New Moon in Taurus May 15, 2018: Strong Purpose = Mo’ Money

New Moon in Taurus May 15, 2018: Strong Purposes = Mo’ Money

Do the one-day New Moon in Taurus Ritual any time between May 12th and May 22nd for the best effects.   The New Moon rises in Taurus on May 15th at 13:47 CEST.
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Keywords:  Purpose, Root Chakra, Self-worth, Talent, Income, Wealth, Money

It’s May!  Spring is well underway.  The warm weather is making the world a little easier to navigate.  It’s feeling good to get outside and connect with the world.  Personally, I have my mind set on work and what I need to accomplish before the summer is over.  I have decided that I am moving to Italy and this means that I am entering an entirely new perspective and understanding of my being and my purpose here on Earth.  Living in Italy is my ultimate dream.  Back when I was 19 years old and touring Tuscany with my boyfriend, I decided then and there that I would at some point in my life renovate a farm house in the Italian countryside.  As I matured and expanded into my current vocation as Spiritual Life Coach and healer, I knew that I would turn that place into bed and breakfast and healing center.  I had been dancing around this Italian dream for years living everywhere but Italy and then in March I DECIDED that I must make this dream real.  So, I am going for it.  I won’t go into more detail about this because I want to focus on the impact the Taurus Sun and New Moon in providing you the foundation of the launch pad to make your dreams real.

The Sun has been transiting Taurus since April 21st and the New Moon rises on May 15th.  The sign of Taurus occupies the 2nd house and this house governs your possessions, your income and it is the backdrop for your earthly purpose.  Our purpose drives our beliefs, our actions and our manifestations. I shared the realization of my dream with you because I am being called to take responsibility for my life purpose and use it to make a straight line toward my dream.  And now is the time for you to take action on YOUR dreams.  Taurus can help you do it, if you are willing to get clear about your purpose.  Living life purposefully is the key to being a master manifestor.  Purpose is the driving force behind all the powerful manifestations that excite us.  Purpose is the key to accomplishing your goals and feeling excited about waking up in the morning.

What drives you when you awaken in the morning?  Is it coffee, kids and job?  Is it obligations to things that depress you?  Or do you awaken each morning to the siren call of your Soul?  Do you come out of sleep feeling excited or despairing?  Your relationship with purpose is a powerful influence.

Now look around at your possessions.  Do your possessions bring you’re a sense of pride?  Are you more of a quantity person or a quality person?  Are you more quality driven or bargain driven?

Our purpose influences what has value for us in both the short- and long-run. What we value influences our choice of the things we make our possessions.  All of this is determined by Taurus and the 2nd house in our astrological natal chart.  The 2nd house and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus.  In our astrology chart, Venus tells us how we love, our relationships, artistic expression, what we consider beautiful, how beautiful we feel ourselves, our sexuality, and our relationship with wealth, money, and resources.  All of these things are up for consideration right now with the Sun in Taurus and the New Moon rising in Taurus on May 15th.  This is a truly significant opportunity for us to get purposeful and clear about what we want to possess materially and how we show up in the world.  If you’re familiar with the chakra system, then your Root Chakra should be tingling right now, trying to get your attention.  Everything that I’m talking about in this report is distinctly Root Chakra oriented.  There will be hints of the other chakras that come in, of course, but Taurus is an Earth sign and a primary influencer on this Chakra.  If you haven’t had your astrology chart done, then I can make one for you within 24 hours for just $20.  Seriously.  It’s the best $20 you’ve ever spent– 30 pages of YOU.

As the next two weeks progress, don’t be afraid to dive into the Taurus and Venus issues of sex, beauty, money and relationship in your mind and with your prayers. The Universe will respond to you affirmatively with any wishes you put forth because the door is open and welcoming you.  In this report, I’m going to tuck into what I believe is at the core of all these things and at the very least a key influencer of how you are showing up in the world:  Purpose… and then I’m going to share with you the foolproof process for being a master manifestor and then I’m gonna talk about MONEY.

