Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27, 2018:  Claiming Authority and Squashing the Inner Tyrant

Do the 10-day Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual any time between July 23rd and August 3rd for the best effects.   The Full Moon rises in Aquarius on July 27th at 20:20 CEST.

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Full Moons are a time of culmination and endings.  We are done with the tedium of what was started at the New Moon six months before and we and the Universe have started a work of art that is resting in utero, incubating.  And like with all great works of art, before it can be unleased or presented officially to the world, all the final kinks must be worked out.  Whatever final challenges or obstacles that were left undone or incomplete must be worked through before you go into the finishing process.  A master artist would never finish a piece without addressing its flaws or the parts that don’t fit together perfectly.  Part of the joy of creating art is working through the kinks and challenges.  And you can develop your person as you develop your art.

The Universe does not like unfinished business and Full Moons are here to help you find the hidden obstacles and challenges that are hindering the manifestation of your biggest dreams.  Our Monthly Full Moon Ritual is the PERFECT exit strategy to use each month because it touches on all the important things you need to do before you enter the birthing of your dream. It gives you all the closure you need as you move through and process the obstacles and challenges blocking your manifestation—forgiveness, Unconditional Love, appreciation, and of course, confronting the Shadow.

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I don’t know about you, but I do NOT like ending anything (especially relationships) without having a sense of clarity about why things are ending, what role I played to contribute to transition, and (this one is really important for me) being in integrity with the highest vibrational aspect of my dream.  I simply don’t want to be wealthy without being loving.  I don’t want to be thin without being healthy.  I don’t want to be in an intimate relationship with a liar.  And most importantly, I don’t want to look in the mirror and see a fraud.  I don’t like crap swept under the rug or shoved away in a closet.  I address my issues and don’t give up until we have healed and come to balance. When the Moon goes Full, this is our opportunity to deal with Shadow energy and confront ‘the other’ for healthy closure.  ‘The other’ might be another person, but most likely, ‘the other’ you need to confront is yourself—the part of you that feels stuck, wounded, fearful, and afraid of moving toward your goals, dreams and desires.

The concept goes like this:  You are endowed with the ability to create like the Divine.  This means you are co-creating your physical body, as well as, the material manifestations around you.  When you DECIDE that you desire something, the Universe automatically starts moving you in that direction.  That’s how powerful your mind is.  That’s the power of DECIDING.  Once you have decided truly, you are going toward that which you have chosen.  Immediately.  Period.  Once you have TRULY decided that you desire something, you are immediately on the path to realizing it.  The Universe is going to take you there on the fastest, most direct route.

AND I must make a distinction between ‘wanting’ and ‘desiring.’  Energetically these are different.  Wanting implies a lack.  Its nature is focused on what is outside of yourself—without.  That’s lack.  Desire arises as an active point of attraction from the inner part of your being.  I want a cookie.  I desire satisfaction.  From desire can spring a wanting, but not the other way around.  When you focus on the wanting, you’re focusing on what’s outside.  The primary problem with wanting is that wanting delivers more wanting.  If you’re wanting you’re not having.  It’s like trying.  Trying is not doing.  Desiring, however, in and of itself is the aim.  It’s all you have to do.  Desire is a creative force that harnesses your internal energy and causes it to form its own vortex—its own point of attraction.  Desire is not focused on what is lacking.  It is a drive that simply goes toward itself.  Once you truly decide on behalf of your desire, you are automatically aligned with the object and you should definitely assume that everything you are experiencing is taking you toward it and is a part of the agenda of you having it.

The thing that I want to emphasize, though, is that your Soul has an agenda for you, which your ego is embodying and so what can happen is that your egoic mind (being limited by its story, its fear, and its need to control) may not like what it sees happening around you as you launch forward toward your goal; and so ego puts the brakes on what’s happening by calling up fear, doubt, and again, the need to control. Your particular personality is a part of your Soul’s agenda.  You came down to Earth with your personality so that you could live and learn whatever you need to learn.  Your personality shapes your earthly experience.  It colors it.  The Soul’s agenda is always going to come first and this is one reason why you should do regular meditation and communion with your Soul to know what is going on behind the scenes of your personality and outer experience.  Your Astrological Blueprint is a SUPER clear and straightforward roadmap of your Soul’s agenda.  The planets and stars are here to serve your Soul and it is no random accident that you were born in the exact place at the exact moment you were. You chose this at your highest and most pure level.  Arming yourself with self-knowledge is a great way to heal your past and prepare yourself for the future. It’s also a great way to learn why you are here.  You can order your Astrological Blueprint for just $20.  It’s 30+ pages of some really good insights!

