Sun & New Moon in Pisces: The End of the Astrological Year

Sun and New Moon in Pisces:  Approximately February 19th through March 20th each year

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The End

I don’t know about you, but I love the end of the calendar year. It’s the time when energy is pretty high, mostly from the holiday season. But I always sense that there is a flurry of activity to wrap up what was left incomplete from the previous 12 months and to lay the groundwork for what is coming in. My personality likes endings and beginnings and the rituals that surround them.

At my wellness studio back in Long Beach, California, the last couple of days of the year would find me surprisingly busy with folks wanting massages! So I always found myself doing bodywork and then working late into the night handling accounting, running reports and closing out inventories. When all that administrative stuff was through, there was always this tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment as I prepared to let go of 365 days of annum. The context of the year determined my overall mood for the terminus. Sometimes my heart was light with a sense of freedom. I felt optimistic and hopeful and excited about what was to come. But at other times, I would find myself overcome with grief. Saying goodbye is not always easy. I remember one eye-opening year-end that was particularly challenging. Actually, that was 2014, the year I was forced to confront my deepest, darkest fears. 2013 was the year that I had sold my business and then unexpectedly lost my mother. I lost my mother in November and you would think that December of 2013 would have found me grieving. But I was in a state of shock for about three months following Mom’s death. The shock of her loss kept me shrouded in numbness so the close of 2013 was quite blunted.

In my stupor, I thought that I would be experiencing a quiet 2014 where I would mourn and contemplate, but the year sent shockwaves through my system as the reality of Mom’s death started unfolding in my mind and body. I was devastated and crumbling inside, and my 3-dimensional reality started reflecting the breakdown immediately. I found my entire life in total upheaval.

I had lost all the money from the sale of my business and I found myself wandering between Canada, Indonesia, India and France and then back to the USA to take back the business I did not want. The woman to whom I had sold the business had defaulted on her payments and I thought that my only choice was to return to revamp it and start over. After tumultuous experiences in three corners of the globe, I returned to Long Beach just after Thanksgiving in November 2014.

There was a warm welcome when I returned and a whole slew of people came out to support me as I charged in to try to rekindle this dying business. December saw me and my incredible posse of angels sweep into town and completely turn around the space, reinvigorating interest. We were flooded with good cheer. I was busy doing what I did best—massaging folks and leading my team.

On the last day of the year, I had worked well into the night. The last client was gone and after doing my year-end accounting and inventorying, I turned off the lights, locked up the building and got into the old Mercedes my stepdad’s girlfriend had lent me. There was a tremendous sense of accomplishment as I pulled out of the driveway and headed to my temporary home at my grandparents’. But that accomplishment was accompanied by an overwhelming grief. The momentum of the year’s end drew down the weight of all I had undergone in the previous 18 months. It all came down to this one moment of triumph—I had walked through hell and was rewarded with the love offered at homecoming.

I was completely overcome with emotion and I remember pulling the old Merc into an abandoned parking lot. I turned off the engine and just sat there for several minutes feeling my feelings. And then I began to scream.

I slid into another dimension as my repressed feelings of grief, remorse, anger, resentment and… incompleteness came up and out of my system. I felt feverish and I could feel all my lower chakras squeezing out all the energy that they had been storing. I cried and screamed and let go of all my control. I did this until there was nothing left. The end of 2014, was triumphant but painful, and it was a great comfort to feel this page turn in my book of life. I was emotionally and intellectually spent and I looked forward to January 1st with a hunger for a new script.

Sun and New Moon in Pisces:  The Beginning of the End

So how do you feel right now, Beloved Badass-Butterfly-in-Training? It is February, yeah? If you are in the northern hemisphere, then winter is coming to a close and the natural world around you is beginning to awaken from its deep winter’s sleep. Emotionally and energetically, you might be feeling an urgent calling to handle unfinished business. You might feel compelled to clear your closets and purge the storage spaces in your home of things that no longer serve you. Here in the countryside of Fiesole, Italy, folks are clearing out their overgrown landscapes, cutting back bushes and burning the undergrowth. The smell of burning branches and leaves is gorgeous. And it is lovely to watch families pulling together to tend their properties—beautifying the landscape. As I walk the hillside and see life unfolding around me, I revel in the beauty of the cycles and I rejoice that these things are happening inside me… that I, too, am being cleaned and cleared, and what is old and used is being burned away in the fire of Spirit. I am being called inward to tend my inner garden—to pull the weeds and grasses that choke the flow of communication amongst my roots, and that block the nutrient dense light which will help me grow and expand with the spring.

