Business Concept Coaching for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

This 8-week Business Concept Coaching program is designed to take your business from being just a dreamy idea to being a viable reality. No matter what your business idea, be it a program, blog, product, book or service, we will conceptualize all the details and turn it into a solid business plan complete with a thoroughly developed concept including your own special niche, email and social media marketing strategy, protocols, budget and financials.  This is an intensive program designed to help you turn your dream business into a prosperous reality.

Starting a business is an exciting and highly rewarding adventure.  While it really challenges you to stretch your vision, it is also a lot of fun.  Your business is a vehicle for your Soul’s expression.  Like a painter, musician or other artist, an entrepreneur is giving a piece of themselves to the world.  The world wants your business idea!

I am a strong believer that you can bring a successful business through your heart and that building it will nourish your Soul. I’ve founded a few successful businesses and each was a rich and rewarding experience that helped me grow spiritually, as well as, financially.

I also believe that a business should be built on a foundation of solid business principles and deliver consistently excellent service all while moving toward efficiency and profitability. In my world, being heart-centered does not mean you can’t be efficient and profitable.  I see us as Divine beings with access to Universal Wisdom and guidance.  Our work is to tap into that and channel it into a business that excites us, nourishes our Souls and creates a reliable stream of income and profit.

Joining the program is simple.  Just book yourself in for a complimentary Business Coaching Discovery Session.  During this session we will discuss your business idea and layout a general strategy for approaching the concept.  You’ll learn all about the program and how to make the most of all the resources that will be at your disposal when you enroll. Use the button below to find a convenient time to meet with me.

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