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Want answers to your questions or insights about your problems? I’ve got something for that! Intuition is the power and ability of your human self to receive knowledge and guidance from your very own eternal soul and the inseparable Spark of God Within. The real nature and power of intuition is that it provides you with inner two-way communication between your human self and your God-Self. Intuition gives you with the ability to ask deep questions and receive divine answers and inner guidance in all situations. Everything you need to know lies inside you, but sometimes you need a little help cutting through the debris of your own mind to get to your very own brand of juicy wisdom.  That’s where I come in.  Check out my list of Intuitive Guidance and Readings and let me help you see yourself more clearly.  Sessions are done by phone or Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout. Sessions will be recorded so that you can listen to them again.  You are invited to meet with me in-person if I am in your town, or we can arrange a private retreat if you want to travel to wherever I am in the world.  My Current Location:  Zagreb, Croatia

Crystal Lynn Spiritcentric LogoTarot Reading:  Tarot is a time-honored tradition of interpreting a pattern of cards randomly drawn from a deck of 78. The traditional symbolism of the card images allows you insight to issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes. When reading your cards, I tune into my Higher Self and allow messages from your Guides to flow through Me to you.  These messages from your Divine Guidance Team will bring you conscious awareness of your power to change or stay on your path. WARNING: My work is deep. It is meant to promote powerful change at the level of your Soul. I am not here to make you feel good. I am here to give you the messages from YOUR guides in the way I am directed. Also, I will always treat you as the Divine Being that you are. I will never treat you like a victim of circumstance, although I will nurture you with love and compassion.
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Akashic Records Book in LibraryAkashic Records Exploration: The Akashic Records are the Great Central Library of every life.  Here you will find your heavenly story; the imprint of everything about you from karma to past lives to your Divine Blueprint.  Our explorations together are a form of client-directed hypnosis or trance-work, which allows you to discover and resolve pre-existing, unresolved trauma and to integrate those into the mindsets and behaviors that determine your life experience. This is extremely helpful for releasing harmful modes of behavior and for shifting a negative or unhelpful mindset to a positive one. Additionally, exploring the Akashic Records can be used to explore the archetypes of past lives in order to enhance personal identity and to enrich spiritual growth, as well as, to accelerate discovery and integration of various life aspects. Throughout all of this, you are actively involved in your own healing process, which means you are empowering yourself to the core.
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Astrology Zodiac TreeAstrological Guidance with Natal Chart:  Astrology is a sacred science.   I personally use astrology as a road map for all of my adventures.  By using the Earth’s orbit around the Sun as a fixed reference point and through precise astronomical plotting of planetary movements, we can understand, with remarkable accuracy, the highest spiritual meanings and the most practical physical potentials that synchronize with celestial events. Unlock a wealth of information about your unique story by studying your astrological natal report with me as your guide.  Your natal chart can give you clues about the many dynamics at play in your life.  You can gain valuable insights about your career, finances, health, romantic love, family dynamics, and ambitions, as well as, uncovering meaningful clues about your underlying values and belief systems which are coloring your perceptions about the world around you. I will prepare your report for you and help you with understanding the influences present.  Your report will be emailed to you before your appointment so that you can begin reading it and formulating the questions you want to have answered during your session.  You can choose a Western (Tropical) Astrology Session or an Eastern (Vedic or Sidereal) Astrology Session.  The Western chart emphasizes the Sun sign and the Eastern emphasizes the Moon.  Both are awesome! Not sure of which one to choose?  You can book a complimentary Discovery Session with Crystal Lynn and she can help you determine which one to choose.
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Zodiac allYear Ahead Astrological Guidance with Solar Return Chart: The most important chart of the year!  Every year, the Sun comes around to the exact day and time of your birth, but all the other planets are doing something very different than they were on the day you were born.  This yearly occurrence sets the mood and tone for your year.  The Solar Return Chart can show you how you’re being reborn this year.  We’ll get a meaningful look into the dynamics at play in your relationships, your career, your finances.  We can even use your Solar Return Chart to understand your energy and health levels.  The influences for your Solar Return can be felt in the two months before your birthday, so get your chart early to start learning how to enhance the wonderful aspects you’ll be experiencing; and preparing for any storms that may be brewing.  Beautifully presented, this report makes a wonderful birthday gift. This session can be done at any point in the year and can look even at the years in the future!
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Brown Black Hands Pouring TeaGood Old Sound Advice:  You just need to talk to someone who is unbiased and nonjudgmental, but able to see you clearly and hold you in ‘miraculous vision.’  That’s my job and I <3 it!  Book yourself in for the time you want and let’s have tea and tune into the deep Inner Wisdom that resides in both of us so that we can help you feel grounded, supported, nurtured and empowered.  FEEL BETTER NOW!
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