By the way, precious friend, I want to remind you that I am a powerful transformational coach.  I work with people every day to help them realize their dreams by visioning a powerful life and healing the wounds that prevent them from manifesting that life.  I am dedicated to helping people break free from the chains of sabotaging thoughts, bad habits, and outdated visions of themselves that are hindering their progress.  If you are interested in learning more about my services, please book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  We’ll discuss your desires and how I can help you achieve them.  Please note that I take my time with you very seriously.  I look forward eagerly to learn about you and to tuck into your story.  If you book in, please expect to keep the session because I will be there.  Just because I offer it for free doesn’t mean there’s no value in it. Thanks, Lovely.  Now, back to the program…

How to benefit from the New Moon in Taurus

I am very aware that many of my readers are not stepping fully into their power because they lack a powerful connection to their Purpose AND they don’t understand that money follows Purpose.  This Sun and Moon are creating a doorway for all of us to enter a new level of existence—one where we develop a relationship with Purpose and allow it to bolster our energy, bolster our confidence, enhance our focus, fuel our drive and launch us into a vision of ourselves in the world that we never could have seen before because our perspective was too narrow, to rigid and just plain old small.  Along with this awakening drive comes money because money follows purpose.

Here’s a little story to help you understand where I’m wanting you to go with this Moon phase.

I have a puppy now.  His name is Apollo.  He is a very good dog, but there was a time when he was not very obedient. It was for good reason:  I WAS NOT A TRUSTWORTHY LEADER.  Because I had been accustomed to living my personal life without significant purpose (work is excluded here.  I am SUPER purposeful with my work,) my days were unfolding inconsistently.  I would awaken when I wanted.  I went to bed when I wanted.  I ate what I wanted.  I spent as much money as I wanted, when I wanted to spend it. I popped off to where I wanted on a whim.  In the last four months, I had been to Greece, Romania, France, and Costa Rica… and not just for a weekend.  I was in CR for a month, in Romania for a week, and Greece for three weeks.  France was a quickie, but I had time to visit friends, walk the entire city and polish off a bottle of champagne.

Although I am a HUGE advocate of following one’s heart, I am also very aware that one’s feminine, heart-led nature must be shaped and directed by meaningful purpose.  As I said, with my work, I am very purposeful.  I know what I’m here to do and I offer no resistance to it.  In my personal life, however, it wasn’t so clear.  I was meandering through my life.  I was raised to believe that my personal life doesn’t matter.  Work matters.  So boom—my personal life was purposeless—just a’wandering the world feeling my feels.

This is where Apollo comes in.  Dogs have purpose.  Their purpose is to follow their instinct and their nose. Their instinct is to survive, and to survive their instinct naturally follows a pecking order. Apollo and I are a two-dog pack.  His natural instinct is to follow the pack leader—but the leader of us is NOT determined by size, intelligence or human-ness.  Apollo and my purposeless self were in competition for leadership. I wanted to be the leader, but I had to earn that by actually leading, which I was not doing because my personal life had no stronger purpose other than comfort and meandering.  Me meandering meant that the puppy was meandering.  The two of us were a mess—he was going one way and I was going another.

A key factor in effective leadership is purpose.  The most purposeful dog in the pack will naturally become the leader because purpose is a VERY strong magnetic force.  It is a powerful driver of energy that pulls everything along with it—focus, energy, manifestations, emotions… all these follow purpose like ducks flying south for the winter.

Purpose is like a missile heading for a target.  For example, in my neighborhood, the folks don’t fix their dogs.  When a female dog is in heat, all the male dogs have one instinct and that becomes the dominant purpose that overrides all others: get it, boy! Even a strong alpha leader cannot control his pack when a bitch walks by.

My Apollo is still pretty young, but puberty is about 30 days away and I know that I need to establish the upper hand before my boy becomes a horny teenager.  YIKES! As leader of our two-dog pack, my purpose needs to be strong enough to dominate his instinct at all times.  My dog is MY responsibility and I must see the bigger picture and lead him with purpose.  Please notice that I am not saying that I must dominate my dog with force.  I am saying that my PURPOSE needs to be stronger and more compelling than his instinct so that I can own my role as leader in our pack.  I am the leader—not the puppy.

What does this have to do with you, your purpose and the energy of Taurus?

Purpose, Purpose, Purpose.  Okay.  I am strongly suggesting that too many of us are not living life with significant purpose AND we are seeing it manifest in challenges around our material possessions.  This is the problem that comes to me every week from my readership, from students in my classes and private session clients.  I am suggesting that this Moon phase is posing an opportunity to THRIVE.  My theory is that if we tune in and uncover powerful purpose in our lives, then we will see significant increase in our vibration.  Our confidence will rise, and we will set bigger goals for ourselves and prepare ourselves to take bigger risks for our dreams.  We will become less afraid of failure and learn to see ‘failure’ as a stepping stone to bigger badassery.  All this will lead to an increase in our desirable material possessions.

