Full Moon in Virgo March 2, 2018: You Are A Badass Emotions Whisperer

Full Moon in Virgo March 2, 2018:  You Are a Badass Emotions Whisperer

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Begin the 10-day Full Moon Ritual on February 27th or later.  The Full Moon rises in Virgo on March 2nd at 1:51am CET.
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Keywords:  Shadow, Health, Harvest, Mind, Sensuality, Feminine Power, Discipline, Authority, Time Autonomy

The month of March quickly begins with a Full Moon in the analytical sign of Virgo.  Here in the northern hemisphere, we are at the tail end of winter and soon it will be time to emerge from the great womb of rest into the vibrant activity of spring.  But not yet.  First we must embrace the powerful opportunity that comes with this, the last Full Moon of winter, called in Native American traditions: the Worm Moon.  Remember that the Full Moon is the culmination of what was started six months ago at the New Moon.  The New Moon is the time when we set a vision and the Full Moon is the time that when we confront any Shadows around that vision.  So one of the best ways to use this and any Full Moon is to look back six months and explore where you were energetically.  If you you’ve been following my rituals, you should have some excellent notes taken in your journal exploring your feelings, what was bugging you, and most importantly, what you were desiring back at the end of summer.  Six months ago was the New Moon in Virgo and here we are at the Full Moon in Virgo, which means what you started back then is just about ready to be birthed, BUT you first must do the work with the Full Moon to confront and heal any Shadows that need correcting before you can birth your desire.  Does that make sense, Friend?  The idea is that at the New Moon, we visualize and plan, and we really think about what we desire to manifest in the material world.  The work and rituals we do help us get deeply into manifestation mode by aligning our energy with what we desire.  We imagine the New Moon as a blank canvas on which we can cast our dreams and paint our hopes.  I liken it to the conception of a baby.  The New Moon is the time when the Universe is sparky for co-creation and our subconscious mind is receptive to inspiration from the Heart. The six months following the New Moon are the gestation period for your ideas.  During that time, you and your Spirit Guides are working together making plans for your vision, helping you recognize opportunities so you can take inspired action, getting you clearer and clearer about what you want– and the Universe is behind the scenes organizing outside events and chance happenings, bringing people together, setting up multiple events and basically unfolding your dream vision in ways you could never (in your egoic mind) imagine.

When the Full Moon rolls around six months later, it is the time when the Universe is calling you back to those dreams to help you get really clear about them and to help you confront any subconscious and sabotaging beliefs that might be holding you back from manifesting the thing you desire.  For example, at the New Moon in Virgo last year, I was really focused on bringing out my own personal sensuality, my confidence, and my Divine Feminine power around my sexuality.  I see the sign of Virgo as being very confident in their physical bodies and I took the opportunity of the New Moon in Virgo to really lay claim to that energy and take it on as my own.  So this Full Moon in Virgo is going to help me confront any fears and negative beliefs and even will help me become aware of any subconscious behaviors that are holding me back from manifesting my own sexy, powerful self. And sure enough, I am feeling this tremendous pull to become more authentically sexy.  I’m being pulled to let myself show.  I’ve been losing weight, coming out of extensions, and showing a bit more skin.  I’m not forcing it.  It’s natural.  The Universe is luring me toward my desire and I am following the hints.  You can bet there will be some serious emotional challenges this Full Moon as I confront my deepest, darkest issues around self-image and what it means to be lovable, but I am ready.

