Listen To Your Heart

I had a phenomenal talk with my Higher Self this morning. She lead me to some profound understandings about all sorts of things: romantic partners, sexuality, abundance, flight, healing and writing. I am so grateful to have surrendered to the Goddess– to have surrendered to mySelf. Being away from the story and allowing myself to ease into the peace and serenity of Gaia was the perfect decision.

Please, my Sisters and Brothers, listen to your heart and follow its directives. God/Source/Goddess would never steer you wrong– ever. Do not be afraid to dive into the unknown because your ego (or even worse, other people’s egos) tell you that you’re crazy or that you are wrong. They simply don’t know what’s right for you. Hell, they don’t even know what’s right for themselves. You have the answers to all questions at your fingertips. You just have to tune in and let them come to you.

And don’t worry about being mislead because you didn’t listen to the ‘right’ voice. The Universe will correct you if you become too egocentric. You can decide if it will correct you gently or fiercely. I like to get my lessons fast and hard, but sometimes it becomes too much and I ask the Universe to lighten up. It responds immediately!!!

If you want to learn more about how to listen to your heart and be more intuitive; if you want to REMEMBER how to be your Authentic Self, then message me. I have just opened the door to being the Healer and Spiritual Life Coach that I have been trained to be. I invite you in with compassion and open arms. My calling is to serve the world community by awakening its members to their Divinity and their authentic lives. I will no longer deny my impulses to create; I will no longer disappear like I have been asked to do. I fully affirm that I Am.




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