Day 1 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge: Who Am I?


Welcome to Day 1 of the challenge!  The question of “Who am I?” is a big one that has been contemplated for centuries, and of course, is one of the foundations of philosophical, psychological, political and religious thought.  In order to know anything, it seems that you must first know who you are.  All of what we know in this human form is based on our perception.  We’ve come to think of self-love as an act of nurturing, caring, protecting, or expressing ourselves authentically.  But who is this being with whom we are identifying and why is it so hard to remember who we are?

That’s what we will be exploring in today’s guidance.  Below, I’ve outlined some objectives to help define an aim for our work, I’ve created an Action Plan to guide you, and I did a little write up to help inspire your thinking.  I’ve also included a meditation to guide you in the journey.

Remember to take from my offerings what feels good for you and feel free to discard the rest. Enjoy your day and blessed be.

Big hug,

Crystal Lynn

Action List
Day 1 Objectives:

  1. To see ourselves more purely.  To see ourselves beyond the ego.
  2. To acknowledge and voice what we desire.
  3. To affirm what we have by giving and sharing.


“Your worth is not established by teaching or by learning.  Your worth is established by God.  As long as you dispute this everything you do will be fearful, particularly any situation that lends itself the belief in superiority and authority.” ~ A Course in Miracles, Chapter 4 Section  I, Paragraph 7

To begin this journey of self-love, I want to guide you in exploring an important question:  Who are you?  Sometimes we throw around the idea of self-love with a certain casualness—
“Oh, you have to learn to love yourself.”
“He’ll come when you love yourself.”
“Is that a loving thing to do for yourself?”

We’ve come to think of self-love as an act of nurturing, caring, protecting, or expressing ourselves authentically.  But who is this being with whom we are identifying?  Is it the being who is afraid of being rejected by her peers so she hides out at home, over-indulging on comforting snacks?  Or is she the someone who is an adventurer who travels around the world in search of her holy grail— following her heart, but avoiding the joys of the roots and deep intimacy that come from staying still?

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Action List
Here is your action list for today:

  1. READ:  Read the special blog post for today:  Who Am I?
  2. MEDITATE:  Do the guided “Who Am I? Meditation.”  This meditation takes about 20 minutes to complete.  Set a timer to remind yourself to check in with this newly discovered self every 2 hours.  A simple check in is all you need— just 30 seconds to peel back the layers of thinking to reflect and enjoy your I Am Presence.
  3. JOURNAL:  After doing the meditation, answer the following question in your journal.  If the Moon, Venus, the Sun and Taurus were your beloved aunties and uncles who adored you and wanted to provide you everything you desire— for what would you ask them?  Write out what gifts you would like to receive from Moon, Venus, Sun and Taurus.
    • Remember that the Moon is expansive and great at enhancing feminine principles, heightening your sensuality and feeling nature and sharpening your intuition. She can help you shine light on what is hidden (and might be holding you back) and she can help illuminate how to heal.  The Moon represents Mother and can bring you nurturing, comfort and support.
    • Venus is wonderful for fueling your sexuality, your creativity and your romantic nature.  She is all about love, beauty, art and connection.  She is a diamond and pulls material wealth, money, treasure and profit.
    • The Sun is masculine and represents authority, knowing, confidence, warmth, good energy, high spirits, optimism, positive thinking, a positive outlook, intelligence and capability.
    • Taurus is the earth in springtime offering the landscape on which good crops are planted, nurtured and sown to reap abundance, joy and prosperity.  Taurus is spiritual wisdom, intelligence and solid foundations.  Taurus is material manifestations, things on paper, marriage, and book-learning.
  4. GIVE:  All of these planets and aspects are particularly generous.  They are naturally generous because they know themselves as infinitely abundant. So please make giving a big part of your journey this week.  Giving is an affirmation of having and it is your belief (and ultimate KNOWING) of your having that is going to make you realize it in your inner world and subsequently in your material world.  In other words, if you want to receive more sexual flirtation from Venus, you have to KNOW that you have it.  Go out and flirt!  Don’t wait until you think you’re ready.  Flirt when you’re not wearing make-up and dressed frumpy.  Flirt when you’re dressed to the nines.  You have it now.  Go share your beautiful self.  Same thing with money.  Don’t wait until you think you have more money than you need… hell, that could be like waiting for Godot (remember that from French Existentialism?  He never arrived!)  Take a risk on trust and give now.  You don’t have to empty your bank account, but you also can relax the purse strings a little bit.  These planets and aspects are not waiting to give you what’s already yours.  It’s already yours!  You’re just tuning into them to turn on your own channels that are blocked by your egoic self.  So stop pretending like you don’t have it and go give it.  Do this every day.  Give something every day because you are abundant every day.  Give to charity, make a donation, offer something to the homeless, volunteer to help, make a meal and share it with someone, give money to a friend, bake cookies for your local fire department, go perform for children in the hospital, share your smile, share your ideas, talk to people in line at the post office, share yourself.


Who Am I?  Meditation for Recognizing your Real Self– This is a meditation that you can use to enhance your work today.  It is an active meditation that is meant to engage your mind and help you to recognize yourself as a Being of God having a human experience.  I hope you enjoy it!

Download this meditation

FYI:  I did not write this meditation.  It was passed on to me by my own coach. It really helped me understand and I hope that you will benefit from it, too.  Namaste, Friend! ♥


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