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The Catapult Your Wealth program promises to guide you to these life-changing outcomes:

HEAL. Identify & repair the 5 Personal Prosperity Blocks holding you back from manifesting whole-self wealth and financial prosperity.

IGNITE. Reactivate your moxie and sexy personal power to become a manifestation master.

MAGNETIZE. Embody wealth in the entirety of your being and become a magnet for all your desires.

LIVE. Write new joyful outcomes for your life and live out your wildest dreams.

DESIGN. Conceptualize your very own unique, heart-centered business and create your manifestation blueprint and roadmap to bring you all the time freedom and financial prosperity you desire.

Included in Your Membership:

➻ Monthly Metamorphosis & Mastery Labs

➻ Monthly Dream-Building Breakthrough LIVE Coaching Call

➻ The Complete Metamorphosis & Mastery Blueprint Training. Your blueprint to help you navigate your wealth revolution.

➻ The “Sleep & Heal” Monthly Themed Guided Meditations & Healing Practices

➻ The Badass Butterfly in Paris Lifestyle & Energy Transmission

➻ The Kaleidoscope Sisterhood Support and Networking Community

Want more program details?

Let’s write your story of transformation.
How does this sound?

She began as a caterpillar, cut off from her innate source of power, but she transformed into a Badass Butterfly.

She said YES to her biggest dreams, even though she couldn’t clearly see how to manifest them…

She risked putting herself out there for the world to see, even though critics and haters might be lurking amongst the hordes who adore her.

She stopped playing small, even though she was terrified of what others would think as they followed her on her magnificent journey…

She surrendered to her innate, Divine self and gave her life over to her purpose, even though it was uncomfortable and unfamiliar…

And she risked believing in herself and trusting that the universe would love, support, and guide her every step of the way.


And that was how the Badass Butterfly was born.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach (13)

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Are you ready to claim this story?


Do you long to look in the mirror and adore the woman you see there?

Do you want to feel lit up every day, energized, easily attracting all your desires to you like a magnet?

Do you crave being the one at that center of attention, setting the standard for confidence and achievement— all eyes on you… and gracefully owning your power?

Do you long for the freedom to travel the world for your absolute pleasure— to explore its cultures, connect with its peoples, creating incredible memories, and sharing your adventures with friends back home… and maybe even sharing your adventures publicly?Do you want to feel more trusting in your intuition every day? So you know you are doing the right thing

Do you want to feel more purposeful, connected to your True Self, your authenticity, and aligned with what makes you truly happy?

Do you dream of owning your own business, bringing your big ideas to the world, making it a better place in your own unique way?

Are you driven to save and invest, creating financial stability for yourself and your family, being a superb role-model for your children?

Do you dream of being wealthy, a millionaire, living in luxury, joyfully choosing what excites your soul?

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach (13)

Live attendees will receive "The Badass Butterfly Metamorphosis & Mastery Blueprint and Assessment" for FREE!

For the woman stuck in the caterpillar phase –

If you’re having trouble manifesting what you want in your life…

If you’re struggling to call in the relationship that turns you on and lights you up…

If you can’t seem to reach that financial breakthrough that puts you over the edge into ‘plenty’…

If the work you’re doing is draining your energy making you want to go home and binge on Netflix, wine, weed, and cake…

If it’s really hard to create the body you want, whether it’s weightloss, excellent health, or some kind of performance goal (like a 10k or marathon…)


If you are sick and tired of things not showing up the way you want them to… and you are ready to manifest a wealth of romantic pleasure, intimacy, financial prosperity, and physical juiciness and vitality, there is a simple, supportive, and fun way to do it.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach (13)

Live attendees will receive "The Badass Butterfly Metamorphosis & Mastery Blueprint and Assessment" for FREE!

Your wealth is not just about your bank account and financial net worth. It is the abundant sum of your:

➻ Life-affirming whole-self concept,

➻ Helpful and positive beliefs,

➻ High vibrational, procreative emotions,

➻ Vibrant procreative thoughts,

➻ Impeccable, well-established habits,

➻ Productive, creative speech, and

➻ Inspired, curated, and intentional actions.


For the woman who is frustrated and tired of settling, playing small, and holding herself back…Stop beating yourself up. It’s not your fault.

So, when did you first become disconnected from your powerful manifestation center, your juicy source of whole-self wealth?

Your mindset is everything. It’s made of the way you conceptualize yourself, the way you believe, think, feel, speak, and act. This whole-self concept is responsible for shaping the world, making decisions for you, and causing you to manifest what you are experiencing in your life.

It is responsible for your job and the role that you play, your partner, your health, and your bank account.


But you didn’t intentionally plant these seeds in your mind. 

The garden of your whole-self concept began in early childhood with the messages that your parents scattered, and then your teachers and peers, and the media, and all the other authoritative influences that had access to the fertile, receptive grounds of your young, impressionable mind.

Outside ideas that were only marginally empowering slipped in and created a lot of havoc in the garden of your whole-self concept. These outside influences spoke to your caterpillar self and as a result you believed that your caterpillar self was all you are.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach (13)

Live attendees will receive "The Badass Butterfly Metamorphosis & Mastery Blueprint and Assessment" for FREE!

But I am going to talk to you in terms of the Truth of who you are – the Badass Butterfly inside.

The caterpillar is a phase from which you are to escape.

You’re aware of the powerful inner presence that brings you beautiful hopes, dreams, and ambitions. She is smart, savvy, visionary, intentional, present, and Divine.

And she’s got wings! Beautiful, big powerful wings that are colored and made stronger by your willingness to leave your comfort zone.


That’s right. The more willing you are to get out of your comfort zone, the bigger and more vibrant are your Badass Butterfly wings.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach (13)

Live attendees will receive "The Badass Butterfly Metamorphosis & Mastery Blueprint and Assessment" for FREE!


Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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