OA10: Structure Your Business (and Your Life) with the Divine Masculine

If you’ve followed me for… honestly any amount of time, you know I’m kind of obsessed with the Divine Feminine. I absolutely LIVE for sensual pleasure, receptivity, creativity, tapping into my intuition, feeling my feelings, and going with the flow of life! As a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, I encourage my clients to do the same. To give my business the stability it needs to THRIVE, I employ the Divine Masculine. By recognizing when to think, plan, and act logically, the Divine Feminine energy at the heart of my work is able to reach my audience consistently and effectively.

What is the Divine Masculine?


Before I explain how to utilize the Divine Masculine to support your intuitive business, I want to acknowledge the negative connotation many of us associate with masculinity. The term “toxic masculinity” refers to the shadow side of the Divine Masculine. Masculine energy is not the problem, wide-spread patriarchal abuse of power and the cultural denigration of femininity are the problem! I prefer the eastern concepts of Yin and Yang over the feminine-masculine binary espoused by patriarchy because neither Yin nor Yang is entirely black or white. Masculine energy becomes toxic when it does not permit softness, while femininity loses its potency without structure.


Allow me to introduce you to the Divine Masculine. He exists to make things happen, not “just to see what happens,” which the Divine Feminine is delighted to do. Locate the Emperor card in your Tarot deck, or online. You’ll find a man seated confidently on a throne with a scepter in one hand and the world in the other. Fiery, Aries energy surrounds the Emperor; this is a man of action! As a ruler, he wields his authority in a concrete, logical way. He has earned his position of power due to his dependability, and he uses it to benefit not just himself, but everyone in his domain.


The Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach channels her inner Emperor in how she operates her business and her day-to-day life. After cultivating an intimate connection with the Divine and a healthy relationship with her internal world, she uses logical, practical action to make a program capable of guiding other people towards their own personal transformation. Like the Emperor, she uses her power and authority for the greater good. An embodiment of Yin (the Divine Feminine) AND Yang (the Divine Masculine), the Badass Butterfly personifies intuition AND logic, unbound flow AND structure, receptivity AND action.

Intuition & Logic


Divine Messages come to us directly through our emotions and gut-feelings, so Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches develop our Divine Feminine capacity for intuition in order to interpret them. But WHY? What do we DO with that information? Well, sometimes, like when we’re creating art, reading Tarot, or interpreting dreams, Divine downloads are valuable for their own sake. Other times, like when we’re creating a budget or a business plan, we are called to use our logical, rational mind to apply what Source has shown us to improve our material lives and those of our clients.


For example, say you’re suddenly inspired to go to Greece. You meditate and pull a Tarot spread for clarification, and all signs suggest that something magical will happen to you if you go to Greece, ASAP. The Divine Feminine is telling you to literally drop everything and go, but there is a logical, rational way to obey her:

Create a budget.


Research places to stay and transportation options.


Settle your business affairs, including housing costs so that you have a home to return to… if you decide to come back!

That’s one fun example of the Divine Masculine working with the Divine Feminine for your highest good. Magical things DO happen when you listen to your intuition. Employ the rational, responsible parts of yourself to do so safely and wisely.

Unbound Flow & Structure


The Divine Masculine provides structure in which the Divine Feminine can thrive in 3D reality. Divine Feminine energy, inherently untamed and free, is the KEY to inspiration, intuition, and feeling. As a Badass Butterfly, you deliberately make time to just BE with your emotions in unstructured play. Let your creativity flow through dance, painting, writing, cooking, nature walks, paddle-boarding, or any hobby of your choice. This “free time” alone with yourself is a way to commune with Source energy and a limitless wellspring of ideas. Setting aside time for your mind to relax also fuels your ability to focus when it’s time to get down to business.

Receptivity & Action


As we live out our human experience, we constantly receive information from the Universe. Badass Butterflies translate these messages from Source into concrete actions in our external world. We develop a spiritual philosophy based on our intuition and experience and use it to guide consistent, committed actions for our own highest good, and to construct a program that guides others towards theirs. After all, if receiving is a manifestation of the Divine Feminine, then to embody the Divine Masculine, we must GIVE.

As the Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach ventures out into the world to create, it is important that she remembers the Truth of who she is— an extension of Source into form. Source is ALL, and the Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach is the embodiment of ALL, including the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Embrace the experience of your unique life, and use the gifts/tools of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine with joy and respect.


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