Badass Butterfly Training: I AM a Master Manifestor

Do you want to be a Badass Butterfly, but find yourself stuck in fear, doubt, low self-esteem and other negative emotions?


Badass Butterfly’s Master Manifestor Training Program is a vibration-raising transformational journey that will take you from earthly Caterpillar to Badass Butterfly. This program is a make-over for your entire being and is specifically designed for people who understand the need for deep transformation at the cellular level.  Most importantly, they are ready to embark on the journey of healing and rebirth.

In the program, we do the work to heal your deep wounding, teach you REAL self-love, correct your disempowered (erroneous) thinking while creating new powerful thoughts that will birth you into your very own Badass Butterfly. We also eradicate all those old limiting beliefs and help you integrate new, divinity-enforcing beliefs that will let you think BIG… Confident like a Badass. You have to change your vibration and live into it, integrating the hard lessons as well as, accepting your gifts.

The thing you have to know is that this is NOT a quick-fix that will inspire you for a day or two and then let you drop.  This is a mind-blowing, life-changing journey into the center of yourself.  You have the potential to be a Badass Butterfly.  This program will help you unlock it and put it to good use.

Deep Healing and Badass Manifestations

Badass Butterfly's Master Manifestor Training will make you the Master Manifestor of your powerful dreams and your graceful Badass Butterfly life.

The program is designed to help you integrate big healings at the cellular level so it is an investment of not just your time, but of your heart and Soul.  This is deep work that is meant to take you from caterpillar mind through cocoon, through metamorphosis into beautiful Butterfly Badassery.  You have the power to create this world in the way that reflects the gorgeousness of your Divinity.  This program is designed to get your ego out of the way so that your SOUL’s beautiful agenda of Reparation, Healing, Light, Love, Prosperity, and Oneness can thrive.  So that all your earthly dreams of travel and career, romance and family, as well as service to your community can be built and we can all bask in your glory.  Actually, we’d all be basking in one another’s glory!  Because that’s what Badasses do.  To learn about the program and enroll early to save 50% off the first month, just submit a simple application and meet with me to discuss your needs and assess if the program is right for you.  Badass Butterfly Training officially launches September 9th, but you can join at any time and go at your own pace.

How to Participate

In order to enter this program, you have to apply.  Just like you want to work with a coach that understands you and can support your expansion, I want to work with people who are READY to dig deep into their Soul for real, consciousness shifting healing.  If you are ready to unpack your Soul and dive deep into powerful transformation, then I would like to consider working with you.  It's a SIMPLE admission process.  Simply complete the application as you schedule time to talk to me.   It's all part of the same process.  It takes about five to 10 minutes to complete the form and book the appointment.  If you can't do it right now, just save this link:

The Badass Butterfly Training Program

The entire program is comprised of 10 healing units designed to take you from where you are now through a rich transformation into a you that is more awakened, self-aware, self-loving, and Badass.  To do this, you will participate in a mixed bag of work.  Each unit is composed of a primary topic or theme that is geared toward providing you deep core healing and transformation.  Each week you will receive a training package that includes an instruction and education video, a suggested meditation and journaling exercise.  During the week, you can attend one group coaching and mastermind session; and once per month, you will have a private session with Crystal Lynn to work on any deep issues that go beyond what we can do in group.

The weekly Training Package provides you with powerful core healing concepts that you'll need to use as you set off to heal your wounds and clear away emotional blockages.  You'll get this in an inspiring video at the beginning of each week (Sunday.)  You can sit down to watch the videos or you can let them play in the background as you go about your day.  You're going to be learning a lot about spiritual principles and healing concepts from these videos so you'll probably want to listen to them more than once in a week.  Some of the things you'll learn in the videos include how to work with your Inner Child, How to heal your body, how to heal your mind, how to do Shadow Work, how to find a negative pesky core belief, how to change a core belief, how to write soulful goals, and how to work with the Cycle of Manifestation to create the life of your dreams.  Watching these videos before the weekly group meeting will let you come to the LIVE sessions ready to work.  These videos and the other training work you do on your own during the week will help you get the most out of the LIVE sessions and set you up for success.

