Who Am I?

“Your worth is not established by teaching or by learning. Your worth is established by God. As long as you dispute this everything you do will be fearful, particularly any situation that lends itself the belief in superiority and authority.” ~ A Course in Miracles, Chapter 4 Section I, Paragraph 7

To begin this journey of self-love, I want to guide you in exploring an important question: Who are you?

Sometimes we throw around the idea of self-love with a certain casualness—
“Oh, you have to learn to love yourself.”
“He’ll come when you love yourself.”
“Is that a loving thing to do for yourself?”

We’ve come to think of self-love as an act of nurturing, caring, protecting, or expressing ourselves authentically. But who is this being with whom we are identifying? Is it the being who is afraid of being rejected by her peers so she hides out at home, over-indulging on comforting snacks? Or is she the someone who is an adventurer who travels around the world in search of her holy grail— following her heart, but avoiding the joys of the roots and deep intimacy that come from staying still?

The question of “Who am I?” is a big one that has been contemplated for centuries, and of course, is one of the foundations of philosophical, psychological, political and religious thought. In order to know anything, it seems that you must first know who you are. All of what we know in this human form is based on our perception. We choose our president based on what we value and our values are not Universal, they are particular and conditional. You might value privatized healthcare while I value a social system. You might value inclusion and reform while I value the death penalty. From our individual perspectives, we project ourselves through our values and beliefs onto the world and we see it all reflected back to us. Within our minds, we have established our own system of what is right and what is wrong, and it is this system of judgment that I want to challenge over the course of the next 10 days, because it’s the maker of these judgments, the mind, with whom we are most identified and honestly, I don’t think that’s who you are, and my job is to help you see things differently. I don’t think that your mind is serving you, but that you are most likely serving it.

If I ask you, “Who are you?” You will most likely give me your name, rank and serial number. We are having the experience of three dimensional beings and so we tend to answer questions from this place of what we are conditioned to share through the prism of our individual minds. I am Crystal Lynn Bell. I am a Spiritual Empowerment Coach. I live in Croatia. I am Aquarius, therefore I tend to be humanitarian, idealistic and aloof. Hahahaha! I enjoy travel, running, singing, theater, art, long walks at sunset, yadda-yadda-yadda. I am happy. I am sad. We don’t always reveal ourselves with wordy descriptions but we certainly demonstrate ‘who we are’ by our actions, behaviors, preferences and choices; and from there we do what we know. We behave based on what we think is right for us in our minds. We are conditional beings because what we feel and do is based on the conditions we have created in our minds. On Saturdays, I don’t work, but on Mondays I do— except of course, if it’s a bank holiday… in which case I don’t work.
When I feel unattractive, I wear frumpy clothes and hide from the world.
When I feel attractive, I shine and have pep in my step.
If I work, then I will get paid and will deserve time off.
If I had the money I needed then I would _____.
If I were younger then I would _____.
When I lose weight then I will _____.
If I had the time then I would _____.

If you’re participating in this particular 10-Day Self-Love Challenge then there is a particularity, maybe even an eccentricity about you– you believe in the power of the planets to influence you. Here we go again being conditional beings! If Mercury is retrograde then we get frustrated more easily, more confused… we feel stuck. Heck! Even our computers are subject to Mercury retrograde’s naughtiness. Why are we so willing to give over your control to the Moon, Venus, the Sun and Taurus? Who are we?

For this first day of contemplation, I would like for you to consider that you are a being who is absolutely unaffected by anything you think you know and that above all, you are an unconditional being who is unconditionally joyful, unconditionally connected, unconditionally worthy, unconditionally loving. I want you to consider that you are spirit first and always and that the mind and body are an opportunity for you. For today, I want you to peel back the layers of who you are and I want you to just be. I have recorded a meditation for you that will help you understand who you are by exploring what you are not. Have a listen to the meditation and try to spend the next 24 hours seeing yourself as a being who is beyond conditions, limitations and beyond your mind.

The sign of Taurus is the sign that rules good foundations. I want you to start this journey by opening your eyes to the solid and trustworthy foundation of Spirit. Re-membering the truth of who you are— a be-ing of God/Goddess will establish within you profound power and the ability to create infinitely. Taurus wants to give you money, wealth and treasure. Spirit is money, wealth and treasure. Money is simply:
Wealth is whatever you build, nurture, love and pass on. Treasure is what you value and gives you pleasure. I say that your re-membering of yourself is the key that unlocks your treasure trove. If you start with Spirit as your foundation, you will yield good crops.

The meditation that we’ll be doing today is not designed to align you with the planets, but is designed to align you with the unconditional love and truth that is who you are. The planets and aspects are here to serve us in our human experience. Your Action List for today is meant to help you first be within your primal truth and to connect with your human, earthly desires. We will work more with planetary alignment tomorrow. Enjoy your day and good luck with it all. If you have questions, please email me.

Have a blessed day,

Crystal Lynn

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