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The Spiritcentric approach to meditation is simple:  Stop, be quiet, listen.  Repeat.

Meditation doesn’t need to be a rigorous, boot campy, aggressive action that you have to take in order to feel powerful.  Meditation is your friend, your angel, your security blanket.  Let it become as pleasurable as your glass of wine, your morning run, your conversation with your best friend.  Let it become– don’t force it to be anything.  Explore it as it evolves.

You can start meditating for just 30 seconds a day.  This active practice will get your mind ready for taking time out to connect to your Higher Self.  As you start to love yourSelf for 30 seconds a day, you will start loving yourSelf more and more– so you’ll naturally start checking in with yourSelf throughout the day for just 30 seconds.  Gradually, in your own natural time, you’ll start choosing to be quiet because you enjoy the peaceful calm that surrounds you.  Your regular meditation will grow from here.  Begin by becoming mindful.

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in an environment with your body and your mind.  It is breathing in the environment and breathing out tension and erratic thought.  It is a quiet, peaceful mind that is observing, rather than judging.  Mindfulness means that you have stopped the talking in your head.  It is concentration and being present.  Mindfulness is listening with your heart and with your ears.  Mindfulness gives way to joy and happiness by allowing your ego (the one who casts judgment) to rest so that all that remains is your connection to your Higher Self, which is joyful, blissful and peaceful.

To be Spiritcentric, it is important to keep your body, mind and spirit functioning at a high vibrational level. The Mindfulness Practice I present is very simple.  Please read through and take on the following concepts as best you can:

1.  Start each day with a few deep breaths into your heart center.  Be conscious of your body and just allow yourself to be fully present for the few moments it takes to draw these breaths.  Breathe in Love and Light.  Breathe out tension, resistance, fear and anxiety.  Allow yourself to just be.
2. Do a formal meditation each day.  It doesn’t matter the length of time.  Your meditation can last from 2 minutes to two hours, if it suits you.  It is important that you consciously make a decision to create space in your life to connect to your Higher Self.  I teach meditation classes privately and to groups so that you can learn how to meditate or learn how to improve the meditation practice you have.  Here are a few ideas for a simple, but powerful meditation practice:

  • You can meditate on your breathing and simply count the number of seconds it takes to inhale and then count the number of seconds it takes to exhale.
  • You can meditate on releasing tension from your body by sitting quietly and just telling each of your body parts to relax and giving them time to do so.
  • Your meditation can be in the form of sitting quietly and contemplating a subject or idea.
  • Your meditation can be chanting, reciting affirmations or prayer.  Consider doing a long chanting practice such as Daimoku from the Nichiren Buddhism tradition; So Purkh from the Sikh tradition; the Gayatri mantra from the Hindu tradition; or the Lord’s Prayer from the Christian tradition.
  • Meditation can be guided by using an mp3, cd, or one you find on Youtube.
  • Meditation can be in the form of movement such as yoga, dance or walking.
  • Meditation can just a few moments being aware of your body.  Listening to the sound of your heart or feeling the beat of your pulse.

3.  Do at least one thing mindfully every day.  To do something mindfully means to do something with your mind fully on the the thing you are doing.  For example, you could choose to wash the dishes mindfully.  This means that you would focus on the task of washing the dishes.  You would be aware of the experience of washing the dishes by, for example, feeling the temperature of the water and feeling the texture of the dishes themselves.  Listening to sound of the water  and even being aware of the fragrance of the dish soap supports your mindfulness.  Breathe.  Be truly washing the dishes with your mind and your body without judging anything about the experience.  Just allow yourself to be present with the dishes.  If your mind starts to wander, then gently bring it back to the task and the present moment.


4.  Practice energetic healing on yourself daily for a few minutes.  Be fully present in the moment of channeling powerful healing energy through your body and mind.  Feel the sensations in your body and explore your healing.  You have the power to heal!  Enjoy it and let it propel you higher and higher.  I am happy to teach you a few healing modalities that can help you really tune into yourSelf.

