Happy Full Moon in Leo! Are you aware of your magnificence?

I was at the dog park with my magnificent little doggy and we were having a good time. It was quiet because there were no other doggies, but then a cutie pie little Australian Shepherd showed up and she and Apollo ran and played together. She was 10 months old with a lovely spotted coat and one blue eye and one hazel. Magnificent, right?

I noticed that Apollo kept escalating with her when they would play. She was a fast little girl, but still gentle. I found Apollo being too rough, so I took charge of him and gave him some short time-outs to help him adjust his behavior.

The other doggy’s mom seemed a little uptight, but I had to stay relaxed and let her be uptight. I knew that Apollo wasn’t going to hurt her girl and I was doing my job as a responsible dog owner by giving him time-outs as soon as I noticed him escalating or getting too rough. Apollo’s youthful excitement started to calm with his time outs and he became more and more gentle.

Then another Australian Shepherd puppy showed up. Can you believe that? Two gorgeous spotted beasts in one day?  But this little guy was only 3 months old! OMG. He was so cute and fat and fluffy with ice-blue eyes. He was just as sweet as can be and Apollo, being full of exuberance went into big-man-on-campus mode. The owner of this puppy was also nervous but again, I know how to handle my dog. I let him express himself, but when I sensed him escalating, I put him in heel and down and being the obedient dog that he is, he rested peacefully.

Anyway, what I noticed is that I have a magnificent dog who loves to show off his magnificence. I love that about him. He’s so full of grace and beauty and he recognizes his worth. He has pride! My job as his parent is to nurture his self-expression, honor it and shape it. My job is not to squash or chastise it. My job is certainly not to fear it or control it. Managing my magnificent dog is a dance with two Authorities expressing themselves in honor.

Right now, the Moon is rising Full in Leo.  Lions are magnificent beings full of pride. So for the next few days, your relationship with your own magnificence is going to be challenged. How you relate to the world around you– how you see yourself, how you feel yourself from the inside and the way you express yourself are all being invited to expand into MORE… More YOU More Magnificence More NOW.

So watch yourself over the next several days, Beloved. Be careful of how you cringe from your glory. Be careful of how you make yourself small or minimized or invalidated. Be aware of how you reproach yourself and how you move yourself toward your goals. Now is the time to go big and powerful. IF you feel yourself doubtful or unworthy– rejoice! Because you’ve just been clued into your Shadow! Don’t give into the negative feelings and limited beliefs about yourself. Challenge them! This is the Full Moon– the time when sacred light is cast across the darkened landscape of your subconscious mind. This is the time when you should walk toward the things you fear the most.

I wish you all the best on your journey through the Full Moon in Leo, Beloved. If you would like to work more profoundly with the Full Moon energy, and all the stars, then join my Jailbreak Your Heart & Howl at the Moon program. In it, we take one full year to heal, repair and correct our thinking, our believing and our doing– using the Sun, the Moon and the Stars as our guide. If you pay in full today, you’ll save $1066 and enjoy full access to the program for one year. PLUS: you’ll receive three Bonus Private One-on-One Session with the paid in full option!

HEY!  You can also watch my livestream which featured an in-depth discussion of the Full Moon in Leo.  Enjoy that, lovely!

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn


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