Can You Trust Your Heart? From Massage Therapist to Spiritual Life Coach– My Journey as a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

Ciao, Amore!  I'm sitting in California dreaming of the day that I will return to my beloved Florence, Italy.  I love the spring, summer and autumn in Tuscany.  Last year in summer, it was so hot, but it was absolutely glorious to roam the countryside, Apollo at my heels, the Sun on my shoulders.  I got on a funny video making kick because I was really tending to the students in my certification program.  I wanted to make sure I communicated to them some important things they would want to know before officially enrolling in my program.  So I whipped out four videos in one morning!  Hahahaha!  Look, these videos are totally impromptu and they are unedited, unscripted and spontaneous.  I noticed that I was covered in dog hair from the chin down and I have decided that this lends authenticity to the moment... and a little self-mocking humor.  I'm going to post all four of these videos here, by the way, so be sure to check back to catch them.  You can also sign-up for my email list and I'll be happy to email you when they are released.

In this video, I talk about what made me want to become a Spiritual Life Coach. And here's a hint: B-O-S-S-Y.   This is video one in a four part video series.  In it, I talk about my early relationship with Spirit and how I evolved from being a service provider of massage to being a spiritual life coach and then teaching other people how to be coaches through my You Lead! Spiritual Life Coach Certification for Badass Butterflies program. In this video, you’ll also learn about some of the struggles and hardships that I suffered in building my programs and my career as a Spiritual Life Coach. NOTE: the correct name of my certification program is: You Lead! Spiritual Life Coach Certification for Badass Butterflies, not whatever it was I said at the end of the video.

Do you ever think about the thing that calls you to spiritual coaching? Do you ever stop and wonder just what it is that makes you feel so drawn to this line of work? Why do you want to give of yourself so badly to people?? Very often people come to me wondering if the calling they have to serve humanity as a Spiritual Life Coach is real.  They wonder, who am I to take on this deep and meaningful vocation.  They wonder what they have to offer and if their experiences and insights are truly valuable.  Of course, these are good questions and we should all pause to listen to our fears when they surface.  I don't bulldoze my fears or negative thoughts.  Instead, I listen to them and put things into perspective inside myself.

So when I got the call to become a Spiritual Life Coach, I needed about two months to figure out if this thing was real for me.  It popped into my head and I thought, yeah.  So I investigated the vocation, contemplated what it would be like to work with people in this way and I then went in search of a teaching program that would give me the tools I needed to thrive.  When I finally found the right teacher, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  We met over the phone and I KNEW it was the right program for me.  So I said, "Yes," immediately.  I had to pay $1000 per month for this program and I had NEVER done that before.  A whole year?  $12,000.00?  Me?  Invest that in myself?

Look, I'll admit that I was terrified, but I learned early in life that Spirit does not f**k around.  Spirit would NOT have planted this seed in my mind and led me to my teacher if Spirit did not want me to do this.  So I said, "Yes," with an air of concern, but a very open mind and a very open heart.  And you know what?  I made that $1000 payment every single month on time.  It was a miracle, yes, but the nature of life is miraculous, so there shouldn't be any surprise here.  My God.

Spirit doesn't f**k around with us.  It doesn't play games with our emotions.  It doesn't lie when it comes its CALL.  So don't ignore what you feel.  Don't leave it aside so someone else can do it because you were too afraid to believe in yourself.

Okay.  I need to admit that sometimes Uranus gets a kick out of throwing a wrench in stuff.  But that's his job and we are supposed to enjoy our varied banter with the Universe.  We are one big happy family.

In this video, I talk about how my connection with Spirit led me to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.  The calling in my heart was a feeling of service. I love being of service and I think a whole lot of other people do, too.  Watch the video and let me know if it resonates with you in the comments below.

Big hugs!!! Enjoy it!


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