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Gratitude is your sense of thankfulness and joy for receiving a gift.  The gift can be a tangible object or an experience of something such as an appreciation of nature.  ‘An attitude of gratitude’ reflects a disposition that notices and appreciates the wholeness and diversity of life experience.  Your ability to feel gratitude is a key step in opening the floodgates for your abundance.  Practicing gratitude regularly tones and purifies your energetic body and allows your Inner Radiance to shine brightly.

This page is a compilation of exercises you can use to help you recognize the blessings in your life.  It is not meant to be comprehensive, but it is certainly a good tool for helping you recognize the bounty that is yours.  Don’t try to do all of these items in one day.  Bookmark this page or save the address so that you can come back to work through the exercises with care.

Part 1:  I Am Grateful.
Write out the following items in your journal.  Go into as much detail as you would like.

  • Tell why you are grateful for five people who have served you well in this lifetime.
  • Explain in detail five things you love about your physical body.
  • Give five things that are great about your home environment and neighborhood and tell why you like them.
  • Give five things that you love about your current job and work environment and why.
  • List five things that are unique about yourself.  Tell how do you feel about each of these things.
  • List five things you are good at doing.  Give an example of each.
  • List five areas where you are knowledgeable.  How does your knowledge serve others?
  • Explore five areas where you have experienced luck in your life.  How do you feel about being so blessed?
  • List five ways in which your life is abundant.  How does your bounty make you feel?

Part 2:  I Am Worthy.
Evaluate yourself in terms of each of these statements.  Take the time to think about or write down why you feel the way you do about each one.

  • I have so much in life for which to be thankful.
  • If I had to list everything for which I felt thankful, I would be writing a long time.
  • I don’t really think that I’ve gotten all the good things that I deserve in life.
  • Often time I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.
  • When I look at the world, I don’t see much for which to be thankful.
  • I am thankful to a wide variety of people.
  • For some reason I never seem to get the advantages that others get.
  • As I get older I find myself more able to appreciate the people, events, and situations that have been part of my story.
  • I think it is important to enjoy the simple things in life.
  • I feel deeply appreciative for the things others have done for me in my life.
  • Because of what I have gone through in my life, I really feel like the world owes me something.
  • More bad things have happened to me in my life than I deserve.

Part 3:  I Am Healed.
One of the most powerful tools for reaching enlightenment is the ability to be grateful for the toughest things.  Here’s an opportunity to do some real healing on a deep level.  Write down a negative experience you have had. Contemplate and write out the following:

  • Who wronged you in this situation? Write down three ways you can forgive them for any perceived harm done to you or done to another.
  • What role did you play in this situation?  Write down three ways you can forgive yourself for any perceived harm you may have caused.
  • What did you learn from this situation?
  • How did this situation serve you?
  • How did this situation advance you?
  • List three positive things that came out of this situation.
  • Bless the situation fully with all your heart.  Write out a sincere wish of peace and joy for the situation and all the people involved.  Most importantly, bless yourself for being brave enough to go back to a painful past armed with just an open heart, a pen and the intention of healing.  Be courageous, Friend.  You can do this.

Congratulations!  You have just raised your vibration and created space for the universe to send you more prosperity, love, friendship and joy.  Many people will find that Part 3, I Am Healed is the most challenging section.  It is the most perplexing aspect of my coaching sessions because most people struggle to find the joy in the most painful memories.  I do, too.  But the thing is, when you go in and shed the tears and release the anger that is holding the memory of the pain in tact, the memory loses its ability to hurt you.  So you find yourself free of the energetic imprint that says ‘Victim’ or ‘Broken’ or ‘Unsuccessful.’ When you commit yourself to universal gratitude, you raise yourself to a level of exquisite purity of spirit and the universe can’t help but respond with experiences that match your essence.

If you have trouble with any of the material presented here, contact me.  I like to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss the various coaching options I can offer you.  I invite you to call me at 310-439-8749 or email me at to learn how I can serve you.

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn

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