Psychic Eye Group Coaching: Build Intuition and Live Life from the Inside Out

Sessions run for six weeks from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on Mondays or Thursdays, beginning March 21st or March 24th.

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Open your psychic eye and unlock your ability to connect to the Spirit World.  If you KNOW that spirit is real, then this is the class for you.  Join me on a powerful journey to shift the way you live your life from the material to the spiritual!

Everyday I work with women and men who are developing their connection to God/Goddess/Source of All.  We are not human beings limited by physical laws, societal pressures, and a lack of resources like money, time and energy.  We are Source Energy having a human experience.  We are eternal, connected and UNLIMITED.  We are SPIRIT having a physical experience.  Like The Police sang, “We are Spirit in the material!”

If you believe that you are a Spiritual being but are having trouble tapping into your Source of knowledge and power, then this series of Intuition boosting classes is going to rock your world.

Each week, we’re going to meet at my home and fill you up with practical information that you will use every day to sharpen your feeling nature, your instincts and your psychic awareness.  You will receive a practical way to work with Spirit and Energy to create a powerful life where your HEART is the Queen and your brain its trusty servant.

That’s right.  I said it.  Your HEART is the Queen and your brain is its trusty servant.  Most of the people who come to me are over-using their brains and disregarding their feelings.  I ask them how they feel about something and they are so in their heads that they tell me what they think.  They have forgotten how to feel their feelings!

This series of classes are an intensive meant to get you out of your head and into your heart.  They will teach you how your feelings work and how you can use your sensuality as your own Internal Guidance System.

This class is packed with information that you will use every single day to get you shifted from being an egocentric individual to a Spiritcentric Being who is connected to the whole world… through your heart.

Once you start living your life through the heart, EVERYTHING changes.  You start attracting more solutions, you start having more fun, you start connecting more powerfully to people, you start feeling better about who you are.  That’s right, my friend.  When you live through your heart, you start LOVING YOURSELF and valuing yourself and finding your worth in who you are as a Divine Being.  You worry less about what you do not have and focus more on what you are creating with every breath you take.

So here are just some of the things that you’re going to learn in this awesome class:

How spirituality works:  I’m going to give you a very simple way to understand how the spiritual interacts with the material.  This is a stimulating segment that will have you amazed by how simple and easy it is to recognize your Spirit Guides and to see the magic in all things.  You’ll learn about astrology, numerology, chakras, and divining.  You’ll learn about the magic of relationship and your own power to heal your own problems, as well as how healing works for others.

Communicate with Spirit:  We’re going to learn who our Spirit Guides are and learn how to talk to them.  We’re going to learn their language and learn how to better follow their guidance.

Soul’s Purpose:  This is a really important part of this class.  When we discover who we truly are and why we came here, everything changes.  We live authentically, tell our truth and live life according to what’s right for us.  At first, this will scare some people because they are afraid that underneath it all, they are selfish and mean, but actually, when you get to your Soul’s Purpose, you’re going to find that you are actually full of natural LOVE and SERVICE and that none of these things requires you to sacrifice any aspect of yourself.  It is SO POWERFUL!

Fairies, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors:  Yep.  We’re going to learn all about these mystical beings and spend lots of time in loving communication with them.  This is a really fun part of our class because you’re going to find that these guys are all around you, supporting you, loving you and just working to make your dreams come true.  They always have been here and they always will be.  You just need to learn how to open your ‘eye.’


How Psychic Eye Group Coaching Works:

1.  We meet once a week.  You choose either Monday or Thursday at 7:00pm.  I am offering the class twice a week, but you choose which day you want to come:  Monday or Thursday.  Classes are 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours long, depending on the material and the questions you have.  You should expect to be done by 8:30pm or 9:00pm.

2.  We will meet at my home.  There will be light snacks and tea.  We will sit on chairs, but if you prefer a yoga mat or meditation pillow, then bring it.  It is a very relaxed environment.  You’ll need to bring a journal and pen to each session.

3.  During the class sessions, I will give you practical learning lessons about the week’s subject matter.  I will give you exercises that we’ll do in class and I’ll also give you homefun (fun homework) that will help you connect more deeply with the principles being taught.

4.  Over the course of the week, you put into practice all the things that you learned in the class.  This process is easy because you apply the teachings to your daily life, like work, children, your boss, even your meals! It’s really fun to watch everything come alive!

5.  This is a six session coaching program that begins on Mondays or Thursdays, beginning March 21st or March 24th.

6.  Payment:  The investment is $35 per class if you pay as you go.
Save $30 off the whole program and pay just $180 for all six classes when you sign up and pay in full before March 21st.  Use coupon code PSYCHIC to pay in full when you sign up and get the discount.  Choose Recurring Appointment in the scheduler and you will be entered into all classes  and given the discounted amount of $180. To register officially, you must do it through one of these links:

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Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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