The Full Moon is the ideal time to commune with your Soul and develop an understanding of the nature of your Shadow self.  As you develop your conscious relationship with your Soul, your dreams become easier to manifest because you stop working against your Soul.  Remember that we are looking for alignment between Spirit, mind and body.  Alignment means that you are not working at cross purposes.  The Full Moon energy wants you to dig out the dark parts of the mind that are resistant to the Soul’s agenda and the hidden parts that are sabotaging the materialization of your desires.

For example, let’s say you have a desire to meet your Perfect Partner.  You decide that you’re ready and you go on a dating website and put up a thoughtful profile.  Within one hour of putting up your profile, you have 30 hits from a variety of men.

You carefully begin reviewing the profiles and you notice a sense of dread as you start reviewing profiles and responding to emails.  You notice pangs of doubt about your own attractiveness when you see particularly handsome men.  And you notice a particularly critical voice that finds something wrong with each and every fellow.

Boom.  You’ve just been ego’d.

You decided that you were ready for your Perfect Partner.  The Universe instantly started delivering you opportunities.  Your ego threw up all sorts of roadblocks to the realization of your dreams.  You are coming to understand that your Soul has its own agenda and hopefully you’re starting to realize that one key, in addition to your Astrological Blueprint, is the Moon.  I would argue (if I were the argumentative type—which I am) that the Moon is our best ally in the sky to help us manifest.

The Moon consistently delivers an entire healing agenda for us each year.  When she is new, she is about creating and visioning the future, starting new gigs and making big investments in your dreams.  When she is full, she is about going deep inside yourself to find all the hidden, shadowy, subconscious thoughts, ideas, behaviors and beliefs that are sabotaging the Universe’s generous manifestations.  The Full Moon, in particular, is just what you need to deal with your ego and its drama.

In the example with the dating and the Perfect Partner, that egoic mind was never going to let its owner enjoy the abundance of Perfect Partners that were around because that ego was afraid of being abandoned, feeling inadequate, and a whole host of other things that it feared.  The key is to understand that when you decide something, the Universe is taking you there directly without any hesitation.  Your job is to recognize your Soul’s agenda and get your egoic self out of the way so that you don’t miss any awesome opportunities.

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Here’s another example.  And actually, let’s not use an example.  Let’s do a challenge.  I want you to go out and create $2100 in the next three days.

Pay close attention to what your mind is doing right now.  Be a good observer and take good notes. Is your mind excited with the prospect of being a sleuth and manifestor?  Or is it apprehensive—thinking thoughts of impossibility and no-can-do-ness?  Are you thinking about how it can’t be done?  Is your mind coming up with loads of excuses for not being able to manifest $2100… Or are you thinking about how it can be done?

What you think and how you feel are shaping the Universe.  We are co-creators with the Universe.  If you DECIDE you are having $2100 within the next three days, the Universe MUST respond to that TRUE DECISION.  If you hem and haw and say the words, “I decide to have $2100 in three days,” that is not a TRUE DECISION.  The Universe does NOT respond to your words.  It responds the hemming and hawing because hemming and hawing is a FEELING of doubt and apprehension.  Your FEELINGS are your prayer.  If you are FEELING doubtful, fearful, apprehensive, or anxious, your results from the Universe are going to be reflective of those feelings—absence, slow delivery, delivery with conditions, tainted delivery, etc.  Your hemming and hawing decision MIGHT get you $2100, but delivered over the course of the month (not three days) and it might come by you having to pick up $2100 worth of pennies (which is a lot of work!)  That’s because our example displayed a mindset that wouldn’t simply allow the Universe to work in its natural way—quickly, efficiently and easily.  You were probably taught that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘you have to work hard to get money’ and ‘money is the root of all evil.’ You might be one who ‘believes what they see with their own eyes.’  You might be in the habit of seeing money come as the effect of a limited set of conditions (ie, 40 hours of work) and you are unwilling to truly release your attachment to this as the primary source of income.  If this and any other negative and limiting beliefs is in your head (meaning you believe it) then you cannot expect this Law of Attraction Universe to deliver you anything other than what you believe. Your belief generates a feeling.  Perhaps when thinking about $2100 in three days you feel doubtful.

