Venus in Gemini July 5th – July 31st: Your Beautiful, Sexy Mind

I just love George Barbier. This image, Salomé: Portrait of Tamara Karsavina, epitomizes the beautiful sensuality of Venus as the Gemini twins quake in her presence.

Hello, Beautiful Friend.  It is time for your monthly sex and money report as Venus moves into Gemini on Wednesday, July 5th at 2:11am CEST.  This is a very good time for creative solutions to problems, an intelligent approach to sexytime and a smartening up of your money mind.  Read on to get the complete lowdown and if you want these trusty reports delivered directly to your inbox, please sign up

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One of my favorite things is awakening to the morning sky from my apartment here in Zagreb, Croatia. I set my alarm to wake me up at 4:15 because I am naturally a morning person and I like that by 9:30am on any given day I’ve probably already done my marathon training, written an article and seen a client or two for spiritual empowerment coaching. Morning is my time. Here in Zagreb, I have an apartment that sits on a hill facing east, so upon rising, I am greeted with one of the prettiest sights: Venus just above the horizon, under-lit beautifully by the Sun.

This is a really important phenomenon for many reasons. First of all, I am a natural astrologer who has been in relationship with all of the celestial bodies since I was a kid.  We ALL have!  It’s just that I have been conscious of them as viable entities for all my life. Looking toward the heavens is innate in me. I have Sun and Venus in Aquarius and an Aquarius ascendant.  That’s a lotta cosmic propensity in one little body. Also, I am on a quest for the Holy Grail.  I’m a total tender-hearted idealist in search of the ultimate Cup of the Heart.  And it just so happens that when I was born in Oakland, California 47 years ago, Venus and the Sun were transiting directly over Zagreb!  Venus and the Sun are always traveling together, moving around the world leaving their energetic imprint on us kind of like contrails from an airplane (only not hazardous!) The Sun rules our sense of Authority in the world. It is our sense of self, our energy, our outward expression of personhood. The Sun is our right to author our lives.  And Venus rules how we connect in the world. It is our way of loving, of expressing ourselves, our sense of beauty and our way of income-ing. (Hahahaha! Incoming or income-ing. I mean income-ing as in how we make money and not incoming as in “incoming” missile. Venus focuses on the loot!)  Here in Zagreb I am living directly beneath the path of Authority, Love, Beauty and Income. So heck yeah, awaking to this glory every morning is important!  It’s a mirror of my Soul.

This image taken at 4:30am doesn’t do justice to the glory of the sunrise. First of all, it doesn’t capture Venus at all! But I know she is there.  And as it’s just a photo, it’s missing the coolness of the air, the crazy stillness early morning offers, and the gentle chirping of the birdies. But you have your imagination and that can layer in what is missing…

Right now, the Sun is in Cancer, which means that our interior, emotional world is highlighted. This can be good or bad depending on how you feel about feeling your feelings and dealing with your emotions. If you like being consciously aware of your dark and mysterious psyche and your processes, then you are probably LOVING this transit. But if you don’t like those emotional rumblings and the expansive feelings of your intuition, then you are gonna suffer until July 23rd when the Sun moves into the much lighter Leo. Ah!  Please don’t be mislead into thinking that you are only the sign under which you were born and not affected by the Sun during the rest of the year! Just like you are affected by the Moon, Mercury, Venus and all the other planets’ transitions through the signs, your personality changes as the Sun transits and the year progresses. Each month we become like the sign the Sun is transiting.  Please have a read of my current Sun Report, We Are All A Little Cancer to get deep insights for how you are being affected by the Sun today.

At the time of writing this article, July 2nd, Venus is in Taurus, her natural home, but you are most likely reading this article when Venus is in Gemini (sometime after July 5th.) If you are not accustomed to feeling into the influence of the planets, I want to give you an opportunity to do so right now. Venus has been in Taurus since June 6th. Think back over the last month. Have you noticed a kind of rosy tint to your material world perspective? Perhaps an increase in your sensuality and your search for pleasure? Maybe a heightened sense of sexuality? Maybe an emphasis on presenting yourself more beautifully… Venus is the planet of beauty, sex and money and she is the natural ruler of Taurus. When she is transiting Taurus, we are more Taurean in our feeling nature, more Taurean in our relationships and more Taurean in our nose for money.  You can read my article about Venus in Taurus, Love Me. Sex Me. Money Me. to explore and get insights about why last month you were just so damned sexy! And you can take those insights from last month and compare them to this month as Venus enters Gemini on July 5th.  Okay, you’re probably seeing that I LOVE astrology and I want you to learn to see it in yourself and how it is affecting you in subtle and beautiful ways. Our personal astrology is the blueprint for the Soul’s journey and although we can totally live happy and fulfilling lives without ever knowing a lick about it, if you are reading this article, you are probably a human being that has a sense of the other world and I want to be your trustworthy guide to exploring the other world that lives inside of you! My astrology articles are meant to help you awaken to the subtleties of The Mystery. The more we awaken to The Mystery, the more we can relax into its embrace and allow it to unfold. It’s a lot easier to surrender when your mind is on board with the Universe’ workings as opposed to resisting them!

