Full Moon in Capricorn June 28, 2018: Badass Butterflies Feeling their Feels  

★ SPECIAL NOTICE:  THIS IS A ONE DAY RITUALDo this one-day Full Moon ritual any time between June 27th and July 8th for the best effects.   The Full rises in Cancer  on June 28th at 6:53am CEST.

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Keywords for Full Moon in Capricorn:
Career/Vocation Excellence Heightened Emotional Sensitivity
Mystical Marriage Self-Esteem

Because I have been vacationing the last two weeks, I am super late with this report.  I apologize sincerely. I made an abridged report, so the format is a little differently and instead of trying to play catch-up with the 10-day Full Moon ritual, I am going to recommend that you simply do the actual Full Moon Day ritual any day over the next seven days. Don’t worry!  It will still be effective—especially if you’ve been following my reports and doing this work.  So just log into Day 4 of the Ritual and do it today or any time before July 8th.

Alright, here’s the report…

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The Sun moved into Cancer on June 21, 2018 from the sign of the social butterfly, Gemini.  With the Sun in Gemini, there was a sense that the days swiftly passed, chatter was lively, and we connected through the mind as our thoughts moved at the speed of light.  The last few weeks have been a great time for getting things done and somehow, we miraculously found the energy and resources to keep up with all the opportunity that had been coming to us.  With all the lighthearted fun, however, we might have been surprised to find that in the few days from June 16th through the 21st we found ourselves confronting some sort of emotional upheaval.  Hehehehe!  The first quarter Moon of June 20th had some challenging angles with the Sun, Saturn, Chiron, Mars and Venus.  We were being urged to go deep into our bag of emotional wounds and find which ones are being triggered so that they could be healed.   I made a video discussing dealing with emotional upheaval.  Please check it out if you want to learn about my perspective on taking the high road in conflict.

That was a really perfect thing to happen right before the Sun entered Cancer because there is no better way to celebrate the Sun’s exit from the sign of outward, gregarious thinking to the sign of deep inner feeling. Big emotional upheaval is essential right now because it is opening the doorway for the tremendous growth that will come as the Moon rises full in opposition to the Sun in the sign of Capricorn.  Most folks take for granted the time when the Sun leaves one sign and enters the next.  One day looks just like any other to them.  Cosmically speaking, however, it’s the difference between George H. Bush (Gemini) and George W. Bush (Cancer.)  Sun transits are important as they determine the arc of our personality from month to month.  The Sun influences our outward self, and if we look very carefully at ourselves, we can really use these subtle changes to our advantage.  I give you insight to the Sun transits along with every Moon phase because the consciousness that comes through when I write these reports is helping us balance the masculine-feminine (outer-inner) polarities.  By consciously harnessing the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and centering our will, the two polarities can harmonize within us and unite in what is called the Mystical Marriage—the enlightened state of surrender where the polarities come together in a dance of give and take.  When the Mystical Marriage happens inside us, there is an ease that comes to our lives as the world begins to reflect the oneness is inside us.  There is optimal communication between our parts which radiates a sense of wholeness.  Since like attracts like, we find that we are creating a world that reflects our wholeness.  There is an EXCELLENT description of the Mystical Marriage on Judith Kusel’s website.  Have a read if you want to learn more about this high vibrational concept.

Although the Sun is gregarious in nature (it rules Leo) when the Sun enters Cancer, we can expect to find ourselves a little more sensitive, a little more tender, and a little bit withdrawn.  We are called inward because Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Divine Feminine Authority and ruler of the inner sanctuary) and together they govern the 4th house.  The 4th house is known as the house of ‘home.’  Home refers literally the place where you dwell, as well as the community in which you live and so you might find yourself paying more attention to your physical comforts and the environment which you call ‘home.’  Home also refers to all the containers of which you are a member (society, group, country, class, collective, et cetera) so you can bet that relationships will be at the forefront of all that takes place in the coming weeks.  This is why the emotional upheaval opportunity of June 20th was so significant and essential—relationships are mirrors of ourselves.  We NEED relationships in order to expand the self… and conflict is inevitable in expansion.