The Full Moon is the time when our subconscious mind comes forth into our consciousness so that we can heal what is misguided or off-track with the vision we claimed at the New Moon.   Now, I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to follow the monthly rituals and do the work in your journal so that you have a written record of your development.  The Moon is your very precious, personal Spirit Guide, and she is so happy to help you thrive.  But you have to do the work and meet her halfway, Friend.  Follow the ritual, do your Shadow Work, write in your journal, and do some form of meditation every day so that you can be in touch with your Higher Self and have a powerful connection to your Intuition, which is a powerful resource for living a joyful and prosperous life.  The Full Moon is the perfect time to do Shadow Work so that you heal old wounds.  It’s the perfect time to look your fear square in the face so that you can do the deep root work to free yourself from it for good.  My Emotional Wellness Happy Hour Coaching and Healing Circle is a great way to get help with this.  One of my God/Goddess given gifts is the ability to dive deep to the root cause of a problem and help folks find practical soul-utions to solving it.  In session, I connect with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides to give you personal guidance that will help you have powerful awakenings and breakthroughs.  These group sessions are small, and the people that are coming together on them are all a vibrational match in some significant way.  It’s fucking awesome!  Synchronicities abound!!  The sessions are just $25 to join but the benefits are priceless.  Sign up and join me.  The next session is scheduled for 3:30am on Wednesday, February 27th.  I’m in Central Europe and it starts really EARLY, but if you’re in the Americas, it’s after work.  My apologies to my friends who share my time zone.  As more interest in this gets expressed, I’ll add another day to accommodate you here.  If you’re close to my the GMT or UTC time zones and are interested, please email me and I’ll certainly add times to suit you.

Right.  So now we have the Full Moon in Virgo and the dream you laid claim to six months ago is ready to be challenged.  When you set forth that dream, you were shaping the Universe.  You may or may not have been aware of some Shadow energy that was lurking around you.  Shadow energy is a collection of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and sabotaging behaviors that are a contrast to your true Divine Light.  Fear and doubt are the primary Shadow energies that plague us in the Cycle of Manifestation.  But Shadow can also be anything like anxiety, depression, a feeling of powerlessness, resentment, jealousy, anger (OH ANGER IS A BIG ONE, as you can see in my video Exploring Anger in Oradea, Romania.  Anger expressed is a tool, but anger SUPPRESSED is a destroyer of magnificence) and any other negative emotion you feel.  The Full Moon in any sign is the time when we are called inward to deal with our negative emotions.  We can deal with them by sweeping them under the rug, shutting down, ignoring them, suppressing them or denying them (which I totally do NOT recommend) or we can deal with them in a positive, life-affirming way, which is the way of the Badass.

You need to be an Badass Emotions Whisperer right now, Friend, because the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon will be in Virgo.  The sign of Pisces rules the 12th House, which is the house of our inner world, our subconscious mind, dreams, and our natural inclination toward the mystical.  From this house comes our love of fantasy, our tendency toward creativity, and our ability to have profound spiritual experiences.  The Sun has been in Pisces since February 18th and it will stay there until March 20th.  This entire time period is about opening ourselves to greater love and connectedness.  The Sun in Pisces is shining light on our Divinity, helping us access activate our left brain, our intuition, and accentuating our feminine nature.  Over the next few weeks, you might notice that you are having more vivid dreams and access to knowledge from other worlds.  The separation from other dimensions is more transparent and it’s going to be easier to receive through our feeling nature.  This is an awesome time to work with your intuition and spiritual guidance.

 Download the complete March 2018 Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly guide
How to benefit from the Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo governs the sixth house of health and daily activities.  The sign of Virgo is a great teacher.  It is ruled by Mercury and it has a great mind that is fast, sharp and analytical.  But the sign of Virgo is not icy like the Air signs of Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Virgo is an Earth sign and it has terrific warmth and sensuality.  As brainy as Virgo is, their depth of emotion can be quite profound. This means that this is an excellent time to use your mind as your tool for exploring the dark Shadows that the Full Moon is illuminating.  The Full Moon rising in Virgo means that you are being forced to explore what is not working around any of these Virgo traits and any areas governed by Virgo.

Health Issues:  Health issues, sickness and disease may be getting your attention right now.  The feeling of fatigue that comes from hidden illnesses might be getting your attention.  Be aware of viral and bacterial infections that may be communicating to you through increased body temperature, a change in your physical vision, allergies, flus and colds.  Please keep in mind that in my spiritual philosophy, every symptom is a Spirit Guide communicating something important to you.  For example, a chest infection is communicating to you about sadness, grief, and unexpressed remorse.  Stomach upset is communicating to you about issues around your will, your self-expression, and your ability to create the life you desire.  Headache can be communicating to you about your need to break free of limiting beliefs.  Watch yourself carefully over the next couple of weeks, Friend.  Don’t just suppress your symptoms without making deep inquiries into them spiritually.  I talk to every symptom with respect.  I was sick for three weeks with a phlegmy chest and I unpeeled layer after layer of suppressed anger and outrage.  I didn’t know that I had it!  I thought I was cool, but I found out that I was pissed.  My Angel and Elemental friends helped me get very clear and helped me heal a whole bunch of crap I didn’t need.  I feel like a new woman because I’ve been freed from yet another prison.

