Raw Food Detox Day 1

So Day 1 of my cleanse finds me feeling really happy to be on this journey.  No resistance anywhere.  I got up and did my morning writing and meditation and then I pottered around the house.  Finally, around 8:45 I felt like breakfast and so I sat down to be present with my meal.  I take one meal out of every day and simply have the meal without music, a book or video.  It’s just me and the meal.  The purpose of this practice is to listen to my body and observe how it responds to the food being eaten.  Also, this gives me an opportunity to watch my emotions and see if I am becoming antsy or panicky at any point.  As an emotional eater, I have glimpsed some funky dynamics when I eat, so a silent meal gives me the opportunity to be quiet and observe.  Lo and behold!  I was full to bursting at exactly 1/2 my usual portion of food.  OKAY.  I ate a few bites more and then I jumped up to go distract myself from the habit of over eating.  I left the plate there and when I came back, it looked so unpalatable that I threw it in the trash.  Perfect.

I’ll be posting my updates here on my website, so please check in with me.  If you’re interested in trying this practice, then I recommend starting for a short time if you’ve never detoxed or done an extreme diet before.  Raw Food is not extreme in truth, but it feels extreme when you’re accustomed to cooked foods and convenience. I’ll explain more about this as the days go on.

I’ll be doing over 30 days of raw food with a couple of days of only veggie smoothies and a couple of days of only veggie juices.  I’ll also have at least one day where I will be doing only water. I invite you to join me in the Spirit of Detoxification, but I encourage you to do what makes you feel good at your soul level.  Try doing a one day Raw Food detox this month, maybe next month, try a three day Raw Food detox.  Take your time with this process.  You have your whole life to explore the role nutrition plays in your life.  If you’re trying to lose weight, stop trying and start allowing.  Weight will fall off of you the moment you awaken to who you really are.  Seriously.  The moment you really love yourself dearly, the role that food plays in your life will change and what you put into your body will change, too.  The weight will simply fall away from that new dynamic– but understand the truth.  It’s not the food that is harming your body.  It’s the way you’re using the food.  Binge eating is binge eating.  It’s the same dynamic whether you’re binge eating pizza or binge eating carrots.  If you’re feeding an emotional need with cake, you’re feeding an emotional need with food.  If you’re feeding an emotional need with running, you’re feeding an emotional need with exercise.  HOW ABOUT FEEDING AN EMOTIONAL NEED WITH LOVE?  OR COMPASSION?  Or a hug?  Or by looking in the mirror and saying, “You are beautiful.  I love you.”  How about, when the emotional need strikes, instead of ignoring it by grabbing food, we stop doing what we’re doing and we pause and acknowledge the emotion that is rising.  How about you pause for 30 seconds and FEEL what you’re feeling?  How about being with the experience of feeling afraid or angry or resentful?  That’s what I’ve been doing and I swear, I’ve stopped eating for the emotion.  Just pausing and looking at myself and what’s causing me to feel that way, has helped me feel… well, wonderful.  Anyway, more of this to come.  In the meantime, enjoy this process.  I look forward to keeping up with you here!  Subscribe to my blog and stay up to date.






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