The fourth house ‘home’ also refers to your person (your body) as the abode of your Self.  It is the dwelling place of your consciousness and so paying close attention to how you feel and staying present in your physical body will be essential for you right now.  You might find that it’s easier to be in your body these days as the sign of Cancer is a sensual sign that thoroughly enjoys touch and living through the senses. If you tend to be someone who lives in your head, you will find that it is much easier to get grounded in your body more than usual; and the super intuitive nature of Cancer means that you will be in your feels much more than usual, which can be uncomfortable for those who prefer to think their feelings rather than feeling their feelings.  In other words, you will be in your body more and you will be aware of how you feel more.  This is the greatest gift because of the potential for real healing.

This fourth house which we can call ‘home’ is the container of your experiences of belonging, including your childhood, your emotional wellbeing, you feeling nature, your nurture nature, and your relationship with your mother.  So, for the next few weeks with the Sun in Cancer until July 22nd, you can expect to be more present in your body, more aware of your feelings and maybe more sensitive overall.  Keep in mind that the planetary transits affect everyone, so not only will you be more sensitive, but the others around you will be, as well.  Rather than being put off by strange behavior, remember that other people are holding a mirror to you.  They are more sensitive and you are more sensitive to their sensitivity!  This month is a good time to practice compassion for the self and extending that to others.

I really want you to be extra careful in these coming weeks because the Moon is pulling double duty right now as the natural ruler of Cancer and the 4th house.  The pull inward is SO strong right now, Friend!  The Sun in Cancer transit is bringing light and illumination to a sacred area that is to be treated with respect and a depth of understanding.  Yet it’s summertime and nobody wants to be slowing down and contemplating!  We want to be out frolicking and having a good time.  I am not trying to spoil your summer fun.  I do want you, though, to carve out lots of time to reflect and check-in with yourself.  Things are speeding up on the social front but that doesn’t mean you have to give yourself away.  From June 21st through July 22nd, you need some alone time to process.  Make sure you give yourself plenty.

The nature of the Moon is feminine and receptive, internal, deep, sensing, intuiting, allowing, and expanding.  This is a stark contrast to the Sun’s naturally extroverted, hot, lightly treading way.  The Sun is Masculine Authority.  The Moon is Feminine Authority.  When she is full, we find ourselves naturally drawing inward with a heightened sense of awareness of our interior landscapes.  Cancer tones down the hot and outward nature of the Sun and this in and of itself is enough to throw off your game!  Remember to be compassionate with yourself if you notice that your energy level is low or if you experience sadness or if unruly emotions threaten to topple your tower of confidence.  Give yourself time to let yourself be present with what you are feeling.  This is especially important as we go into our Full Moon in Capricorn phase on June 28th.

And please, if you need help with processing any of the emotions that are coming up for you or you just want to learn more about my spiritual philosophy and how you can use my techniques to help you get empowered from the inside out, then book in a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing session with me.  My work is about helping people get in line with their Soul’s agenda AND expanding into the glory of their Higher Self.  To do this, we have to get emotionally well.  This is not a quick fix approach to your problems, although you will probably start feeling better right away.  It always feels good to work with someone who knows what they’re doing.  My work is about helping you align with the highest aspect of your existence.  It’s about finding Unconditional Compassion and Unconditional Love for yourself, which will spread out to others in the world around you.  When you do this, your vibration raises, and you become a magnet for happiness, creativity and trust… which will ultimately make you a MASTER MANIFESTOR.

How to benefit from the Full Moon in Capricorn

There are two primary Moon phases that I address each month—the New Moon and the Full Moon.  When the Moon is in the same sign as the Sun, we say that it is a ‘dark moon’ because there is no light reflecting onto its face.  This is the New Moon phase.  The New Moon is like an empty canvas and I urge you to use that phase as an invitation to create and envision.  Even though the Moon is dark, we want to use it as a platform for performing Light Work on our lives.  When the Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun (as it is right now) the sunlight is reflected so that the whole face of the Moon is highlighted.  This is the Full Moon.  I like to think of the Full Moon’s brightness being the guiding light into our deep, dark interior self.  The Full Moon is the time to do Shadow Work because that light of the Moon creates a powerful healing environment.  You can feel it, can’t you?  When the Moon is Full, don’t you feel a little looney?  It’s the tides of our bodies, man!  Hahahaha!  The Moon affects the tides of the oceans and because we are mostly water, it affects our inner tides, as well.

