Welcome to the New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge!

Thank you for joining the New Moon in Taurus 10 Day Self-Love Challenge.  We are embarking on a journey of Self-Love and discovery that will open the doors for personal transformation.

Over the next 10 days, you will be receiving a daily email with inspiration meant to help you harness the beneficial aspects of the New Moon in Taurus, Venus in Pisces and Mercury retrograde.  You will receive the emails the day before you should do the practice.  This way, you’ll have time to prepare yourself.  Please be sure to check your SPAM folder so that you are not missing any information.

If you haven’t done so, please read my article titled, New Moon in Taurus:  Fertility in Mind and Body.  This will familiarize you with the energies with which we will be working.  You can also read, A Chance for Love, Creativity and Profit:  Venus in Pisces.

Doing the challenge is going to be easy and super-effective if you follow my guidance.  You are invited to follow your own protocol for the Self-Love Challenge, but I will be emailing you some suggestions and information to inspire and guide you on the journey.  Everyone who signs up for my Moon Phase and Astrology list will be automatically sent the inspiration each day.  The challenge officially begins on April 23, 2017 but it’s okay if you start later.  You’ll just want to make sure that you begin during the active New Moon in Taurus phase from April 23rd through May 3rd.

Here is what I am recommending you do for the challenge.

  • Meditating and journaling
  • Yoga and dance
  • Redeeming your Inner Child
  • Connecting with your Higher Self
  • Opening our Root, Throat and Heart Chakras
  • Light Work, Shadow Work and Healing
  • Eating whole, nutritious food and drinking lots and lots of water.
  • Moon ritual and blessing
  • Personal invitation to a LIVE Tarot Reading (done online on my website)

Start preparing yourself now for the challenge.  Try to have the following things ready to go…

  • A journal (either paper or digital)– you’ll use this for recording your daily insights and for doing Shadow Work
  • Set-up your meditation space and prepare your approach.  Plan to meditate every day for at least 20 minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening.  Have some white candles on hand, get some inspiring music.  Make your space lovely and inviting.  I will be emailing you a couple of guided meditations, but go onto Youtube and find some that inspire you.
  • Try to practice yoga, T’ai Chi or some form of mind-body movement every single day.  You can practice in a studio or in your own home.  It doesn’t have to be a long or fancy practice.  Just do some movement and focus your mind on the moment.  Do this every day for 5 minutes or more.
  • Open your heart chakra.  Do a simple intentional breathing practice to open your heart.
  • Open your throat chakra.  Choose some songs and let your voice ring out.  Taurus rules the throat, and clearly some of the most powerful voices come from this sign.  Do vocal exercises, sing your favorite songs, recite poetry out loud, speak in tongues.  Make it a point to speak your truth.  Let Spirit move through you and sing from your heart.
  • Open your root chakra.  Dance, shake, twerk.  Get your hips moving and feel your power moving through you.  Make space for this.
  • Keep it positive!
    • Choose some good reading material that inspires you in your down time.
    • If you are a television watcher, opt to watch happy, uplifting shows, videos and movies during this time.   No The Walking Dead marathons!  Hahahaha!
    • Listen to uplifting music… no music that talks about heart-break and painful endings.  Put Ms. Billie Holiday and Adele,  and Amy Winehouse aside for 10 days.  Instead, opt for Ella, India and Deva Premal.
  • High vibrational, whole, organic foods. I’m suggesting that during this time you do a little detox and cut back on the foods that do more harm than good to your body and mind.  Consider eating organic, unrefined foods for the course of the challenge.  Consider cutting back “on added” sugar (fruit is good– cookies… not so good,) dairy, and refined flour products.  Opt for whole grains, fresh vegetables, lots of greens, salads, colorful fruits, nuts and seeds, and organic meat. Stock up on the food you’re going to be eating.  Be prepared!  Think about your meals ahead of time so that you don’t get caught off-guard.  Choose healthy options when you’re eating out and pack snacks for yourself.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.  Consider blessing your water before you drink it.
  • Take extra good care of your body.
    • Have a natural bristle brush and dry brush your body every day before your shower.  After your shower, while you’re still wet, rub yourself down lovingly with your favorite oil, like jojoba, coconut, wheat germ, sesame or olive.
    • Consider doing an intensive hair detoxifying treatment using clay, apple cider vinegar, lemon and egg.
    • Do a rejuvenating facial to get rid of dead skin and to nourish and hydrate.
    • Be gentle with yourself in exercise.  If you’re naturally athletic, consider going more easy and maybe even taking a rest if you haven’t had one in a while.  If you feel out of shape, use this time to do some light exercise like yoga, Callanetics or walking.

The purpose of this challenge is to help you go inside to lay a new foundation of Self-Love so that you can enjoy a more fruitful material life.  The sign of Taurus brings us the opportunity to explore love, beauty and wealth in the material world, but in order to do this, we need to make sure that our inside world is healthy and balanced. This 10-Day Self-Love Challenge for the New Moon in Taurus is our opportunity to heal the wounds that are keeping us from moving forward and to plant new seeds so that our future self is rooted in unconditional love.  A life rooted in unconditional love is trusting, open-hearted, open-minded, creative, solutions-oriented, and a powerful manifestor.  This 10 day challenge is going to enhance our creativity, our sexuality, our capacity to give and receive love, our femininity, and the foundations of our wealth.  When we are aligned with prosperity on the inside, it cannot help but flow to you in the outside world.  I’ll be in touch with you soon with your first day’s inspiration.  Keep your eyes open for it on Saturday the 22nd.

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn


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