I made a post on Facebook a few days ago asking my friends what their Life Purpose was.  The responses I got (and there is no disrespect intended here) were so weak.  Oh, they we lovely responses—love, peace, kindness… but those sappy purposes are not going to change the world, help you achieve your goals, help you lose weight, feed the homeless, save the whales, stop addiction, or launch that badass business you’ve got in your heart.  Love, peace, kindness, and happiness are wonderful things to experience on the road of life.  They are awesome to give unconditionally. And at the same time, I believe that we are here to do more than that.

I made another post on Facebook and I asked folks what their dreams were.  Oh!  Now, I got some interesting answers and they were much more powerful than simply being a nice person.  These folks had dreams of creating beautiful works of art through painting, music, sculpting and they wanted businesses that stimulated their creativity and helped other people find their thrive.  They wanted to create organizations that would help orphaned children, feed the hungry, provide water to the famished, fight court battles that would change laws.  The thing is, these dreams were walled off and locked away in a part of their minds considered “Unattainable.”  There were all sorts of reasons why these folks couldn’t pursue their dreams, and most of these reasons were valid because they were coming from the limited perspective they had of themselves (ie powerless)… yet the reasons were actually invalid because they are actually Divine beings that have forgotten their Divinity.  My perspective is that if these folks uncovered the powerful PURPOSE that exists in themselves, they would be instinctively guided down the path to make their dreams real.

I am challenging you with this New Moon in Taurus to uncover a powerful Life Purpose and make your dreams REAL.

Okay.  So how do we uncover our Life Purpose?  Ah-ha!  This is a process that takes more time than I can take here, but don’t worry.  I’m going to give you a simple way to start the process.  I also invite you to join my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group where we’ll be working on this together over the course of the next two years. Ha!  The next two years?  Yep!  The year 2020 is a powerful one in which those who have established powerful purpose and committed to it can expect a special boon in whatever it is they are doing.  It’s a perfect alignment of planets and we have PLENTY of time to get on board this train… that is IF we start doing something about it now.  You can read more Badass Butterfly’s Manifestation Challenge in my blog.  I am currently offering guidance for the folks in my Facebook group so that we can go through the uncovering and building process together.

For this New Moon in Taurus phase, I want you to simply write out what you think might be your purpose in a few basic areas of your life.  You can create purpose around any area of your life that you feel you need to have more direction.  When I tuned in for myself, I realized that I wanted to have more purpose around my spirituality, more purpose in my social interactions and more purpose around living my greatest potential.  Here are the things I came up with for myself:

“My Spiritual Purpose is humility– to walk in this world and to have my mind constantly focused on the Unconditional Love of God—to never lose the awareness of my connection to the Divine and to build my whole existence on this Truth.”

“My purpose socially is to connect profoundly with the people around me… I am here to be present with my friends and to express myself authentically—letting myself be seen, allowing myself to trust that my vulnerability is an asset and not a flaw, and to uphold this space of truth for my beloved posse to do the same.”

“My purpose materially is to live life to the fullest and express my greatest potential in every moment.  This begins with my ability to trust in myself and the Universe.  I am here to say, “Yes,” to all the visions for a better world that my heart sends me.  My purpose is to trust my heart and trust that I am fully capable of carrying out the will of God as expressed through me.”

This process of thinking about purpose is not so easy in the beginning. At first, I thought that having goals meant that I had purpose, but actually goals are birthed from purpose.  And I have found that it’s a helluvalot easier to obtain my goals when there is purpose driving them.  Interestingly, since becoming more purpose driven, I have found myself working more efficiently and making healthier (more rewarding) choices around food, exercise, and time management.  I’m also noticing that instant gratification is less of a driving force because it does not serve my primary purpose.  Things that harm me are falling away without much effort.  And of course, Apollo is not questioning my choices by pulling on his leash, ignoring me when I call, and whining when I leave.  I am more confident, and my dog is following my lead trusting my decisions because I am now trustworthy.

Now that we have established that purpose is going to help you better shape your material world, let’s talk about the Cycle of Manifestation and money.

The Cycle of Manifestation.  The Cycle of Manifestation is the framework for the Law of Attraction.  I’m giving you general framework for it here so that you can apply it to your goals.  I’ll be talking a lot more about this in the Badass Butterfly Manifestation Challenge.

