The Relevance of the Divine Feminine in Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom and Power

We all have the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine available to us, regardless of our sex or gender.

The concept of the Divine Feminine is not only a fascinating aspect of ancient spirituality but also relevant to modern-day life. It speaks to the importance of balance and harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and our society as a whole.

The Divine Masculine is nurtured by logic and it gets developed as we begin to leave the carefree innocence of childhood. It is characterized by taking action for the Highest Good of ourselves and our communities. It

The Divine Feminine is HOW we know what the best course of action is.

Ancient rulers would almost always consult their spiritual Higher Power for guidance before making major political or military decisions. They would often do so by seeking out a member of the community who had an intimate relationship with the Divine, such as a shaman, medium, oracle, or High Priestess. Rulers had too many secular responsibilities to spend all day in prayer and meditation! Best to call in an expert to pass on those Divine messages.

Once an integral role played by real women in societies all around the world, the High Priestess lives on today as a useful archetype for understanding how to embody the Divine Feminine.

In Tarot, the High Priestess is a woman seated confidently in front of the veil between the material and spiritual realms. She holds a book of Divine Law in her lap (by her gut) and the crescent Moon rests at her feet. Like the Moon, she is associated with water, dreams, the subconscious, and being guided by emotions. She is the #2 card in the Major Arcana and is flanked by black-and-white pillars on either side, implying that she holds space for left-brained, logical (masculine) thinking, even as she favors her right-brained, creative, emotional nature.

The High Priestess archetype teaches us that there is power in stillness, introspection, and tapping into our inner wisdom. It reminds us that sometimes the best course of action is not to rush forward with action, but to pause and listen to our intuition and inner guidance.

Importantly, the concept of the Divine Feminine is especially relevant to women who have historically been oppressed and undervalued in many societies. By embracing the Divine Feminine within ourselves, we can tap into our inner strength, wisdom, and creativity and break free from limiting beliefs and societal norms. It is also a powerful reminder of the importance of balance and harmony within ourselves and our society.

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