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The New Moon is the embodiment of new beginnings and Divine Feminine creativity. The New Moon is an empty vessel that wants filling with all that your heart desires.  Our New Moon Gathering will give you the opportunity to release what needs releasing and align you with your heart’s desire. Come prepared to open your heart and fill it with light and love.

The Full Moon is about purging all the stuff that no longer serves you. The Full Moon is the embodiment of things that have come full circle. She is ready to EMPTY, LET GO AND RELEASE!! Follow the Moon and be redeemed! Let GO. Let GODDESS! My meditation and healing ceremony will give you the opportunity to release what needs releasing and align you with your heart’s desire.

These transformational events are donation-based with a suggested contribution of $10.  Please pay your donation in cash or check at the event.  It will be held in my home, and I will provide you the exact location upon your confirmed registration. Please register in advance on my website in order to get the address emailed to you (check your SPAM folder:) 

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For New and Full Moon Gatherings,

  • Dress.  Try to wear white clothing, but don’t worry if you can’t, though.  Bring a shawl or sweater in case your body temp drops.
  • Sit.  Bring a yoga mat and/or meditation pillow to sit comfortably.
  • Meditation.  Bring your journal and pen to write down your desires and wishes, what you want to release, and also to note any thoughts that come up for you over the evening.
  • Offerings. Bring something lovely and white to offer for our altar:  white flowers, white candies, or white candles are all wonderful offerings.
  • Blessings.  You can also bring an object that you would like the Moon Goddess to bless for you.  These can be anything!  Many people bring crystals, jewelry, and photos of loved ones who need healing.  It is totally up to you and totally optional.
  • Donations.  Also, it is helpful to make your donation in cash or check on the day of the event.  There is an offering box that sits on the altar.  Please simply set a loving intention and blessing as you place your contribution in the box.  Again, this is a donation-based event with a suggested donation of $10.  You are invited and encouraged to give what feels powerful for you. Thank you!
  • Extras.  We are a pet-friendly home and allow our small dogs and cat to roam freely because they offer their own blessings and love from their Spirit Guides.  We keep the house CLEAN and limit hair and dander, but if you have any fears of animals or allergies, just let me know and I’ll happily corral them in one of our rooms.


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