Luckily you probably also have some strong beliefs that say, ‘With a little luck, I can do anything.’  Or maybe even, ‘If I work hard enough, I will achieve my goals.’ And these are a couple of the best beliefs of all:  “I can,” and “I Am.”

What your mind repeats and what you feel inside are energy sources driving your points of attraction.  Your job, in order to be the Badass Butterfly master manifestor, is to get super aware of what you think and how you feel; and then to get that thinking and that feeling aligned with your Divine inspirations.  Now, I’m going to interject a little commercial here and tell you very briefly about my program called Badass Butterfly’s Master Manifestor Training Program that is designed to make you a Master Manifestor, not just on the surface for little things like $2100 in three days, but deep in your core for kick-ass powerful BADASS MANIFESTATIONS… your graceful Badass Butterfly life.  This program is a make-over for your entire being.  The thing you have to know is that this is NOT a quick-fix that will inspire you for a day or two and then let you drop.  This is a program meant for people who understand the need for deep change at the cellular level.  This means that you need to heal your deep wounding; you need to learn real self-love; you need to heal your erroneous thoughts, create new powerful thoughts; eradicate all those old beliefs and integrate new, exciting beliefs that will let you think BIG… Confident like a Badass.  You have to change your vibration and live into it, integrating the hard lessons as well as, accepting your gifts.

The program is designed to help you integrate big healings at the cellular level so it is an investment of not just your time, but of your heart and Soul.  This is deep work is meant to take you from caterpillar mind through cocoon, through metamorphosis into beautiful Butterfly Badassery.  I am so serious about this.  I know you have the power to create this world in the way that reflects the gorgeousness of your Divinity.  This program is designed to get your ego out of the way so that your SOUL’s beautiful agenda of Reparation, Healing, Light, Love, Prosperity, and Oneness can thrive.  So that all your earthly dreams of travel and career and romance and family and community can come through and be built and we can all bask in your glory.  Actually, we’d all be basking in one another’s glory!  Because that’s what Badasses do.  To learn about the program and enroll early to save 50% off the first month, just sign up and join me for my webinar.  You can join the program at any time, but it officially launches September 9th.

How to benefit from the Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon in Aquarius just happens to be a Lunar Eclipse.  This means that the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned perfectly so that the Moon will be in Shadow for a full one hour and 43 minutes.  During this total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon (which happens to be the Blood Moon) will turn a reddish ruddy brown—a bit like dried up blood!  You won’t be able to see this eclipse from North America, but Africa, the Middle East and Asia should be able to enjoy it.

Energetically speaking, this eclipse is a big deal.  Essentially, the feminine Moon is being totally eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.  What you might experience is an emergence of the many layers of your earthly self.  The Sun will be shining on your face, so to speak, and so you will probably enjoy a surge in power and find yourself feeling optimistic and bold.  GREAT!  The thing is, and this is why I hope you did a whole bunch of deep Shadow Work last month when the Sun was in Cancer, because the Sun is currently all about looking forward to the future and living its life outwardly.  We spent the entire Sun ingress Cancer contemplating our Shadow, now we are being urged to come into the Light.  YES!  The thing is, let’s not forsake that which is feminine and feeling.  Let’s not forget that healing is ours during this time.  This is still a FULL Moon and that means Shadow Work.  Hey, I think this is the perfect time to dig deep in to the Monthly Full Moon Ritual because you will be more optimistic about your Shadow Self.  You’ll be more proactive and maybe you can expect to feel like more of an Authority in your own body and mind.

I was talking with Source the other day and we were exploring my own personal inner tyrant.  I learned that a tyrant is a being that oppresses and bullies his subjects to bow to his desires.  He makes his desires law and he neglects the needs of those around him.  My inner tyrant subjugates my unlimited, all-powerful Divine Self to its narrow, weak-minded reality.  But get this… I LET IT!  I give up my Divine Authority over to a petty tyrant.  This is the thing that we need to confront with this Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius.  So get on it, Precious One.  Stop thinking the thoughts of the limited and start embracing what is powerful in yourself.  It’s time to move from precious caterpillar to Badass Butterfly. And of course, I am here to help.

⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱• Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session with Crystal Lynn•⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱•

The Full Moon is the time when you get to sit down with all your Spirit Guides and suss out your inner workings.  In the Monthly Full Moon Ritual that I have created, you take 10 days to go inside to reveal and heal that which is blocking your Divine manifestations.

