerance of what we view as weak. The opportunity is for you to deal effectively with your moods and foster a healthy community. 

Expressing Your Authority: Communication  

A Badass Butterfly must master communication.  This refers not just to the flow of information that she exchanges with the outside world, but also the dialogue that happens between her various parts.  With the Sun transiting Gemini, this gives you a great opportunity to heal any disconnections in the flow of communication.  This can refer to both giving and receiving information (how we take in and how we send out messages) and it happens both consciously and subconsciously.  During this Sun in Gemini transit, take the time to notice how and what you are putting out to the world through your speech and body language. What you express is a reflection of what is happening inside. And likewise, what you put out reflects and reinforces what you feel inside. Body language also speaks a thousand words.  So take the time to become aware of your body language. Notice if the way you stand reflects open-hearted confidence or if perhaps you tend to cross your arms over your Solar Plexus, protecting your ego (or a bit higher, protecting your heart.)  Also, if you are someone who uses communication for your living, for example, a writer, a public speaker, a singer, then you will want to pay attention to any wisdom that will come to you about your craft at this time.

Challenging Your Mental Authority:  Native Intelligence

I am defining native intelligence as the natural dexterity of your mind to engage with the various parts of your environment such as the people around you, the systems you must navigate and the circumstances in which you find yourself.  This is about being flexible and adaptable with the variety of challenges and obstacles that crop up for you in your everyday life.  Mercury is the messenger of the gods and it is his job to navigate their different personalities and move through their different realms to deliver their messages safely.  Think agility, flexibility and dexterity of the mind. You have innate capabilities, but what is also up for investigation is your attitude.  Do you approach obstacles and challenges with resistance and pessimism (even victimhood) or do you embrace them with a sense of curiosity and excitement— like there’s a new opportunity here for you?  Gemini is an air sign and its nature is to be swept along by the currents of energy that are present in the moment.  Mercury lends this Sun transit natural grace.  This is an excellent time for the Badass Butterfly to practice letting go.  Our native intelligence is a form of intuition and it can become damaged in our development as emotional wounding chips away at our natural self-confidence.  As we develop coping mechanisms that protect ourselves from more wounding, we can find that instead of flowing gracefully and flexibly within our environment, we are trying to control it.  Your native intelligence is enhanced when your mind is open and responds to the wise promptings of the heart.  In the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, the Chariot card depicts an ornate chariot being powered by two lovely unicorns.  The driver of the chariot is a woman who doesn’t hold the reins of the vehicle at all.  Rather than using force to steer it, she is allowing the adventure to unfold from her heart.  The Chariot is the teacher for Cancer, so we’ll go into this much more deeply next month.  But for now, try to understand native intelligence in terms of letting your natural instinct guide you to your heart’s desires as opposed to your rational, logical mind attempting to force them into being.

Shaping Your Authority: Early Education

With regards to the third house and Gemini, ‘early education’ can literally apply to your pre-school, kindergarten, elementary and even your high school.  However, I want you to consider that your real first teachers were the people around you and your environment.  For example, your parents and caregivers, your siblings and your home life.  Remember that Gemini is represented by the twins, so your siblings, whether you share the exact same dan or not, are important at this time.  This is a great time to explore your early home life with an open-minded curiosity.  Become aware of how it influenced and shaped your values, your ego and your adult self-esteem.  This Sun transit will highlight the impressions that were made early on in your mind and so you may find that you can more clearly understand the pathway by which you learned to discriminate and analyze. You can take this time to explore how your beliefs came into being and challenge those which are outdated and no longer serve you.  Understand that also, exploring your early education will help you better understand how you express your needs and desires.  The Sun transit and New Moon in Gemini will open your awareness to how those early influences shaped the young mind that is the foundation for your current outlook.

