Hello! I am Crystal Lynn!

My name is Crystal Lynn Bell and I live in Florence, Italy. I help healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs around the world create, build and launch online coaching businesses so they can quit their corporate and 9 to 5 job and live their Divine Life Purpose helping others while they experience financial freedom and time wealth.

I have been called to train, mentor and lead 18 Badass Butterflies in Spiritual Life Coach Certification.

For the last eight years, I have been working as a Spiritual Life Coach and building an outstanding Spiritual Life Coach Certification program that not only gives you a solid foundation in practical spiritual coaching, but helps you develop your very own Spirit-inspired business with a powerful transformation program and course of services.

Did you get that “Spirit-inspired” part?

It’s important because in my program, you and I tune into your Soul’s Agenda so that everything we create has meaning to you on a deep level. Our work together will reach your Soul. This is not a cookie-cutter, business-in-a-box weekend coaching program. This is an ego shedding, transformational, Badass Butterfly awakening expression of your Authentic Self. I can only work with small and intimate group in this round of sessions, so grab your place in the course before the doors close.

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From my personal experience, while you are preparing to launch your business, you need a mentor who can help you with:

- A transformational program that will help you birth your best Self. You need to get everything you need to build your business in one place so you don't have to piece together your education. Although you are Spiritual and you love using your intuition, you need a systematic program structure that lets you relax into learning. I've created a 10-module certification program that promises to simplify the business building process cutting away all the fat to give you a lean, effective program that transforms lives-- beginning with your own.

- Heal your own shadows and break through your self-doubt, fear and small minded thinking. You need your own Spiritual Life Coach who can help you have the transformational healing that your Soul requires to truly live and honor your Divine Life Purpose. You also need help preparing your inner self to serve others-- you have to learn how to identify the root cause of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and disempowered emotions and you'll need to know how to heal them and help apply those changes in a meaningful, impactful way. You can always learn more about my personal coaching philosophy on my coaching page, www.BadassButterfly.com.


- Inspire your joy to jump out of bed each morning. You need professional guidance from someone who touches your Soul and makes you want to reach for the stars. You'll want to know that they have actually succeeded at what you aspire to do. Whether it's being a change-maker at the level of the mind, at the body or at the Soul, you want to learn from someone who thrives your chosen vocation and inspires your own high vibrational lifestyle. I built my coaching practice and blog following from the ground up. With over 10,000+ readers each month, my programs and offerings change lives.

- Support your emotions as you learn and grow your business. You need a structured learning environment that lets you know all the requirements and supports your unique learning needs so that you can give your best. You'll want to know that when you get stuck, confused or even just have an off day, your team has your back. When you work with me, you're never alone. In addition to regular support from me, you'll have an entire kaleidoscope of Badass Butterflies who understand exactly what you're going through. Our sessions are not just about building your business. They are also about helping you develop emotionally and spiritually while welcoming you to a fearless community of Spiritual Activists.

- Unlock your talent and bring forth your Unique Offering. You need someone to help you put your vision together. My combination of Soul-work and professional direction will help you recognize and develop your own unique healing method that will let you effectively transform your people so that you can easily bypass the "competition" and make yourself stand out in the crowd. I work with my students to bring out the most powerful and profound offerings that reflect the best they have to offer. It means that my students don't suffer from being generic clichés that look like templates. Your tribe is going to reflect YOU, so we want to make sure we offer YOU.

- Teach you how to make money consistently with a solid structure and an excellent return on your investment. You need to  earn a living and do more than pay the bills. As  much

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as we know that Love is all we truly need, we need Love to come to us in the form of tangible resources that we can exchange for the things we desire. It is easy to earn money when you are aligned with Higher Principles. You need to build your business using Spirit + solid business principles + confidence. This is not mysterious. You need a tried-and-true system that works. I've established a solid foundation that lets me live my life the way I want, on my terms. Financial freedom and time wealth are my greatest resources and I am delighted to be able to share my process for building these with you.

Your Soul is calling you to serve your Life Purpose and every day that you spend ignoring that call makes you feel like your life, creativity and potential are being wasted. Your time, energy and money are precious, and when you invest them in things that don't give you joy, your heart suffers. Your Soul MUST be satisfied and if you have been guided here, then it's time to put your Life Purpose at the top of your priorities list.

I help healers, light workers and heart-centered entrepreneurs build and launch their Spiritual Life Coaching businesses so they can have financial & time freedom while living their Life Purpose.


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For me, Spiritual Life Coaching is not a job, it is a way of life. Choosing to become a healer and coach means you are choosing a life of freedom-- freedom from the constraints of the corporate world, freedom from a job that doesn't satisfy your Soul and... financial freedom. A solid business plan will help you build a beautiful financial future that supports your Soul's creative endeavors.  It takes work, but you can do it!  That's why we take so much time in this program.  We need time to build your program and to think through the details of your plan so that you THRIVE, not struggle just to survive.

I've developed my Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach Certification program with love and attention to detail so that you not only become a powerful coach, but you become an empowered being... a Badass Butterfly in your own right.

To participate in this Spiritual Life Coach Certification program, you need a burning desire to give birth to your authentic self and to help others do the same.  The program is comprehensive and takes ten months to complete. This includes your own course of therapy to help you on your healing journey and to step definitively into your role as healer.  Actually, it's really important to understand that in this certification program, self-healing is the key component.  A Badass Butterfly walks their talk.  We do the inner work needed to create change in the outer world.  You do not need to be perfectly healed to be a healer or Spiritual Life Coach, but you do need to be doing the work:  working on your beliefs, managing your mind, making empowered decisions and taking care of yourself with self-compassion and self-acceptance.

In my own life, spirituality is Reality.  My life revolves around spiritual principles, not as a religion, but as a way of being.  My relationships, my body, my mind, my business (EVERYTHING) is about Spirit and Unconditional Love.  This is important for you to understand, Dear Reader, because if my coaching certification looks interesting to you, you'll need to know that you will be diving DEEPLY into LIVING Spirit.  This is not a religious endeavor.  This is about your relationship with LIFE FORCE ENERGY.  You do NOT have to be perfectly healed to be a powerful coach (thank God/Goddess!) but you do have to be willing to be knee-deep in the work.

This is a channeled program that is going to help you dive deep into your Being to find your passion for healing and being of service and weave those together into a purposeful, awakened lifestyle and business that serves you and your tribe.

I desire to work with people who desire TRUE authenticity-- not ego based drama, but honest-to-goodness SOUL.  I desire to work with people who want to tear down their walls, peel away their masks and live with an open heart.  I'm not saying it's easy to get there. But having this as one of your core desires will help you thrive this program and in my opinion, will make you an outstanding spiritual life coach.  If this is you, then I want to work with you!

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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