Taurus is an Earth sign and it occupies the 2nd house of the Zodiac.  Earthly accumulations like wealth, income, property, jewelry, investments, and your attitude toward what you value are all influenced by Taurus and the 2nd house.   Your income and your self-worth are intricately connected so the emphasis right now on Taurus is important for those of us who need to do extra work because we have issues of self-esteem, self-love, and we who need to find our true sense of worth in ourselves (versus the material trappings—thus the irony of Taurus… a focus on the material, but with the understanding that our true wealth is in our Divinity.  This is why establishing purpose for our lives is so important.)  So many of us are focused on money and you might expect me to urge you to set-up your New Moon in Taurus goals to focus on the external ways that you can earn more.  Get a second job, ask for a raise, begin saving and investing.  You can do those now if you want to, but I don’t want you to begin this phase with those material things.  I want you to start with your inherent worth as an expression of the Divine and then you can ask for your raise, choose a new job and make your investments from that dignified place.  My approach is simple.  We’re gonna start with a simple premise, then we’re going to use a playful visualization and see where it takes us.

Here’s the simple premise:  You are an expression of an unconditionally loving God that wants you to create whatever you desire.  Period.  You have unlimited resources in an energetic storehouse that you can access at any time.  Your job is to unlock the storehouse and receive your riches.

Are you wondering where that storehouse is and how to unlock it?

There are many ways to do this, but my way is through alignment.  Your alignment of Spirit, mind and body is the key to unlocking that storehouse.

Step 1.  Make a choice.  This means that you have to know what you want.  You have to choose something.  This is Spirit’s realm.  Your Soul is constantly showing you what you want.  Your Higher Self is constantly nudging you toward the thing you desire.  For example, I desire to build a successful farmhouse retreat center in Tuscany, Italy. The thought has been in my head every day since 1993.  I walk down the street and see houses and without even thinking make mental notes about which ones are reflecting to me something about what I desire to manifest in my farmhouse.

Step 2.  Make a commitment.  Once you’ve chosen, you then have to commit to it.  This is important because without commitment, the dream is just an idea as flimsy as the breeze on which it rode in.  This is where you really have to master your mind.  You have to decide and understand that you are marrying this idea.  It’s on, Baby!  You also have to take this moment to KNOW that your desire is already yours.  You have to act as if it’s yours already. In my case, I don’t have the deed to a plot of land yet, but I see my farmhouse sitting on a large plot of land and I see myself walking purposefully on a path that leads to it.  I’ve got Apollo at my side and there’s a very tall and handsome man with us.  I know who that man is we just haven’t met yet.  Just because I don’t have a deed and I can’t tell you a name does not stop me from being powerfully aware of the knowing that this gorgeous estate is mine.  I can feel the soil beneath my feet and smell the jasmine.  I can feel the breeze and hear the water running in my sink.  Oh, honey, it is SO ON!

Step 3. Make a plan. Now that you are fully invested in the game, you have to make a plan.  This, too, is a mind game.  You’ll be using your left brain to write down the plan for how you’re going to get what you want.  I won’t share with you my plans for my farmhouse, but I’ve got them and they are unfolding around me beautifully.

Step 4.  Take action.  Every day you should do something for your desire.  Every day you take another step closer to your dream.  It can be as small as reading a magazine about your desired industry and adding an image to your vision board.  Or it can be as big as booking an appointment with a real estate agent.  Every step is affirmation to the Universe that you want what you’ve chosen.  Because the Universe is a mirror, it cannot help but reflect back your actions back to you.  For example, I said that I wanted a farmhouse in Italy, the Universe moved me to Croatia, which is just on the other side of the Adriatic Sea.  Why didn’t I go to Italy directly?  Because I was wavering in my commitment because of self-doubt and fear.  I thought that I needed to wait another 5 years before I went to Italy, but when I awoke from my slumber, I realized that the opportunity has been with me all along.  I’m moving to Italy in a few months, not a few years.

Step 5.  Check your Shadow.  Doubt and fear will kill your confidence.  You have the right to feel doubtful and fearful, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them run you.  I coach my clients through Shadow work that helps them confront these issues and create powerful healing around them so that they can experience freedom from the prison they create.  Being honest with you, I’ve never experienced doubt around my farmhouse.  From its conception back in 1989… OMG.  1989 is a 9 year.  My lucky number!  But yeah, I’ve never had doubt around my farmhouse.  I was confused about the when, but that’s not doubt.  By the way, I take folks through Shadow Work in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour.  Feel free to join me at the next session so that you can get my professional help with whatever is coming up for you.