With the Sun in Cancer, our current Moon phase is full in Capricorn. If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that in 2020 we’ll have a powerful line-up of planets in Capricorn.  The sign of Capricorn is the governor of the 10th house and is ruled by the planet Saturn.  Saturn is the task master of the heavenly bodies and is charged with bringing excellence from us by way of hard lessons.  We are preparing to take advantage of the beneficial aspects of that planetary shift by working diligently on ourselves now.

Wherever Saturn and Capricorn show up in your chart is where you can expect great reward after paying heavy duties.  Jupiter is the ‘bringer of gifts’ and ‘good luck.’ Jupiter doesn’t particularly care about your past; he’s just going to shower you with favor every opportunity he gets.  Saturn is also a bringer of gifts.  He is the ‘bringer of gifts and good luck after you’ve paid your dues and done the hard work to the highest of standards.’ Saturn’s job is to make us better, stronger, faster by giving us a big dose of pain and challenge.  Saturn’s energy is contracting and punishing, which means that he will make your world smaller in ways that feel punishing.  The thing is, his punishment is not just to punish you because you are bad and he is mean.  NOPE.  His punishment is based on reform.  He brings contraction so that you have more time to pay attention to detail, and he brings punishment because he wants to stop you in your tracks and get you to see where you are out of integrity.  Saturn is a really important planet, friend, particularly if you are a person who cares about the quality of their offerings.  This could be in any area of your life.  Saturn wants you to turn out high quality offerings with excellent attention to detail.  By the way, now is a GREAT time to look at your personal astrology birth chart/blueprint to see where Saturn is placed.  This will tell you where you have lots of challenging work to do in your life and where you’ll also see vast improvement in the future.  Saturn brings great rewards and an easing of tension after the age of 56 IF (and only IF) you have been doing your work and following his guidance.  If you need your Astrological Blueprint, I can make one for you for just $20.  It’s 30 pages of your Soul’s Agenda and you’ll be able to see where Saturn (and every other planet) is exerting his influence.

Back in January of 2018 we had a New Moon in Capricorn.  In that Moon report (An End to Low Self-Esteem) I asked you the question, “What do you want to give this world?”  Along with that question, I challenged you to look at the quality of your offering and how far into excellence you were willing to delve.  In the zodiac wheel, the 10th house sits at the very top in an area called the Midheaven.  The Midheaven is what you offer the world.  This is another reason why Saturn and the 10th house are so important—your offering to the world are entangled with your life purpose, your reputation, what you master, how your offerings are received, honors and achievements, and your public image; and above all it feeds your self-esteem.  We spend 8+ hours a day at our work and having a joyful relationship with Saturn can mean a joyful (and ultimately rich) work life.   Please, please take a look at that New Moon in Capricorn report.  It is super important because your thrive is directly driven by your work.  The New and Full Moon in Capricorn are taking you to a powerful manifestation that should show up in mid to late autumn.  Remember that the lunar cycle of manifestation is like the gestation period of a baby.  Conception is the New Moon– when you launch your desires as goals and objectives… at the New Moon we vision the future and dream big.  This is called Light Work.  Six months later is the Full Moon—when you go into the Shadows to release resistance.  At the Full Moon, we go inward to explore the resistance that is hindering the manifestation of your New Moon Dreams. And then three to six months later, you are walking in the rewards of the work you’ve done over the last 9 to 12 months.

So, what were you exploring in January of this year?  What kinds of goals and objectives did you set during the New Moon in Capricorn ritual back then?  Pull out your journal and look at what you were writing because with this Full Moon in Capricorn, you work is coming to the next important phase in the manifestation process:  Shadow Work and your internal process.

Alright, Lovely.  I hope you have found this report helpful.  We’ll be back to our usual output in two weeks with the New Moon in Cancer.  Again, I apologize for not getting this report to you sooner.  Also, remember that we are doing an abridged version of the Full Moon ritual for this phase.

And that is that…  By the way, my friend, please remember that the Completion Process is a powerful healing technique for the Inner Child originated by spiritual teacher Teal Swan.  I was among the first to be certified in it and I have incorporated it to my coaching program.  If you feel like you want to experience this service, then book yourself in directly. If you have any questions about it, check it out on my website.  There’s also a video of Teal taking me through the process personally.

Alright, my beloved Badass Butterfly!  That’s it for now.  Remember to sign up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and if you need help with this Moon phase, join me for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour!


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