Daily Routine:  The Full Moon in Virgo makes this the perfect time to deal with the subconscious processes that are keeping you locked into limiting situations with regard to your daily work, your job, your routine, and your daily practice.  Virgo is very organized and it has an EXCELLENT discipline that is natural to it.  If you have some stuff to be healed in this area, the Full Moon is surely going to give you some kind of challenge to let you know something’s wrong and it will surely give you a solution to correct it.  Here’s a disclaimer:  You are NOT broken.  You do not need to be fixed.  You are fine, Darling.  IF (and only if) you perceive you want growth and expansion, then you can use all this as opportunity.  You are perfect and lovable exactly as you are.  I love you for reals because we are One. ♥ 

How You Serve:  The sign of Virgo is also about service, so the Full Moon in Virgo may also call your attention to how you are showing up at work.  Don’t be alarmed if you run into work issues like a client getting mad at you.  The only reason it’s happening is because your Soul needs you to grow and learn something.  Remember that your emotions are leading you to heal trauma.  Follow them, but don’t be sucked down by them.  Don’t be afraid of your emotions.  Virgo is a super analytical sign, so you’ll need to be careful that you don’t analyze your emotions instead of experiencing them.  Analyzing your emotions is not the way to blow off the steam of them.  Emotions are drives that need to express themselves fully.  So use your mind to guide, but stay grounded in your body so you can be present with the full experience of the emotional release.  Remember that Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is a chance to work with me on this personally.

Authority and Time:  Look, time management is not governed by Virgo.  Time is mostly governed by Aquarius and Capricorn under Saturn’s rule, however, how you spend your time on a daily basis is significantly important during this Full Moon in Virgo transit. Virgo is a master organizer. You can expect some events that will have you reconsidering how you are spending your time coming up for you over the next few weeks.  Being an Authority in your life means that you have autonomy of your time.  You are the one who calls the shots.  If you find that you are a victim of circumstances and don’t feel free to use your time as you please, then the Full Moon in Virgo is going challenge you to find your sense of authority around this.  Annie Dillard says that how you spend your day is how you spend your life.  If you are not in control of your day then you are not in a position of Authenticity.  Without Authenticity, it is VERY difficult to be motivated.  You’re trapped.  Every day, even when we are an employee, is an opportunity to co-create.  Your boss may be above you in rank, but Inner Authority overrides all.  Your greatest power is to realize that you are co-creating, so you have to ALWAYS show up in excellence.  If you think that just because you have a low paying job you that you can slouch and be half-assed, then you are kidding yourself thinking that a better paying job is going to make you stand up straighter and bring your A-game. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is no slouch.  He’s a dignified planet and so this Moon phase is going to challenge you to dig deep and find your A-game in every moment.  This is a good time to challenge yourself to start living an intentional life.  Actually, a life of volition is even better.  Volition is intention on B-vitamins and iron:  powerful!   You are meant to be a Badass, Friend, not a victim.  This Moon wants to make sure the truth comes through, so don’t resist the opportunities that are being presented.  If you’re having trouble managing your time, then you might find some inspiration from Jocelyn K. Glei’s interview with Julie Zhuo on the podcast Hurry Up Slowly.  Julie Zhuo has some demonstrates how to maximize your time and focus so that you can have a powerful career and still devote time to your children and relationships.

Okay, Lovely.  This is PLENTY of information for you to consider for this Moon phase.  Feel free to share your own experiences in the Comments section below, or join me in my  Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group where you’re always invited to share your experiences during the Moon phases.  Also, remember to sign-up for the 10 day Monthly Full Moon Ritual to balance your Shadow and connect with your Light.

Hey!  Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Tarot School starts soon, too!  Please sign up for it if you want to learn how to read Tarot Cards.  It’s gonna be GOOOOOOOD!

Alright, Precious!  It’s on! See you soon!

 Download the complete March 2018 Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly guide

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