Dancing with Divine Connection

There is something Divine about dancing. Ancient dances like Hula, Mapouka (presently known as “twerking”), Hāka, belly dancing, and more continue to move our hearts and bodies today. So do modern styles from ballet to break-dancing, with new variations emerging every year. Many religions, like Judaism and Sufism, include dance as an integral part of celebrating the Divine. But anybody who’s ever been enchanted by a groove knows: something transcendent happens when you surrender to the rhythm and allow the music to move through you.

Badass Butterflies are a lot like expert dancers – even those of us who can’t find the down-beat with a compass! Dancers embody Divine Masculine qualities like strength, structure, and discipline and Divine Feminine qualities like flexibility, fun, and flow. Similarly, Badass Butterflies integrate years of skillful practice with their direct connection to Spirit. Both groups create something beautiful for themselves and others. As Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches, we share our skills and vulnerability with our clients, showing them how to hear the music of the Divine and dance with it.

Whether you are religious or not, Divine connection is available to you. Whatever you call It – Allah, the Universe, Brahma, Electromagnetism – Spirit is constantly speaking to you. Learning how to listen is the first step towards Divine connection. As with acquiring any new language, starting now and practicing DAILY will yield the best results.

How to Listen to the Divine:

1. Meditate Daily.

I know, “Crystal Lynn just won’t shut up about meditation.” Well, I have good reasons! There are as many ways to meditate as there are ways to dance. Pick one. If you don’t like it, try another one! Download a free meditation app, follow a guided meditation YouTube channel, ANYTHING, just MEDITATE. Any style of meditation that can help you distinguish what you think from who you are is worth your time. Don’t you want to know who you are? Spoiler alert: You Are God.

You may think you’re “you” because you’re used to identifying with your ego self and forgot how to connect with your Higher Self… unless you have a regular meditation practice, then you can just tap into your Higher Self whenever you want. 😜 Joking aside, I understand that learning traditional meditation and building new habits takes work. I encourage everyone to try ANY mindfulness practice that allows you to observe your thoughts without judgment. Once you learn to identify with the observer, and KEEP PRACTICING, you will sharpen your ability to receive Divine messages. To paraphrase the Buddha, “don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.”

2. Abstract Art.

Any expression that elicits emotion can be considered art. Imagine you see a painting of random squiggles and think to yourself, “well that’s stupid. Any 3 year-old could do that. Why does it cost $3000? Why am I so angry right now??” That’s art. What if you let yourself create your own mass of random squiggles, without judgment? Start simple with colored pencils, crayons, or the pens and pencils on your desk. Anything can be your canvass, even an empty cereal box. The point is to express yourself non-verbally.

There’s no need to show your artwork to anyone, or even keep it for yourself. This is between you and God. If you need inspiration, visit an art museum or search for “abstract art” online. Practice observing your feelings without judgment. What do YOU think the artist was trying to convey? Art doesn’t have to be logical and no interpretation is “wrong.” Creating and consuming art for art’s sake can get you out of your ego and into Divine connection.

3. Spend Quality Time in Nature.

Human brains are an evolutionary miracle, and a bit of a curse. Plants and animals don’t have the burden of our hyper-developed prefrontal cortex and its swirling whirlwind of incessant thoughts, fears, plans, regrets, memories, and fantasies. Everything in nature exists only in the present. By observing nature, we remember how to live in the moment, every moment. If you have access to a nature preserve, public park, or even a quiet backyard, utilize that space to reconnect with stillness. If green space isn’t available, read poetry about nature; use your imagination to reunite with Divine stillness.

4. Connect with Your Subconscious.

Dream journaling, free-writing, speaking your stream-of-consciousness into an audio recorder, and sensory deprivation are a few practices that “tune us in” to our subconscious. Record and review what your subconscious reveals to you. If you see something you don’t like, resist the urge to look away. Practice spending time with your shadow: the parts of yourself that you tend to hide. Shadow work reveals your hidden motivations, allowing more control of your conscious actions.

Along with meditation, and the other practices described above, shadow work helps us notice the noise of our mind and distinguish it from the symphony of the Divine. With patience, practice, and surrender, you’ll be able to release your egoic limitations and let the music dance through you!


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