Step 6.  Let go, Let Goddess.  You’ve stated your intention, you’re managing your mind and your emotions, you’ve made a plan, you’re keeping your ears perked up so you’re alert to any opportunities.  Essentially, you’re doing all that you need to do.  Relax.  It’s in the hands of the Goddess now.  Those are very good hands.

Step 7.  See evidence of your desire around you NOW.  Send your mind on a scavenger hunt to find all the little bits and pieces of your dream in all its forms.  For example, when I go to the farmer’s market, I see the veg and fruit as having come from my vast estate in Tuscany.  When I sip wine, I see as coming from a vineyard on my property.  When I am out walking past beautiful houses, I am imagining myself living in them.  I get so inspired that I’ll pull out my phone and start making notes in Evernote and taking pictures and adding them to my vision board.  I already know my farmhouse is mine… I’m just enthusiastically allowing the reality to materialize.

Boom!  That’s the Cycle of Manifestation in a nutshell.

Money. Money. Money.  I’ve got two super important things for you to do with regard to money.  First, to benefit from this New Moon in Taurus, you’ll need to do is take stock of your coffers and use it to understand what’s going on with your consciousness.  In other words, take a look at your bank account and your method of managing your money and really look at what this is saying about you.  In my spiritual philosophy, what I am experiencing on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside me.

For example, it used to be feast or famine with me.  I either had tons of money or I had NONE.  I was always spending money before I got it, so I would find myself living large one week and the next week I was behind the 8 ball.  My insides were the same way.  I was the type of person would be full of enthusiasm for a thing and I would get people on board with an idea and then the next day, I would move onto another idea.  If you know Tarot, then you’ll recognize the Knight of Wands energy—beautiful and inspiring, but flakey and unreliable.  My work found me full of great ideas, but unable to follow them through to create a stable structure with consistent delivery.  Likewise, my money would flow, but because I was inconsistent in my work, I could not maintain a consistent flow of income and my spending followed my moods.  My energy was scattered and so my money was scattered.

To really take advantage of this New Moon in Taurus, you’ll want to take an open-hearted and open-minded inventory of your relationship with money.  If you need any help with this, then join me for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour and I can help you find your patterns.

Once you’ve found your pattern, then you work on yourself to make the correction and watch your money flow more in alignment with your behavior.  In my example, I had to really buckle down and get super focused about my work and my offerings and I had to stop scattering my energy.  If you look back at the old pages of my blog, you’ll find that I was writing on MANY different subjects.  You’ll find recipes and weight loss stuff and romantic stuff and travel stuff and all sorts of spiritual stuff—all of the writing mediocre at best.  Now if you look just at the last year of my blog, you’ll find that it has become more and more streamlined and of considerably better quality and it is consistent.  LO and BEHOLD my income has increased and become more consistent.  My personality has also balanced out.  I am much more deep and intimate rather than being bouncy and superficial.  I am a Badass Butterfly that is mature and grounded in her expression—not just a pretty pair of flitting wings.

Okay, now for the next thing to do with money in this New Moon phase.  It is my sincere belief that we all have an ocean of money.  Several years back in a money-making workshop, the facilitator, Monick Paul-Halm asked us to share our resistances to money.  I sat and reflected and one of my biggest confusions was that for all the money I had made, I had to give so much away to the tax man!  I felt like a victim to a system that I didn’t trust. This was a subconscious fear that was slowing down my prosperity because of the erroneous thinking that arose from an unresolved trauma. In my 20’s, I had watched my parents lose their multi-million dollar dental practice because they had not handled their taxes properly.  It scared the shit out of me and left me feeling very vulnerable around my own financial obligations to the government.  I always felt like there was something missing and that the rug could be pulled out from under me at any moment leaving me empty handed after working really hard.

Monick understood my fear and she gave me an image that changed everything for me.  She said, “Crystal Lynn, what if you had an ocean of money and each year you had to give the government just one bucketful?”

Something in my mind clicked and I remembered being speechless for a few moments.  I closed my eyes and I saw myself standing on a beach.  It was a mild and sunny day.  There was a gentle breeze and I looked toward the horizon and there was literally a vast expanse of money.  The money was being pulled back and forth by the gentle current but always there was plenty of money within my reach.  In my peripheral vision, there was a tidy looking man in a gray suit holding out a red plastic bucket.  I took the bucket from him and I dipped it into my ocean of money and it effortlessly filled up with various denominations, but mostly hundred dollar bills.  I gave the tidy IRS man that bucket and he immediately handed me another bucket and said that this is for back taxes I owed.  I agreed, and I filled up that second bucket with money and gave it to him.  He took his two buckets and he said to me over his shoulder as he was walking away from my ocean, “See you next year!”

