Getting Lost, Missing my Train and la Grippe

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This video is only three weeks into my Spain adventure.  I had been having a wonderful time, but I’d gotten sick!  YIKES!  So this is a travel video shot from my bed; and it’s a healing video shot from a travel perspective!  Hahaha!  On this day, I had just awakened from a good night’s sleep in a very comfy bed at the Marriott Playa Andaluza.  In the video, I am very relaxed and happy, but it was a challenge getting there!!!  These kinds of adventures really highlight my dark sides that need healing– AND they’re also kind of funny and ridiculous when you get through them.  You should know that I found myself cursing quite a bit– not angry or anything, actually, I’m quite giggly and happy, but sometimes I use expletives to express even my happiness.  If it bugs you, you might want to skip this video.  OH!  If you want to join me for healing retreat in Farrera, Spain next June 2017, then check out the web page and join the email list.  Anyway, ENJOY!!!

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