Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Tarot School

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Every Badass Butterfly should know how to read her own Tarot Cards.

Tarot cards are a direct line of communication between you and your Higher Self.  Your other Spirit Guides will communicate with you through Tarot, as well, however, it is primarily through your Badass Higher Self that the most significant messages can emerge.  My unique approach to tarot will not only help you learn the traditional meaning of the cards, but will also help you open a direct and instantaneous mode of communication between yourself, your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.  This is spiritual Badassery and you’re going to LOVE it.  It’s sooo fun.  It’s like being shown Unconditional Love with the simple draw of a card.

Over the course of this nine session class you will build your intuition, increase your confidence, expand your own natural psychic awareness and open up the portals of Unconditional Love and deep wisdom within you. The Universe is rich with loving, benevolent forces that want to help us all. We just need to learn how to open up ourselves to them and read their messages!  It is my goal to help you easily do this.  I KNOW that we ALL have the ability to read cards and I have shown countless people how to do it immediately.  Right from our very first class you will start feeling your energy, purifying your aura, quieting your mind, and awakening to your own powerful intuition while you surrender to the loving arms of your Badass Higher Self.

In addition to helping you access your deep intuition, each class session will give you in-depth knowledge about the individual Tarot cards and will have you reading your own cards.   Included in this program will be ways to help you create a sacred space that is protective of your focus and your energy.  You will also learn a few different Tarot spreads that are simple enough for beginners to use with confidence.  A Tarot ‘spread’ is simply a way of laying out the cards that tells a story.  In between sessions, you will practice using your new knowledge, which is going to deepen your understanding of the cards and build your ability to communicate clearly with Spirit. I have been reading cards since 1992.  I’ve done thousands of readings and the cards have never given me false information or lead me wrongly.  Tarot is artistic, intuitive, feminine, and honest.  It is a beloved friend and I will help you learn how to harmonize with this new relationship.

There are many ways of reading tarot. This class is going to focus on enhancing your intuition, calming your mind and intensifying your ability to release the resistance that can block communication between your conscious mind and your Higher Self, as well as, helping you learn the symbolism connected with your personal tarot deck.

Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Tarot School will be recorded for later distribution in the public domain, so your participation in the program requires a signed release.  After you have enrolled, you will be directed to a basic questionnaire so that you can share with me a little about your experience and help me make sure that I cater the class to ALL the participants.  I’m so excited that you are embarking on this journey with me.  It’s gonna be soooooo good!

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