Healing Vlogs (Videos)

This is a page of my personal healing videos.  Video is a healing companion for me.  The process of making these often impromptu videos is an opportunity for me to practice expressing my feelings authentically at any given moment.  I share them because I know that many people go through the same emotions and have a history very similar to my own in some way.  And being very honest, my videos are very raw.  I tell my truth as I experience it in the moment.  Sometimes I will express utter elation, and at other times, I will express devastation.  I am a human who experiences the full spectrum of emotions and I feel that this is where true health lies-- no denial, no suppression.  I am only recently working on my videos so that they are getting shorter and more to the point, so forgive me if they get a little long... These are a work in progress-- and I totally appreciate you taking the time to watch them!

Getting Lost, Missing my Train and la Grippe

By Crystal Lynn | July 27, 2016

About this video… This video is only three weeks into my Spain adventure.  I had been having a wonderful time, but I’d gotten sick!  YIKES!  So this is a travel video shot from my bed; and it’s a healing video…

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A Powerful Message of Healing and Transformation

By Crystal Lynn | July 22, 2016

About this video… At this point, I am staying in a gorgeous resort in the hills of Estepona.  I have a large apartment with a view of the mountains and the sea.  This was one of my time-share stays and…

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Barcelona, Loving Partners and La Boehme

By Crystal Lynn | July 7, 2016

About this video… I experienced a powerful paradigm shift in Barcelona.  This video was made toward the end of a long walk that I had taken around the city.  I had been having a wonderful trip– falling in love with…

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Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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