In 2020, February 19th starts the beginning of the end of the astrological year. On this date, the Sun moves into Pisces, the oldest sign of the zodiac. During this time, we can all look forward to becoming more Piscean—more sensitive, imaginative and feelings-oriented. But we also have a very important job to do now. Like the end of the calendar year, the end of the astrological year will find us accounting for an entire year of thoughts, beliefs and actions. You should expect, Beloved Badass-Butterfly-in-Training, to experience a lot of powerful healing opportunities to arise for you during this time. How you deal with these things that arise is totally up to you. In my Forgive Yourself & Restart Challenge, I am strongly suggesting that no matter what else you choose to do with your memories, emotions, traumas and wounding, you put forgiveness as the endgame. Now, I will be diving deeply into forgiveness throughout the month of February and well into March as unforgivingness is the shadow of Pisces. As sensitive, romantic, gentle and loving as Pisces is, the weapon it wields to protect its gentle heart is unforgivingness. This is a way of shutting out what is harmful in an effort to keep away the terror of disappointment. In my Jailbreak Your Heart & Howl at the Moon healing program, unforgivingness is the final stage in the transformation of the caterpillar into the Badass Butterfly. And really, to truly forgive is quite Badass.

True forgiveness must happen on all levels of the being.

  • The mind must be purged of its entire system of thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments that maintain the unforgiven person (or situation) as the enemy.
  • The emotions that the subject is attempting to avoid feeling (disappointment, abandonment, defeat) must actually be felt and allowed to run their course without resistance.
  • The body must be purged of all habituated responses that arise when any hint of that triggering event occurs. New neural pathways must be formed in the physical brain, as well.
  • And lastly, on a spiritual level, the Higher Self must be allowed to work through the subject so that the old situation and the perpetrator can be seen through new eyes and a new course of decisions can be made in the material world as new portals open within the human experience.

In the Forgive Yourself & Reset challenge, I take you on a 30 day journey of forgiveness that uses the power of the Sun and the Moon to support tremendous healing work. The Sun entered Pisces at 8:57pm PST on February 18th and it will leave and enter Aries at 8:49 PST on March 19th. That gives us 30 days to rock the Pisces energy and to heal the Pisces shadow within us.

It is also very important that the New Moon is closely following this Sun ingress. On February 23rd at 7:32am PST, the Moon rises new in Pisces. So let’s tuck into what this means for us as Divine Beings of Source Energy having a human experience.

As you will know if you have been following my blog and my writings, the Sun is masculine, outward authority. It is fiery, big and expects to have its way. As it makes its way through the constellations, there is a coloring of life for us here on Earth. For example, when the Sun was in Aquarius, we found that our mood was heightened as the masculine Sun was quite stimulated intellectually by the masculine sign of Aquarius, whose element is Air. Aquarius lives in its head and so we really enjoyed using our noggins to solve problems and sort through the various situations we encountered.

Something has really changed, however. You might have noticed that something about you is softer, more pliable, more sensitive and less fight-y… alright you sticklers for proper words. Less combative. The hot, bright Sun has moved from the masculine, argumentative Aquarius to the the feminine, empathetic Pisces. Your awareness has dropped down from your brain and thinking nature to your heart and feeling nature. As a matter of fact, take a look at some of these key words for the sign of Pisces:

Strong Feelings, Compassionate, Intuitive, Imaginative, Romantic, Sensitive, Strong, Good listener, Theatrical, Creative, Imaginative, Spiritual, Tolerant, Dreams, Visionary, Genius, Spiritually Generous, Appreciating Solitude, Empathetic, Emotional

How about that!

