The Badass Butterfly Manifesto

Badass Butterfly and Astrology Wheel

This manifesto is a summary of my personal philosophy that has made me a Badass Butterfly.  All of my teachings, blog articles, videos and courses take these principles as their foundation.  All of my work serves the concepts outlined here.  To learn how I can help you become a Badass Butterfly, book yourself in for a complimentary Badass Butterfly Discovery Session.

1. Unconditional Love is the Life Force Energy that created this Universe. It is a consciousness that creates form from its being.

2. Our Souls are the children of Unconditional Love and we came to Earth to experience three-dimensional life, which will helps expand Unconditional Love.

3. The Soul sits at the Heart of every being. This is why the Heart is the most powerful organ in the body. When we consciously breathe into our heart, we are consciously sending Life Force Energy to our Soul which is a simple, but nourishing act of self-love.

4. Our Souls came to Earth with an agenda which we can intuit and we can use tools such as astrology and numerology to help us understand our Soul’s Agenda for this life time. Our Soul’s Agenda helps expand Unconditional Love because by experiencing the contrast to love, we deepen our relationship with it. In other words, we often learn more about what love is by diving deeply into what we perceive love is not.

5. We embrace the contrast to love because eventually, we learn that all things serve Unconditional Love and so we appreciate (raise the vibration of) the contrast by loving it unconditionally.

6. Our ego is a mask to help us dive deeper into the contrast. The more egocentric we are, the more contrast we call into our experience and the more profound will be the expansion of Unconditional Love. In this way, ego is a tool of the Divine. It serves us by being a source of pain that leads to wisdom.

7. Ego is meant to serve us so we must train it to be obedient to our Higher Self. This requires a deep awareness of our Higher Purpose so that we can rightly train our ego. Otherwise, ego will manipulate us and train us into serving love with conditions.

8. The Soul’s Agenda must be satisfied and it will.

9. The Badass Butterfly is the Soul who has awakened to the power of its Divinity and it seeks to live its life from its true Divine Nature.

10. The Badass Butterfly has always been. It is a consciousness that is constantly expanding its magnificence. The wings on its back represent its greatest potential.

11. The Badass Butterfly does not strive to be perfect, but does strive to trust and surrender to its Divine Nature. The Badass Butterfly makes decisions from trust and it surrenders to the process. It is both Badass to trust and to surrender.

12. The Badass Butterfly lives its life from the Inside Out. It knows that the outside world is a reflection of what is inside.

13. When the Badass Butterfly wants to manifest change in the outside world, it goes inside to observe and study its alignment with Spirit through its emotions, thoughts, and habitual actions.

14. The Badass Butterfly’s emotions, thoughts and habitual actions are the keys that shape its three-dimensional experience. In any moment, the Badass Butterfly uses stillness to align the mind, presence to calm the emotions and inspired action to break the patterns of limiting habit.

15. The Badass Butterfly uses a Daily Practice that helps it shed old, outdated paradigms and mindsets and bring it into a state of oneness with its Divine Nature. The Daily Practice is personal but usually has Meditation, Shadow Work and Healing at its base.

16. The Badass Butterfly is a highly creative being who is constantly the laying eggs of its self-expression.

17. The Badass Butterfly dreams big and uses its intuition and its connection to Spirit to take the inspired actions that will help manifest its Heart’s desires. It unites its feminine feeling nature with its masculine thinking nature to take inspired action. In this way, the Badass Butterfly is both feminine and masculine.

18. The Badass Butterfly is independent, however, it communes with others of a like-mind. The Law of Attraction serves the Heart by bringing itself to it.

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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