The weekly LIVE Group Coaching sessions are a great time to get inspired with new insights as well as get specific coaching on your particular issues.  During these sessions, Crystal Lynn gives a brief talk on the topic of healing, spirituality or emotional wellness and she talks more deeply about what you have been working on already during the week.  Discussion is encouraged as you engage during this part of the session.  Then individually participants share their current challenges and whatever issues they are exploring in their personal training.  Crystal Lynn offers coaching for each person and then closes with a group healing and meditation.  LIVE group sessions are offered on three different days of the week, so you are likely to find a time slot that fits your schedule.  In the event you miss a session, you can always watch a recording to see what you've missed.

Once monthly, each participant sits in a private one-on-one session with Crystal Lynn to go more deeply into the deep healing they need.  During these sessions, you will go deeply into the work and receive whatever service you need to get you moving forward, for example, Reiki or the Completion Process.

Over the course of the program, the participant will experience an awakening of their Badass Butterfly nature as they heal their old wounds, shift their thinking, release their old mindsets and start to unleash their creativity.

The Badass Butterfly Training Program aims to help you confront your dark, negative emotions and stand with your emotional wounding in Unconditional Love.  By facing your fears with Unconditional Love, you change the entire landscape of your mind and even your body chemistry.  As you confront the dark stuff, your Light starts shining more brightly.  Your mood improves, your attitude becomes more open, thus attracting more Light, opportunity, and positive things that inspire and support you.

The program is designed for you to take as much time as you need with each unit.  Some people might find themselves quickly integrating the lessons and proceed through the work at lightning speed.  Others might find that they are slowly soaking in and integrating.  And you may find that you move faster through some of the units than through others.  The program is going to nourish you with everything you need to heal your wounds and thrive and the flexibility to go at your own pace is going to help you feel supported as you expand into your most magnificent expression.

There are several principles and concepts that drive this healing program.   All of them work together to give you full transformation from the inside out.

There are several key concepts with which we work during the program.  On their own, these concepts are the key to healing, but consistently worked together under the care of an expert, they become total game changers.  Read on to learn how we will be using these to help you heal.



This aspect of the program gets you focused on yourself and what you are manifesting in the material world.  The assessments help you identify what areas of your life are blocked or not functioning in a way that let's you experience thrive.  You will be given assessments to help you evaluate your chakras, your spiritual and emotional health, and even a method to gauge your material wellness.  All members will be given their Astrological Blueprint, which is the roadmap of the Soul.  The ability to assess yourself is a key to self-improvement.  In this program you're going to learn yourself from the inside out and you will come to Unconditionally Love the person you find there.

Shadow Work

Shadow Work is a conscious practice that we do to bring the light of intellect and unconditional-love to the Shadowed Self.  Carl Jung coined the word 'shadow' to refer to the unknown dark side of the personality.  Today, healers use it to describe that aspect of ourselves that is wounded and often hidden or suppressed as a coping mechanism.  Many of us are absolutely terrified of our own Shadow, and it is completely understandable. The Shadow seems scary because it is suppressed and mysterious and there are lots of negative judgments coming from both inside and outside about its nature and the events that triggered it.

I am a strong believer in healing the root cause of problems rather than relying on temporary fixes to make myself feel better. I feel like true healing means that old issues will stop cropping up once we are truly free of the wounding.  There are many ways to approach this kind of deep healing and many of those ways involve working one-on-one with a healer, shaman or therapist.  There is one practice, however, that anyone can use at any time.  This practice can show you so much about yourself and help you resolve so many deep and disturbing issues.  It can help you recognize what your Soul wants, understand your Life Purpose, open you up to your Higher Self, help you redeem your Inner Child, help you confront and break through your deepest fears, and even help you change identify and change negative/limiting beliefs.  The practice is called Shadow Work, and in this module, you'll be learning all about the Shadow, what it is, and how to use it to break free from the limitations of your emotional wounding.


Healing is a process of redeeming the Soul inside.  Although we often seek forgiveness from other people who we have wronged, and likewise, seek to forgive those who have wronged us, there really is only one that truly matters in the equation.  That's our own inner voice.  When we seek forgiveness or permission from outside of ourselves, it is as if a part of us is suspended while we wait for the other to decide our fate.  While we want to respect boundaries, and want to maintain harmony in our relationships, no amount of external forgiveness is as beneficial as the forgiveness that we give to ourselves... and most of the time we neglect to do that.

My work as a healer is help you redeem the part of you that is stuck and SILENT.  We all have bits and parts of ourselves that are hidden.  We shine light on these during Shadow Work.  But it's during these intense healing sessions that we get to clear away lots and lots of debris from our psyche, our emotional body, our energetic body and our physical body.  These sessions are intense in that we waste no time in going deeply into the heart of the matter.