Pisces is feminine, of the water element and although highly intelligent (even genius) it is extremely nurturing and emotionally sensitive. What that means for all of us is that we are more Piscean. This is the time of the year when we feel comfortable feeling our feelings, accepting of what normally rattles us and threatens our comfort and our belief in Spirit and the possibilities of magic skyrockets.

The sign of Pisces rules the life sector of the subconscious mind. It is that part of existence that is ultimately mysterious and untouchable by the logical, rational mind. Spirit enters and exits the third-dimension through the 12th house. It is the realm of dreams, the Akashic Records, and it is from where all your conscious awareness originates. This means that things like unruly emotions, limiting beliefs and a negative mindset all come from the 12th house and are up for exploration while the Sun is in Pisces. This is one of the best times of the year for deep, transformational healing! And I am so glad that you are reading this article and hopefully really investing yourself in my Forgive Yourself & Reset Challenge! Our job in that challenge is to work together to help you amplify your healing work while you

  • Balance and elevate your mindset (nip negative thinking in the bud)
  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs (find the core negative beliefs that are influencing your life experience without you knowing it)
  • Experience and allow powerful, stuck emotions to run their course (you gotta feel your painful feels without judgment. This isn’t easy, but you have to at least try. It’s a game-changer on the healing path.)

It is important to note that while the Sun and Moon are polar opposites, when the Moon is new, the two work together in tandem.  The New Moon is a time of thinking about what you desire to manifest not just inside yourself, but in the material world.  It’s a time of creativity, visioning, imagining and looking ahead to the following year.  So during the three day period that the Moon is new in Pisces, you will definitely be wanting to think about how you want your life to look one year from now.  What changes do you need to experience in yourself so that life can unfold a more exciting reality for you?  How do you want to be feeling a year from now?  What subconscious demons do you want to have conquered at this time next year?  I’ll be challenging you with questions like this in the New Moon Ritual, which you get as a participant in my Forgive Yourself & Reset 30-Day Unconditional Self-Love Challenge.  This is a free program that I’m running to help my tribe take advantage of the beneficial energy that happens every year when the Sun enters Pisces.  I strongly recommend that you join us as soon as possible and hop on New Moon Ritual and all the other great exercises and activities I have laid out in the program.  But I have to warn you that the work is intense.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it is the culmination of all you ignored.  If you can master this time period and face your fears and doubts with courage and love, then you will thrive the new astrological year which begins March 20th.  I want to help you thrive!  So check out the program.

Sun and New Moon in Pisces: The End and the Beginning

The 12th house is the womb and the tomb of our being. It is the place from which our human selves originate—the dark and mysterious womb. And it the place where in the end we return—the cool and peaceful tomb where all is still.

I like to think that as the Sun enters the sign of Pisces, the 12th house acts as a tomb because this transit is a time of endings.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This is the time when we must confront the stuff we did not want to deal with over the course of the year. It is the time when the old stuff gets dealt with and laid to rest. It is the place where we send our unwanted crap throughout the year. But when Pisces time rolls around near February 18th each year, it’s the time to deal with what has been accumulated. Pisces is known as the dustbin of the zodiac!

If we normally consciously deal with this stuff with our eyes wide open throughout the year, feeling our feelings, accepting responsibility for our emotions and psychological baggage and forgiving people, circumstances and ourselves with sincerity, then we can expect this Sun transit through Pisces to be a glorious sepulcher of triumphs.

If, however, we fight against the lessons the Universe offers us, if we refuse to confront our fears, experience those powerful emotions and we resist the change that comes to us, then we can expect this tomb to be full of ghosts and restless spirits—a place where demons are given authority.

Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But the fact is that if you don’t stand up to your demons and deal with them face-to-face with your eyes wide open, then you are handing them your authority on a silver platter. You’re saying, “Take me. I’m yours.” The 12th house demons are the emotions that you allow to rule you. Shame, fear, doubt, pride, control, jealousy, resentment, anger, self-loathing… these are all energies that are natural occurrences in the three-dimensional world. Believe it or not, thense negative emotions are actually helpful and they should be welcomed to come and go—to pass through our systems informing us of their presence and challenging us to expand. These emotions teach us lessons and they expand us into True Unconditional Love. What is not okay and what changes the nature of these energies from helpful to hideous, however, is our refusal to embrace them—our conscious suppression and unconscious repression of them. Denying, ignoring, suppressing and repressing negative emotions banishes them to the 12th house. And you will either deal with them later consciously or you can ignore them. But you must understand that anything that’s hot is gonna fester. By not dealing with negative emotions and painful situations, you are giving them permission to grow. Those things then become vortices in your energetic system, attracting thoughts that mirror them and thus circumstances that reflect your inner world. In this way, these negative emotions and painful circumstances are like demons. They totally feel like enemies to your system. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dealing with your emotions, emotional wounding and painful situations with your eyes wide open is the most powerful thing you can do for your psyche. Confronting your emotions, scrutinizing your thoughts and your beliefs will help you own your authority and make you the leader of your being.

As the Sun continues to pass through Pisces, the energies of the tomb transmute to become the nourishment of the womb. What you triumphed during the last astrological year becomes the foundation of your new year. While what you denied become the cracks and weak points in your foundation. This is why this time of year is so important.

This darkness of the 12th house is often portrayed as a scary one partially because of the mystery that surrounds both the womb and the tomb. In the womb, our consciousness is ‘alive’ but in a developing state of unbound giving and receiving. There is no judgment or discerning happening and yet all that pass through leave at least an energetic imprint in the recesses of our mind and on our vibration. What our mother experiences is passed on to us in a series of feelings and sensations. On one hand, it is completely logical that we experienced our mother’s stress biologically. And on the other hand, if we consider that every living being receives to some degree an imprint of everything in its environment, which is the nature of the holographic Divine Matrix, then we can also assume a naturally empathic quality inherent in our fetal state. The womb then acts as a cocoon, not just for baby, but for baby and its relationship with mommy’s experiences. This is not so mysterious. What is mysterious is the effect this has on our being and how it will affect our development and the lack of memory of the nine months spent in utero. Of course, at the other end of the spectrum is death. Who knows what happens after that! It’s the greatest mystery of all.

And indeed, beyond the womb and the tomb, the concepts covered in this house can terrify us to our core when we think about them from the three-dimensional perspective of separation and limitation. However, when we let go of our boundaries and the notion of separation, as both Jupiter, the 12th house ruler of Pisces by day, and Neptune, the 12th house ruler of Pisces by night invite us to do, we find that the 12th house is simply where pure Life Force Energy enters our three-dimensional experience. This house governs lots of things that can seem intellectually contrary to the Unconditionally Loving nature of LFE. But when we slip into the boundaryless nature of our two planetary guides for this journey, Neptune and Jupiter, we realize that this is where the notion of Unconditional Love gets developed at its highest potential for here is where the extreme polarities live as one.

The Sun and New Moon in Pisces:  The End of Imprisonment

The 12th house is known as the house of imprisonment, self-undoing and mystery. Yet, through the experience of imprisonment, we expand our appreciation of freedom; by living through the lessons of self-undoing, we come to welcome the wholeness of the Higher Self and we unleash our Badass Butterfly; and by surrendering to the mystery, we find ourselves a channel of the all-knowing Divine Wisdom. The darkness of this house is, in fact, the breeding ground of our Light. It contains the primal nourishment for our caterpillar self. Every bite the caterpillar takes raises the game of its destiny so that even its most magnificent self is challenged to stay ahead of its own developing high frequency. It is through the richness that the 12th house darkness provides that we come to expansion.