This is really important as Venus moves from Taurus into Gemini, because Taurus and Gemini are really different signs, particularly when it comes to love, sex, and money—all Venus sectors. When Venus was in Taurus, there was a sense of ease, flow and beauty in these things. Taurus is an Earth sign and very much about the body, and so it was easy to feel and intuit our way through the world of finances, relationships and especially intercourse (if you were lucky enough to be having it.) As Venus moves into Gemini, we are moving upward into the realm of our heads. Gemini is an Air sign and although a VERY sexy sign, it is sexy for different reasons. Gemini is sexy because of its wit. It is a thinking sign, powered by thought, and driven by ideas.  It is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is about speed, communication, and enterprise. Gemini is expansive and curious. When the planet of love and beauty moves into Gemini, our interactions become beautiful at the level of the mind. Our flirtations become less about eye-gazing and more about playful head-butting. You can tell a Gemini man likes you by the number of insults and challenges he throws your way. With Venus in Gemini, our sex-appeal comes from the proper use of mind: PLAYFUL FLIRTATION!

So let’s look at Gemini for a bit. Now, if you want, you can check out the previous Sun report, We Are All A Little Gemini to explore the energies around us last month and to learn a bit about the nature of Gemini. But for now, I want you to understand the GREAT opportunity we have here. Gemini is the sign of communication. It doesn’t matter what kind of communication—verbal, written, body language, ESP. This is all Gemini’s domain. Trade and transportation fall in here, too. And all things enterprise. When Venus comes into Gemini, there is a beautifying of all of these things. WATCH and see! Notice how lovely you speech gets, how clear your mind becomes, how sparkly and successful your business endeavors become over the next three weeks.  You might actually find yourself thinking, Gosh, when did I get so clever?

When Venus is in the morning sky at 4:15am, she is like a 100 karat diamond against a velvety blue backdrop. Sharp facets and high contrast make for an exquisitely beautiful scene. This is what happens when the soft femininity of Venus illuminates the masculinity of Gemini. It’s like really good sex, friends! Playful friction and the tension of the masculine-feminine polarities lead to explosions of joy! Lookout! Hahahahaha! I’m cracking myself up right now because this sounds pornographic and TRUE.  This is a good transit. It is a transit of sociability and relationships.  It’s summatime!  We’re wearing less clothing and showing more skin. Are you taking care of yourself?  How is your skin, your hair, your nails?   When was the last time you exfoliated?  Maybe a little baking soda scrub down on the teeth to give them a little perk and shine.  It is important that our outsides reflect the beauty within.  Venus’ movement through the constellations is really exciting because we all have a natural drive and appreciation for love and beauty within us. HELL, we ARE love and beauty! This has nothing to do with the media’s thin and superficial standards of love and beauty. But it has very much to do with our natural Divine state: We are God/Goddess having a human experience. We are Love and Beauty expressing themselves in our human experience and these have nothing to do with the size of our boobs or waist, the color of our hair, or the number of years we’ve been hanging out on the planet. It has everything to do with our willingness to LOVE ourselves, BE ourselves, and SHARE ourselves. This is the beauty of what Venus in Gemini is offering us.

Hey, Lovely.  You have a beautiful mind that is dual. It is masculine and feminine, light and shadow, helpful and unhelpful, focused like a laser and groggy as hell. Venus is coming in to highlight ALL of it and flow it into beauty and grace.  You won’t have to try with Venus here, you will just have to flow. Get out of the way and let her work her magic.

