An Intensifying Time of Authority: Full Moon in Scorpio Healing Ritual


⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Mars by day⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Pluto by night⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Hidden mysteries and taboos ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Your Soul’s growth over your lifetime ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Mysteries of the Unconscious Self ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Themes of regeneration through death and rebirth ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Sexual connection⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Your relationship with power, power struggles ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Psychic depths ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Intense connections⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Intense feelings ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Profound emotional depths ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Journeying through the dark ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Plumbing the depths of the Underworld; Mining the depths of the Underworld ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Plumbing the depths of the subconscious mind; Mining the depths of the subconscious mind ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Your Shadow ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Profound intuition ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Emotional intelligence ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆The ability to surrender ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆The opportunity opens to die to the old self, limitations and ways ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Deep bonds and feelings of connection ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆Heightened feeling nature ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Seeing beyond the veil into the other realms ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Sexual healing ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ REAL intimacy and the challenges that go along with it ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Vulnerability ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Death ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Rebirth ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Taxes ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Other people’s money– loans, borrowing, your partner’s money ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆ Narcissism ⋆⋅☽༓☾⋅⋆

Download the Full Moon in Healing Ritual and the Scorpio Supplemental Worksheet

About the Full Moon in Scorpio:

Moon Rise: May 7, 2020 at 3:45am PST

Let me tell you that the 8th house, the house that governs Scorpio, is one of the most complex life sectors of the zodiac not because it is ambiguous, but because it is DEEP. This house is inarticulable because of its depth and mystery. It involves both three-dimensional experiences as well as, “beyond the veil” mysteries. If you look at the keywords, you’ll notice that they run a full spectrum of experiences. How are all those things related?

Well, I think the throughline is connection. The sign of Scorpio connects the ethe-real with the mate-real and that’s what brings the feeling of intensity to them. Do you know any Scorpio people? If you ask them how other people describe them, the work that comes up most commonly is intense. “People always say I’m intense.” That kind of hurts them because intense is not usually meant in a good way. The average human does not like to be confronted with so much presence. It intimidates them. The sign of Scorpio is super present in their mind, their body and their Soul. Even though they are highly intelligent, they also have a natural way of listening intently– taking in everything you are saying with your words, along with your overt and subtle physical gestures… all while they themselves are deeply connected to the flow of life and

    1. Channeling the Divine
    2. Processing and channeling the Unconscious Mind,
    3. Projecting the subconscious mind,
    4. Empathizing what you’re experiencing,
    5. Feeling their own feelings in their body,
    6. Feeling the physical sensations in their body and
    7. Mentally processing of all that’s going on and providing functions such as calculations, problem solving and figuring how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

On top of all this, they hold you accountable to being as fully present and aware as they are. Yeah. Scorpio’s ARE intense. But this is not a bad thing. Actually, it should be welcome because Scorpio calls forth the best of you to be shared and enjoyed with pleasure and ecstasy and it calls the worst of you forward to be dealt with, whether you’re ready or not.

Scorpio is feminine and receptive. It feels intensely. With the Full Moon rising in Scorpio, there is tremendous opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the most powerful aspect of our feeling nature. Most adults have cut off their feeling nature and their intuition in favor of a more rational approach to life. Most adults think their way through life and have no clue of how they truly feel until their emotions well up so profoundly inside them that they can’t help but erupt into a puddle of unexpressed and hidden thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

The importance of your feels…

Feeling your feelings can help you be more authentic and it can help you be more compassionate. Doing Shadow work and Inner Child work right now while we have the Full Moon in Scorpio will be easier because you have more access to your feeling nature. It’s your feeling nature that directs the healing process. For example, when I am taking someone through the Completion Process, they have to feel their feelings in order for the Inner Child to trust them. Your Inner Child can’t trust you if you are in denial about how you feel. Your Inner Child is a collection of thoughts AND FEELINGS, so if you can’t feel your feelings then you are denying that aspect of the Inner Child. This is why the Inner Child separated in the first place—because they had to deny their truth! This is heartbreaking for the child and a coping mechanism that helped them (you) survive. However, you are no longer powerless and you no longer need the protection of suppressed emotions. You need authenticity. You need to feel your feelings and take responsibility for your desires.

As you go forward with this very important Full Moon Healing Ritual and you are answering the questions here in this Supplemental Worksheet, keep in mind that regeneration, death and rebirth are the hallmarks of the Scorpio drive. Death of the physical self is the absolute surrender of all the material baggage and the shift into pure Awareness. The Absolute Truth of who we are, Light, goes from being masked by the three-dimensional illusion of reality and returns to the infinite expansion of the Great All–Reality with a capital ‘R’. Every single day, we are in an exchange of death and rebirth– even the process of breathing reflects the great opportunity that Scorpio offers. We inhale Life Force Energy and it changes form as we exhale. The very nature of life expresses this dance even as one moment dies and another is reborn. The Full Moon in Scorpio gives us a once-a-year opportunity to go into this process with our eyes wide open—to be present as the Sun sets on one expression and rises with another.

For the next week, which is about the length of time the Full Moon is potent, I suggest that you confront your fear in a courageous dialogue that lets you detach yourself and change the nature of your relationship with the thing you fear. Go into this with a sense of fearless confrontation as you explore the death of what is ready to be released. During this Full Moon phase, I want to encourage you to do a fearless self-assessment of old habits, behaviors, beliefs, perspectives, and grievances that no longer serve your magnificence. Where are you a prisoner of your own mind? Where are keeping yourself hostage to old relationships and social paradigms that are holding you back instead of pushing you forward? Where are you rooted to your old way of doing things that lets you feel in control of your kingdom, even though your landscape has grown barren and the inhabitants have vacated, withdrawing their energy leaving the place lifeless? You might find, Beloved Badass Butterfly-in-Training, that fear of change or fear of what comes next is what lies at the core of these questions.

Please go enroll in my Full Moon Healing Ritual program for free so that you can download the ritual and the important Zodiac Supplemental Worksheet. Do those within one week of the Full Moon and you should be able to experience the rewards of deep transformation.


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