Sessions are guided by Intuition, our Spirit Guides, Mother Earth, and all the other beneficial energies of the Universe that are called forth.  I am a multidimensional healer and am blessed to channel the energies that serve the healing of emotional dis-ease, as well as, physical dis-ease.

Techniques used include the Completion Process, Reiki, Quantum Entrainment, Sound Healing, and the Divine Monadic Blueprint download. These sessions will help you...

  • Gain a sense of inner peace, self- acceptance, and self-compassion
  • Become aware of and release emotional blockages and stuck energy.
  • Clear, balance and align your chakras and your aura
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides, your ancestors and even some past life expressions.

Healing the Chakras

As the program progresses each month, you are directed to focus your attention on one of the seven major chakras.  Chakra healing is the perfect companion to help you get in touch with your physical body and the different levels of energy that drive you.  Most of us have imbalances in all of our chakras.  Providing intense focus on each chakra will help us understand the chakra system and how it works and most importantly how their functioning is showing up in our lives.  For example, if you are unable to express your truth and you find yourself giving away your authority, you may have issues with your throat chakra.  If you find yourself unable to receive love-- like it is absent from your life, then you will want to do deep healing around your heart chakra.

In the program, we spend a good chunk of time diving deeply into these areas so that we can familiarize ourselves with how they work and what they feel like.  Then we can assess ourselves and create effective healing strategies that excite us and encourage us to follow through with our journey.

Some of the techniques we use to access and heal our chakras are:

  • Meditation
  • Movement such as yoga, dance, Qigong and meditative walking (kinhin)
  • Drawing, painting
  • Sculpting
  • Writing stories
  • Journaling
  • Writing poetry
  • Singing
  • Praying
  • Nature walks
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Exercise
  • Bodywork
  • Healing practices
  • There are endless ways that Spirit will direct us to heal.  We will use our intellect as well as follow Spirit's promptings.

Light Work

It's important to feed yourself proper nutrition every single day.  Likewise, it is important to consciously feed your mind things that nourish it every single day.  Energetically, we have momentum that follows our most predominant thoughts, focus and behaviors.  Focus on negativity finds momentum building up, moving us in a negative direction.  It is natural to choose behaviors that are aligned with the momentum we have created.  Momentum draws in more of itself.

In the Shadow Work Module, we spend time observing our inner processes to discover where we are stuck, have limiting beliefs and thought patterns and emotional blockages that cause us to suffer.  By doing Shadow Work, we discover that there are parts of ourselves that are creative, bold and visionary in ways that we never knew before.

In the Light Work Module, we begin feeding ourselves nutrition that supports our Light.  This is where we focus on uniting our minds and our emotions so that we can take inspired action in the world that leaves to manifesting our heart's greatest desires.

In this module, we learn to train our mind to be more in alignment with our Highest Good.  We learn to turn up the volume of our intuition and make choices that are more in alignment with our inner navigation system.  We also learn how to bring in new belief systems that empower us and support us as our dreams unfold around us.

  • Learn your heart's desire and help you get clear about what you really want.
  • Align yourself mentally and emotionally with your desires.
  • Explore and change limiting beliefs that do not serve you and your Highest Good.
  • Follow your inspiration with your joy and confidence.
  • Action-plan the life you desire.

The Law of Attraction

Many people know of the Law of Attraction because of The Secret, a book that inspired people to recognize the power of the mind to call in their desires.  The book was a tremendous success and did wonders to get people to see their lives differently.  Many people learned, however, that getting the mind to stay focused on the positive required more than just intention.

In Badass Butterfly Training, we explore the Law of Attraction from an angle that takes into account negative feelings and unites the experience with positive focus in Unconditional Love.  This provides an environment of forgiveness, and a natural, easy raising of the vibration that makes you attract what you desire.

The work we do here to understand the Law of Attraction in this new light will prepare the groundwork for becoming a Master Manifestor.

The Cycle of Manifestation

Once you've gotten really clear about how your manage your emotions, harness your thinking and raise your vibration, we are going to put it all together and teach you how to use the Cycle of Manifestation.  This is a powerful way of working with you body, mind, and energy to make your dreams real.  In the program, we'll use the Cycle of Manifestation to help us manifest some BIG dreams as we work our way though exploring our goals in a way that gives voice to our Soul.


Here I am! Eccomi qui!

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