Spiritual & Emotional Badassery for Badass-Butterflies-in-Training

Gather with a group of Souls who speak your language, respect your shadow, and expand your Light.

Sundays at 6:00am PST

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Sundays are my favorite time to connect to my God, The Goddess, and my Spirit Guides. And it is also the day I align my ego's business goals with my Soul's goals for my business. Sunday is my day to get all my parts unified and pointing in the same direction.

This is the key to success if you are heart-centered and led by your intuition.

Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches have to BE more than DO. So spending a lot of time talking to our Spirit Guides, journaling, meditating and doing shadow work are as actually more important than showing up for our clients, writing our blogs and updating our websites.

We are channels for The Divine! All our success originates in our connection to Spirit and our emotional balance. I've learned that to be a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, I need Spiritual and Emotional Badassery. That's what Sundays are for!

I want to invite you into my weekly coaching and healing circle that tunes you into your Spiritual Guidance Team for wisdom and insight as it uncovers the blockages to your own Spiritual and Emotional Badassery.

The knowledge you gain during these weekly sessions will help you feel clear, aligned and empowered to take appropriate action in your spiritual life coaching businesses, and in your personal life. So you can build your business with integrity, prosperity and authenticity.

To be a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, you must maintain your Divine Connection and the True Authority that comes from your emotional balance.


These sessions meet weekly at 6:00am PST on Sunday mornings. You are invited to attend each week, or as you wish. Each session builds on the next, so you are encouraged to attend as often as possible. Replays are posted so if you need to miss one, you can submit your questions for readings and watch the replay for your answers.

These sessions will be great for you, if:

❦ You are a spiritual life coach, healer or spiritual entrepreneur.

❦ You like being guided in meditation, healing and self-improvement exercises.

❦ You enjoy having real human interaction with live people who want to see and feel the real you (hehehe! through live video sessions. We'll have to get together for tea or a retreat some other time.)

❦ You want to be part of a spiritual community that brings spiritual empowerment, emotional support and business wisdom.

❦ You'd go to church, if it wasn't so church-y.

❦ You like to giggle and have fun with Spirit sometimes.


That's a good question! The mission of these meetings is to help spiritual life coaches awaken their inner Badass Butterfly. To me, this means you need a strong, clear connection to Spirit and a stable emotional base. During these meetings, we work with the blockages that arise to Spiritual and Emotional Badassery.

➺ Each session is limited to six live attendees. (Sign-up quickly to reserve your spot!)

➺ We meet on Zoom. (Details will be emailed to you upon enrolling.) The sessions will be live streamed to my private Facebook group.

➺ We are going to begin with a meditation and connection practice.

➺ It will be followed by a transmission of the current week's energy reading and message.

➺ Then we'll do check-ins with each participant, and I offer readings, channeling and/or healing, depending on what comes through for each individual person. There will be plenty of coaching and insights going around!

➺ Sessions will run for 60-minutes.

➺ If you sign-up for a session and cannot attend live, you can submit your question or situation to me before the session, and I'll address it fully on the call.

➺ Your investment for participation is only $25.

Summer/Autumn 2021

When: Sundays at 6:00am PST

Duration: Ongoing

Fee: $25 USD

Limited to six live attendees.

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