Badass Butterfly Monthly Energy Navigation Report (July 2022)

Passing into the second half of the year, July starts off strong astrologically, with Mercury entering into the sign of Cancer♋︎  – its home sign – on the 5th of the month and with it signals a time for communication and connection. 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏾 At the same time, Mars ♂ also moves into focused, goal-oriented Taurus ♉︎  while the Sun remains in Cancer. Feminine energies ♀ reign supreme during these days and is a good time to allow yourself to sink into deep thought or make time for meditation. This astrological movement intersects with a 9 week: a number whose own deep inner wisdom seeks to help others awaken their own higher selves. Let your inspiration guide you throughout this week and seek out deep connections. But be aware that 9 also tends to bring out resentful feelings that have been buried deep. 🦠

On the 13th, July brings us a Super Full Moon in Capricorn. ♑︎ Though every full moon sees us striving to finish things we’ve started, the full moon in Capricorn brings with it some serious determination and obstacle-tackling energy to help you check things off your list once and for all. 💪🏼

On the 16th the sun, still in Cancer, is in conjunction with Mercury. This conjunction combined with lingering energy from the Super Full Moon might have you feeling particularly energized and rejuvenated in both mind and body. 💥 Both of these events take place during a 1 week, the 28th week of the year. Remember that 1 is all about innovation and creative solutions to difficult challenges, another reason that obstacles have no meaning for you during this Super Moon/1 week- everything feels like a challenge to be overcome. Don’t let all of this ambitious and motivated energy let you look down upon someone else’s offer to help, even though you’ve got momentum, it is also OK to let others lend a hand. 🤝

The 18th of July sees Venus move into the sign of Cancer, where the sun can still be found as well. This movement will stir up strong desires to pursue endeavors of a creative nature. The following day, on the 19th, Mercury enters Leo. ♌︎ This is a time to let your great ideas out into the world and keep your eyes and ears open to the people that those energies attract. Unfortunately, immediately afterward on July 20th, the sun moves into opposition to Pluto, who is still in retrograde. Negative energies arise and self-destructive thoughts creep in. 😠 Steer clear of situations that fuel jealousy and be aware not to make any hasty or rash decisions. On the 22nd, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo, a sign which absolutely exudes confidence and energy. 😎 This more joyful, carefree sign, Look around you for fun opportunities and take this opportunity to let go of inhibitions and self insecurities.

The New Moon in Leo🌙  occurs at the end of the month, on the 28th, and is a great time to take a step back and assess your energy levels. Take the time to really suss out what is energy-giving and make the most of the things and people from who you derive energy and limit interactions with those who are draining your innermost resources. The Leo New Moon takes place on a 3 week, a number that obtains its own energy from an upbeat, positive, and engaging atmosphere. 3 is all about enjoyable experiences and interactions and those are what will really fuel you this week, have fun! 🤪

Finally, on the 31st, Mercury moves into opposition with Saturn. Those fun, lighthearted experiences are probably over, as this astrological interaction is about learning tough lessons. You might experience some rough emotions and thoughts as bad news, complications, and even sadness might arise. Your job is to allow your emotions to flow, but to not let them dominate your being. MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS! The end of July might be a rough time, especially in terms of your own personal perspective, but you can use it to take charge, settle into some daily gratitude rituals and use the more negative astrological events to strengthen your emotional and mental resiliency.

We got this. You are not alone. I am here. You are here. Apollo is here. We all here. Let’s do this together.

So there’s your energy rundown for the month of July, Beloved Badass Butterfly. I hope you find this information useful in managing the changing situations, moods, personalities, and attitudes that crop up around you this month. Please come and join me in my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group to share your experiences, and to get some deeper insights so you can navigate the world with ease.

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