My Dark Shadow: Miserliness

This is the picture of a miserable miser. A miser is someone who hoards money and will live like a poor person because they hate spending it. I am a miser but not of money. I am an energy miser. I have set-up strict boundaries with my energy to the point that it has caused me to sacrifice my relationships and even my own happiness. With this Sun in Scorpio, I am keenly aware of my Shadows and so the Miser in me has been making itself known and we are amicably divorcing.

How does one amicably split with a deep, dark Shadow?

Well, in my personal practice, I like to first acknowledge my issue and accept full responsibility for it: I am a miser.

Then, I like to acknowledge the damage it is doing in my life: sapping my energy, making me small, and making me withdraw from life.

Then, I like to go to the other end of the spectrum and acknowledge how much I appreciate the Shadow. After sitting with Miser, I realized that miserliness made me learn how to set boundaries, it helped me learn how to say NO, and it helped me feel powerful at a time when I could not find any other sources of power inside myself.

Interestingly, after that last step, I always feel done with the Shadow. After I realize that it is a gift, it stops being a Shadow and becomes a friend and Spirit Guide… a teacher. It is a natural process for teachers and students to part ways. So at this point, it is easy to say goodbye.

So it is here that I am saying goodbye to Miserliness. I appreciate you and I know that when I need help, I can call on you if I cannot find my own strength. Thank you for that, old friend. Thank you. And goodbye.

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