On July 28th, the Moon rises full in the sign of Aquarius.  The sign of Aquarius makes up the 11th house, which is the house of your Life Purpose, your network, and your greatest desires.  Aquarius (11th house) is opposite the sign of Leo (5th house) and this means the Aquarius and Leo are not opposites, but actually aiming for the same thing, but at different levels and with different approaches.  The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd and will stay there until August 23rd.  The Sun transits influence our outward personality and during this time period, we will all experience ourselves becoming more Leo-like—more bold, strong, confident, playful, exuberant, analytical, theatrical, and dominating.  Leos are robust beings and the 5th house, which they rule, is known as the House of Pleasure.  I, however, like to think of it as the House of Procreativity because everything about this house can be directly related to procreation.  Hahahaha!  This fifth house informs our sexual pleasure and from this can come children, which are also ruled by this house.  Gosh!  This is a funny house because this house also calls to mind the innocence of childhood.  The functioning of this house also speaks to our ability to let go and surrender to pleasure at the bodily level. I remember being a kid and loving to receive touch from loving adults.  When Mom would rub my back, it was the BEST feeling.  And I was a gassy kid and my aunt’s friend, Betty- Jo, used to rub my tummy.  It was awesome being in my body and this pleasure is informed by the 5th house.  The 5th house speaks to our willingness to allow the Divine to move through us in the form of pleasure.  This is an excellent time to be in a body!  Aren’t we lucky?

Right across from the 5th house of pleasure and procreativity is the 11th house of friendship which brings all that creativity and pleasure seeking into a higher expression as we are called to contribute to our  community.  The 11th house is all about friendships, networks and the role we play within the context of these relationships.  It is also about our hopes and dreams.

So I want you to pause for a moment and think about something, Precious One.

  1. What wants to be healed in you right now with regard to your friendships, your network and your community?
  2. What aspect of your creativity is blocked right now?
  3. What ultimate dream wants to become real through you, but you are suppressing?

As you explore this with your mind, I want you to stay present in your body.  Pay attention to its promptings.  Heed your physical sensations as they are clues to Higher Truth.  They are your pure, unadulterated INTUITION.  When I speak a deep truth, my abdomen warms up like a battery that just turned on.  Notice your physical sensations.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is an opportunity to break free of the prison of negative thoughts and stuck emotions once and for all.  I don’t mean that you are going to obliterate them.  But I do mean that the conscious decisions you make during this period will help you shed the monkey of oppression.  Aquarius is a super intellectual sign.  It perceives the world through the mind.  Healing that you do now will help you take the parts of yourself that tend to be over-rational, over-thinking, over-heady and make you less attached to your thinking.  In Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club this month, we are reading Michael A. Singer’s The Untethered Soul.  In this book he challenges the thinking part of us and asks us to release our attachment to its voice.  I was first introduced to this concept by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now.  I think we’ll make that our book selection for September.  But both of these philosophers are suggesting that we think too much!  We rely too heavily on putting pieces together with our mind and we squeeze out the natural flow of Intuitive Knowledge that comes from our Divine connection with Heaven and Earth.

I’m telling you friends, Intuition is fo’ real!

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which represents the Crown Chakra.  This means that Aquarius is an excellent channel of Divine information.  But we don’t access this information by thinking.  We are excellent thinkers, but our best ideas come when we detach from the brain, breathe into our heart and connect to the world that exists beyond the veil.  By the way, I am Aquarius, and my channeling abilities are off the hook.  I am constantly delivered insights and messages.  I’ve learned to turn off my thinking and allow the flow of Light to inform my life.  Hahahaha!  This is how I got my Apollo and my farmhouse in Tuscany.  Hahahahaha!  Too funny!  It makes me laugh because when I think about stuff, Spirit is like, “Girl!  Stop thinking and start feeling!”  The moment I start feeling, Magick happens all around me.

We have the opportunity with this Full Moon in Aquarius to heal our mind and connect with Spirit, heal our community and deepen our sense of connection, and call forth our most powerful dreams and clear the path for them.

Join the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and do the work to clear your Shadow, find forgiveness, and bless your future.  If you are interested in my Badass Butterfly Training:  I AM a Master Manifestor Program, then book in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  During that session, we’re going to talk about your hopes and fears and I’m going to help you find a path to wholeness and healing.

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