5.  Make a gratitude list every day on paper, spoken out loud or in your mind.  Expressing your gratitude elevates the frequency of your thoughts and helps you savor the present moment.  Taking an inventory of your gifts, whether they be big or small, opens your heart and mind to the abundance around you. The more gratitude for your environment the more beauty and light are reflected back to you.  After you’ve made your gratitude list, raise your vibration even higher and look around to appreciate where you are.

6.  Embrace and practice the 5 Reiki Principles as outlined by Dr. Mikao Usui.  This is a practice that Reiki Masters and Practitioners use to help them become present when they are working with the healing power of Reiki.

  • I – Just for today, I will not be angry.  Let your emotions flow through your body.  Do not allow infractions to lodge in your body and block the flow of your energy.  Let harmful energies from the outside be processed quickly through your nervous system and released to the ethers to be transmuted to something useful.  Let your own harmful energies be released from the cells and energetic centers in your own body and released through your pores and through your breath to be transmuted by the ethers into something useful.  Let your body be free from anger, resentment and hostility so that there is only room for light, love, abundance and joy.
  • II – Just for today, I will not worry.  Trust in your own Divinity is powerful medicine.  When you trust, you know.  You know that you are perfect and that the past is perfect and that your future is perfect.  When you trust fully, all energy flows without hindrance or blockage.
  • III – Just for today, I will be grateful.  Be grateful for all.  Understand that every little thing, every big thing, every moment, every thought, every form, every gesture, every flap of a butterfly’s wing has brought your to this moment. You are in Divine Time.  Your unconditional appreciation of all the things around you, of all the things that have brought you to this moment in time and space raises your vibration, heals past wounding and brings calm and joy into the present, thus healing your future.
  • IV – Just for today, I will do my work honestly.  Be present.  Be mindful.  Be present in your workplace.  Be present at your duties.  Be present at your chores.  Make mindful choices in every move you make.  Be aware of who you are and that you are an expression of God in every thought and every action.
  • V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.  Recognize God in you.  Recognize God in other people.  Recognize God in all beasts.  Honor your parents, honor your teachers, honor your elders.  Being Kind brings Love into the Will.

7.  Consider adopting the tenets of a High Vibrational Lifestyle.  For example, consider doing more of the following:

  • Listen to your body.
  • Cleanse your energy field daily.  It’s the quiet dark energies that can sneak in and build up without our awareness.  Daily cleansing helps to bring your awareness to them to recognize them upon arrival and helps you move them out before they take root and foster dis-ease.  Breathe deeply into your chakras and help your energy to flow freely without blockages.
  • Eat healthy meals and drink lots of water. Eat what your body needs.  Do not use food as a drug (or a weapon against yourself.)
  • Do the Spiritcentric One Day Cleanse at least one day each month.
  • Play.  Be creative and do the things you enjoy.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Be generous and kind to others and yourself.  Remember that abundance is as abundance does.
  • Get plenty of exercise every day.  Alternate the intensity regularly, but always allow plenty of time for slow movements where you connect your Spirit to your body with your breath.
  • Interact lovingly with animals and insects.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Use a brush in the shower or bath to exfoliate the dead cells on your body.  Follow your shower or bath with an oil that gives nourishment like coconut, baobab, or rosehip; or use a butter like cocoa, mango nut or shea.
  • Forgive yourself and others.
  • Love yourself unconditionally.
  • Think positively.  Accept your own shadow, but be observant and release it gently and with love.  Trace the source or your own judgments and expectations and release them to Spirit to help you transmute them.  Be your own alchemist!
  • Become less attached to those beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Envision a beautiful life for yourself.  Your imagination, thoughts and emotions have an impact on you physiologically.
  • Pray.  Ask for Divine Guidance.
  • Trust.  Trust that you are supported and guided.  Trust your own intuition.
  • Expect miracles.
  • Avoid drugs and stimulants.

8.  Do the Release and Clear Prayer every evening.  The Release and Clear Prayer helps you raise your vibration and clear away unruly ego energy.

Doing these things will help you open your heart and mind to receiving the positive, helpful energies that surround you and help you experience inner peace.


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