I looked back at my ocean of money and saw that it had not changed.  The tax man had his portion and my Divine nature showed me that this transaction did nothing to detract from the magnificence of my prosperity.

Friend, this was life changing for me.  I began developing a relationship with this ocean of money and working with it very deeply in my mind—visualizing myself at it whenever I needed money for something.  For example, I’ve always wanted to be a regular donor and supporter of environmental and wild life foundations.  I visualized myself going to the ocean of money and drawing out $12,000.00 per year to support these causes.  I literally sat down at the water (money’s) edge and I counted out $12,000.00.

This step of visualizing has been the most powerful part of all for me.  I get all my senses involved.  I feel the money in my hand.  I smell the linen and ink.  I hear the sound of the paper.  I love making the stacks.  I have always loved playing with money as a child and as an adult, I let my Inner Child come out to participate.  By letting her handle the money, I am taking a step to overcome the childhood traumas of loss, inadequacy, and doubts about my ability to generate money and my ability to manage money.  All of those childhood wounds were making me an adult who was unsuccessful with money.  My worth was tied up with my income and both were the pits.  Letting my Inner Child focus and handle the money has taught her that she is a money master and quite responsible and efficient.

Some other things you can explore at this New Moon phase…

Write some material wealth goals for yourself.  While Taurus is not all about the goal setting process (setting goals and planning are much more Virgo and Aquarian,) it is very much about amassing material resources.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus thusly named after the Roman Goddess of romantic love and wealth.  The New Moon is naturally the time when you set goals.  The Full Moon arrives six months later and gives you an opportunity to challenge your Shadow around your goals and then three to six months after that, you can expect to see the manifestation of your goals into form.

If we look at our life like it’s a garden, we have to at some point think about how we want to increase what the garden yields.  Creating a plan in this area will help us get our minds and bodies in alignment to aid in making this happen.

For example, you might want to make a financial goal to save enough money for a trip to Hawai’i.  You could also set a goal to invest in a house or even to invest in a pair of diamond earrings for yourself.  You could also set a goal to increase your income by 20% next year.  Because Taurus rules income, now is a great time to sit down and think about your income streams and how you can maximize them.  This is particularly useful if you are self-employed or a freelancer.  Now is a great time to really grab the bull (Taurus) by the horns and get really clear about how you can make money.

Fertility.  Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is highly sensual and fertile.  You can, of course, think about this in terms of your physical body and so now is a great time to make love (blush.) In keeping with the theme of this report, however, you should also see yourself as fertile in the mind.  You mind is ripe with creativity, ideas, thoughts, dreams, and visions that can inspire you to expanding yourself beyond your comfort zone.  It’s interesting that every Taurus man I’ve ever dated has had a fast car, a motor cycle, and LOVED scaling mountains.  This is a time to think big.  It is a good time to feed yourself things that inspire you.  Tend to your mind like a gardener tends the soil of her land.  Putting in good stuff will insure you reap the good.

Nurture your Talents.  Taurus and the 2nd house influence your natural talents because these are things that add value to your existence.  Recognizing your talents and taking the time to nurture them is a tremendous act of self-love and consciously developing your talents is a great way to increase your confidence.  What are your talents, my friend?  What gifts naturally come through you every day?  Take inventory of these and do what you can to birth them into the world.

It’s no coincidence that Taurus arrives with spring in the northern hemisphere.  This is a time to be creative and to let your creative sexual energy drive you.  Be responsible, but don’t hold back the tide of passion and enthusiasm that are running through your veins right now.  Like the wildflowers popping up all over mountains, your ideas are popping up all around your brain.  You have some very good ideas, don’t you!  Do something to get them out of your head and into the world.  You’re a fertile, creative being.  Create!  Grab a paint by numbers kit and paint a picture.  Write a story.  Make a plan for your cupcake business.  Design and build a cabinet.  Venus rules art, too.  So doing these kinds of things are going to be easy for you now.

In conclusion, this is clearly a super beneficial time for us and the universe is calling us to lay the foundation for a healthy, happy future.  Enjoy this Moon phase, friend and remember to do the Monthly New Moon Ritual. 

Alright, Precious!  It’s on! See you soon!


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