Sharing Authority Amongst Soulmates:  Kindred

I define kindred spirits as a meeting of minds that is felt in the heart.  It’s how you relate to people on a non-romantic, heartfelt level— a brother and sisterly love that engages both the heart and mind.  This sense of kindredness blossoms through intellectual engagement and talk, both deep and small. Officially, kindred is defined as your relatives; and we can use the filial twinness of Gemini to explore the opportunity for healing the bonds in our family of origin.  Keep in mind that Gemini and the third house are dealing with things in close proximity to you.  So the emphasis is definitely on close relations like your mother and father, sisters and brothers as kinfolk and potentially kindred spirits.   The thing that comes up for us as Gemini and Sun unfold together is how can we deepen that genial aspect of brotherly love within our family.  Just because you grew up together doesn’t mean that you have to be close or bonded with your family of origin.  Family bonds come with their own unique challenges and this Sun transit will illuminate the closeness and the distance that we have within these intimate relationships.  Keep in mind, that intimacy for me has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with being seen, known and vulnerable. You might find that it’s easier to be around your family during this time, which might inspire you to move closer to your family and even correct what’s broken in those relationships. Or you may be outrageously triggered by events, which might highlight what needs repair.  The fourth house of home and roots (Cancer) follows the third, and this could be laying the groundwork for healing to come in the following weeks.

You might also notice that during this Sun transit, you simply feel an overall sense of kinship to the world around you.  Gemini brings kindred spirits together.   Inside you, too, a kinship is taking place as your mind softens to embrace your heart.  One of the reasons it’s so easy to feel a kinship to your surroundings is because your mind is receptive to your heart’s natural tenderness.  Enjoy the good spirits this will bring.

Showing off Your Authority in Your Neighborhood:  Short Distance Travel

I define this as those short, quick trips in close proximity to home.   These are trips that you probably make regularly.  It is the culture of your neighborhood, as well as how you navigate it.  If the outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside, you can use your neighborhood as a roadmap to your inner life.  Keep in mind that it’s not so much what is there, but how you perceive what is there.  If you commute to work by foot, you can certainly consider the landscape between your home and your workplace, and if your commute is more than a 20 minute drive, you can consider your working neighborhood as a second home.  Take some time and explore your work neighborhood as you would that of your home.

Authority in Getting from Point A to Point B:  Transportation, Movement  and Commerce

Mercury is the patron god of merchants and thieves.  Why?  Because merchants and thieves are constantly moving stuff!  Mercury is not judging what you’re moving.  If you’re moving it, he’s there either making it easier for you or slowing you down if you’re disrespectful.  For this last section of our report, I want you to consider the movement of things that have significance for you.  I’m a writer and heart-centered entrepreneur, so of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the movement of my work from my mind to the marketplace and then into the hands of my tribe.  I’ll be keeping myself very tuned into Mercury during this time because he’s one of my favorite gods and I know he’ll have something special to offer me.

But aside from entrepreneurialism, this is a time for swift activity and movement from point A to B.  If you are a runner, particularly short distance, this is a great time to align yourself with inspiring goals.  Transport and movement can refer to the movement of anything such as goods and services, to literally the transport of communications and messages. This is the time for aligning with and focusing on the currents of energy that carry messages, cargo and commerce. Okay, look.  Here I go again with the entrepreneurial stuff!  But I can’t help it!  I’m a number 8 and I have Mercury in Capricorn.  Business is in my blood.  If Mercury is the patron god of enterprise, then I am his beloved niece paying close attention and taking notes on how to do it right.  I can’t emphasize enough that my beloved Mercury is the right-hand man of every business owner and entrepreneur.  Throughout India, you’ll find men and women sporting a golden pinky ring with a green emerald.  The pinky is Mercury’s finger and emerald is his stone.  Because he is close to the golden Sun, you would place that stone in a golden band.  The Sun and New Moon in Gemini is the perfect time for self-employed people to focus on the movement of their goods and services through the marketplace, as well as, the flow of money to pay for those offerings.

Technology also falls under Gemini and Mercury’s rule— but not so much the products themselves, but rather the flow of information between the various working parts within those products.  You may be familiar with the term Mercury Retrograde.  It’s a phenomenon that occurs three or four times a when Mercury is on the other side of the Sun and it might look as if the Earth and Mercury are moving in opposite directions.   This gives you a sticky feeling in your mind that reverberates through your emotions, your energy and your body.  And it wreaks havoc on your technology.  Mercury is tiny but mighty and his influence even spreads to the flow of energy in your body and the flow of thoughts through your mind.

So that’s it for now, Beloved Badass-Butterfly-in-Training! In conclusion, this is clearly a super beneficial time for us and the universe is calling us to lay the foundation for a healthy, happy future.  Enjoy this Moon phase, friend, and remember to sign up and join me on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 9:30am PST.

And definitely come check out my Facebook group for heart-centered entrepreneurs!  We have some good food for thought happening there.  Fill out the application and then join us!

Alright, Precious!  It’s on!


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