Ancient astrologers feared that planets in the 12th house meant that the beneficial qualities of those planets were hidden and locked away from the native. While this may have been true a millenia ago, today’s natives have highly developed self-improvement impulses. We don’t shy away from challenges. In fact, we run toward our flaws and weakness prepared to take them down like warriors defending our happiness and our right to prosper. The widespread understanding of human psychology makes it that much easier for us to engage in the battle against the demons that threaten our thrive. Our desire to move up the energetic scale has even the most uninitiated of us literally reaching for the stars to facilitate the thrive within themselves. The newly dawned Age of Aquarius and the current planetary alignment empowers us to charge into the darkness armed with gentle tools to battle our demons—radical self-compassion and radical self-acceptance, appreciation of the vast spectrum of human emotions and experiences, curiosity about ourselves and our role in the great scheme of things and above all, the great determination to face our greatest fears with our hearts wide open. “Ravish me, Life. You are meant to be felt!” is the battle cry. “I own my experience,” is the epitaph.

For me, one of the great joys of life is facing the challenge to uncover the mysteries of the 12th house planets. For example, I have both the Sun and Venus and even the asteroid Pallas in the 12th house. While I have been challenged to uncover the outwardly expressed confidence, authority and joy of the Sun, I have enjoyed the honor of illumination, clarity and authority within the 12th house properties. I am a master channel of the Divine. And while I have been challenged in outward the Venusian qualities of relationship, beauty and wealth, I have enjoyed profound intimacy with the Divine, and I have discovered first-hand that true beauty and my source of wealth come from the light that burns within.

What I have come to understand, dear Badass-Butterfly-in-Training, is that the 12th house acts for all of us as the garden of our Soul’s agenda. A garden is a cultivated place where we plant things that we want to grow. The 12th house is the garden where your Soul has tenderly buried your most precious opportunities. This house is the rich and fertile soil where the powerful keys to your evolution are buried. But they are not lying dead. Buried seeds are underground absorbing nourishment from the soil through the roots that spring forth once they activate. When the chutes extend upward, the Sun illuminates these manifestations; with the New Moon we are invited to use them to create our heart’s desires; and when the Moon is full that expression of them comes to its head and it is surrendered. In addition to the Sun and Moon, all the planets and heavenly bodies move through and cast aspects on the 12th house, coloring the environment that influences the Soul’s agenda.

Some astrologers argue that the 12th house is the first house—that it is the entry point of life itself. I am inclined to agree because in my philosophy, consciousness and what is unseen comes before what is seen. A garden begins with the land and the soil and then the seeds, then the roots, then the sprouts, then the fruit. Our being begins with the consciousness and the agenda and then the conception, then gestation, then birth, then life.

When the Sun moves into the 12th house, it is our opportunity to explore the seeds that our Soul has planted for us. It is the chance to look at what the 12th house governs and to investigate where our Soul has planted seeds for us to uncover. How do we know what our Soul has planted there for us? Look around. When the Sun is in any sign, you should look around and notice what you notice. See what is getting your attention in the world around you. Notice how your perception has changed from today. If you’ve been good at keeping a journal, you’ll have evidence of your shifting awarenesses. Notice how you feel. Notice how your priorities have changed. Notice your energy levels. When you’re working with the 12th house, it’s about leading with your feeling and intuiting nature, so devoting more time to meditation, stillness, and quiet contemplation will give you powerful insights. And of course, you can always consult your astrological chart to get first-hand knowledge about entire Soul’s agenda. Your chart is your Soul’s blueprint. So pull it out and study it. If you have never had your chart made, you can easily go to my website and order one. It will be emailed to you with a detailed report within 24 hours.

This garden belongs to you, but it is tended by your many gardeners– the planets and your personal Spirit Guides. Each of your Spirit Guidance Team (you ancestors, the planets, various devas and elementals, angels, archangels and Ascended Masters) are given the charge of some of your seedlings. As the various parts of you activate and grow, those Spirit Guides serve you through guidance and Unconditional Love. This is all accessed through the 12th house, the constellation of Pisces.

So, Beloved Badass-Butterfly-in-Training, this is the end of our Sun and New Moon in Pisces report.  I hope you’ve found it helpful. You can download a copy of this report to re-read or study. Also, I hope that you’ll join me for the Forgive Yourself and Reset:  Unconditional Self-Love Challenge.  I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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