Travel Memories: How the physical is influenced by the spiritual in India…

Stop! Look around you right now. You see this place, these people, this environment? All that you see is your co-creation and you are giving it the meaning. When I look around my space, I see beauty in the trees, my high ceilings and the groovy music on the stereo. I feel peaceful, loved and powerful. I am aware that I could focus on any number of things in this place and deem them bad, rotten or awful. I am co-creating harmony because I have learned that this is where my true freedom of wills rests: the power to focus on the beauty.

When I first arrived at my ashram, my mind was shrouded in fear and anxiety and my eyes kept focusing on peeling paint, spiders, mice, cracked walls, bird poop, and smells that offend such as wet dog, urine and cow dung. It’s so strange now, because I cannot smell anything but fresh air and and I see nothing but vibrant smiling faces. Am I in the same place? NO! Of course not! I’m not in the same place because my mindset had me entering hell. That was a different dimension. When I changed my attitude by focusing on how much my God loves me and how blessed I am to have journeyed so passionately and how powerful the place is that is holding me, I shifted dimensions. I am not in the same world as that frightened woman who wanted to lash out and extinguish herself a week ago. Attitude is 100% everything.

Today, I was heading into yoga and this dude with an afro was hanging out on the wall. I said, “Good morning! Hari Ommmmm! Namaste!” His reply? Silence…

— at Santosh Puri Ashram, August 2014


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