VIDEO: Higher Self-Advocacy: The Spiritual Life Coaching Tool That Will Elevate Your Client Experience

Today we're talking about the Higher Self and your client's responsibility to theirs!!!

As a spiritual healer, you take on the responsibility of showing up in your best form so that you can channel light and the Divine. But what about your clients? They have a responsibility in their own healing, as well. In today’s livestream, we’re going to be talking about the client’s responsibility in their healing and transformation journey. I’ve got a cool solution that I want to share with you and six steps you can use to bring this powerful solution to them and to your business.

As spiritual beings living in the material world, we envision, build, and work our Divine Coaching Business to deliver high-quality offerings that bring big results and we rightfully expect a significant return on our investment of heart, time, creativity, and energy.

But you must learn how to build your business correctly so that you can set yourself up to receive consistent income that supports you, your family, and your dreams. That’s what we’ll be exploring here in the League of Badass Butterflies throughout the month of August.

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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