So what does this mean in practical terms?  Well, expect to find yourself more fertile in your mind.  You can expect to have more ideas flowing and since Gemini is essentially optimistic, you should expect to see more possibilities, even when there were none before.  Okay, so you should be careful here as Venus has us seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.  You can very easily get carried away by your own charm with this transit, so be careful.  You don’t get to just have the cake and eat it, you have to watch how much you eat as you don’t want to spike your sugar levels.  What I mean is, while Venus is turning on your charm, you should take care to not get caught up in the rhetoric you’re laying down.  As you’re in the world of thought and your ideas all looks fantastic, you would do well to add in a good, conscious dose of critical thinking to the mix.  You don’t have to become Negative Nancy, but you do want to step back and sprinkle a little grounded wisdom into your creative process.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury who is known for his quickness, not his depth.  Mercury will only stay in a sign for two weeks and on rare occasions two months.  As opposed to Saturn which stays in a sign for two to three YEARS. Saturn is known for its depth. You, my friend, have to be present in your mind AND your body to keep yourself grounded during this Venus in Gemini transit.  I would suggest that during this time of lightning fast thought and communication, that you do some kind of grounding practice in the morning before starting your day.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, I am a big proponent of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid.)  Just awaking with a prayer that says something to the effect of, “Make my communication grounded in wisdom,” will go a LOOOONG way in helping the Universe guide your actions and behaviors in a mature way over the course of the day.
If you work as a writer or speaker, work in communications, marketing, or trade, or if you have your own business, you will want to pay special attention to the energies right now. The Sun in Cancer might be making you a little foggy in the head because you are feeling the pull of your shadowy, interior world very strongly.  UGH!  I hate that foggy head feeling. The Sun is illuminating your Shadow and that might be lowering  your energy and draining your focus.  Mars is in Cancer, too, making us overly critical, even though we are working hard.  It’s very challenging to move forward with enthusiasm when your inner critic is subconsciously saying that you’re not good enough. Some of us might find that our confidence is a little shaky with Sun in Cancer.  Venus’ move into Gemini will add levity to your experience and you will appreciate the movement from the comfort of Taurus to the more sharp and refined position in Gemini.  You will be bright like a diamond with all the sharp facets to serve your dreams and any problems you may be facing.  Again, be sure to ground your new ideas and visions in reality.  Keep your feet on the ground while you enjoy the light in your head.  Use this Venus in Gemini transit to explore how you can be creative with business and ideas.  Don’t try to take action on those ideas right now, because you’re going to have so many of them and to be honest with you, some of them are not going to be as good as you think because you’re wearing those rose-colored glasses.  But write them down, sit with them, try them on, chew on them and research them.  If they are sound ideas after three weeks, then definitely put them into action.  But don’t be surprised if more than a few of them can’t hold water.

And what about money?  Geminis LOVE to spend money.  LOVE IT!  Venus loves beautiful things and INCOME-ing!  Hahahaha!  Venus does not work for her money, but she does love income.  Am I totally contradicting myself here?  How can Venus rule hard-working Taurus and INCOME, but not work for it?  Well, my friend, this is a difficult lesson for us to learn and one that I try to share slowly in small bites.  For now, just try to accept that Venus is a Goddess and that Goddesses do NOT work for money.  Goddesses create and extend themselves into the world and money flows to them by virtue of their nature.  It is the same for you because MONEY is My Own Natural Energy Yield.  I’m slowly working to help you realize that you don’t need to work for money, but rather your work is an extension of your being and your money is a natural return on what you put out and full in the capacity that you are subconsciously willing to embrace.  We have it wrong in our Collective Consciousness.  We actually believe that money comes to us by virtue of hard work.  I’m just saying that there’s a helluvalot of contradictions and challenges to that belief and it is in our individual interests to start exploring the possibility that there’s a new way of seeing money and work.  Am I making sense here? I hope so.  Please, if you disagree with me, feel free to voice your opinions in the Comments.  I am a philosopher and I enjoy exploring different opinions and perspectives.

Venus in Gemini will help you find money using your brain, and it will help you spend money.  Again, with Venus in your head, you’ll need to consciously keep your feet on the ground.  You can try some kind of appreciation practice to help keep you focused on what is truly important in your life so that when you’re out in the world, you are rooted in your true values.  An appreciation practice can be, for example, writing a daily list of 10 things you appreciate right now.  It can also be the practice of receiving everyone you encounter with unconditional love.  Appreciation is a higher vibration of gratitude.  It is an acknowledgment of the perfection in you and everything around you.  If you are in true appreciation of the world around you, you don’t need to acquire things and so this practice will help ground you during this time.  Forgiveness is also an excellent appreciation practice to use while the Sun is in Cancer.  When the dark emotions come up and you become aware of your internal wounding, forgive the people who wronged you, but most importantly, forgive yourself because you’re most likely harboring some kind of misdirected anger at yourself for something that wasn’t your responsibility.

Would you like to have a guess at some celebrities who have Venus in Gemini in their birth charts?  How about U.S. President John F. Kennedy.  Both he and President Trump are both Geminis by the way!  Also, try Uma Thurman, J-Lo, Al Pacino, Russel Crowe, Tom Hanks, Jackie O., Nelson Mandela, Tupac and Adele.  Do you know where your Venus is?  How about your rising sign? Perhaps you should consider a private one-on-one session with me where I’ll run your report and we’ll go through and learn about your soul’s blueprint.  Book an appointment for whenever you’re ready to dive deep!

Boom!  That’s it for now.  Gosh, that’s enough isn’t it?  We have the Full Moon in Cancer coming up on July 9th.  Be sure to catch my blog post on that.  And the Sun’s movement into Leo on the 22nd of July. Please sign up below to receive all of my astrological reports delivered right to your inbox and enter your mailing address if you’d like to receive the occasional postcard from me wherever I am traveling.

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