Release and Clear Prayer

I call upon Mother Gaia, Elementals, Devas, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters to come forth on my behalf to help me Release and clear my ego and its wounding.

So relaxed…so relaxed.  Slowly drifting into a most satisfying state of relaxation. Relaxation is good for me. I release every last ounce of useless tension as I rest contentedly; to rise when I must, refreshed and invigorated.

I will allow my Soul to expand right now and journey to my greatest depths to gather whatever insights my conscious mind needs to free my psyche from the limitations of the matrix and the dogma of the ego. This information will be used to enlighten my conscious self and help awaken me to a greater love and understanding of this world and myself. I am alive with the feeling of freedom, of promise, of exhilarating positive intention. My mind is clear, my body recharged and my past deactivated and left behind me.

As I relax, I release every unhappy experience of the past and everything connected with each of those experiences.  I surrender my investment in the outcome and in the emotions that fuel ego’s story. I release my fear, anger, regret, shame and confusion over these situations. I take this moment now to bless all aspects of these experiences. I bless myself and love myself. I bless and love the other souls who co-created this experience with me. I bless and love the experience and I release it fully from my mental body, from my emotional body, from my physical body and from my etheric body. I release this to the Mahahtma energy for purifying and transmuting to useful energy. I find it easy to let all of this go as these experiences and the negative emotions attached to them are a part of the ego system of unreality and have no bearing on the Truth of me– the reality of me.

I am a part of life– as are we all… And we all move, live and think as we have the right to. We have the freedom of will to choose from the limitations of the ego’s system of untruths or the Light unified system of joy, peace and Love.

Life goes on and so do I– growing rich in experience and in capacity to achieve. My positive experiences supply me with a directness to meet the opportunities of my life.  And I stand tall in the eye of the storm of change, in the storm of love.  All I must do is correct my conscious and subconscious mind. I am allowing Light to flow through them right now and I feel it disengaging me from every negative, destructive and harmful impression ever made upon me. That low vibration energy fades…fades…fades…out of my life forever.  I am grateful and thankful for every experience of the past. I now forgive myself for every mistake I have ever made; and I forgive everyone else who may have, in any way harmed me. Again, I bless them, the situation and myself. I know that out of each experience good must surely come to me.  I forgive myself for every mistake because I know that each mistake is an expression of God and as such, is a stepping stone to greater understanding; to greater opportunity and to greater achievement.  I grow stronger with each experience and I am stronger than anything life can offer.  I am preparing myself to meet life’s opportunities directly– free of negative conditioning, I am more than any challenge, for I possess the power and the ability to channel any experience into a rich and rewarding way of life.

I now fully release the past and all its effects upon me; I am free…free of the past…free to be Me…entirely… I accept myself completely.  I am a valuable and talented human being. I am always aware of my innate worth.  There are things to be done by me; that are done better by me than by any other human being.  Every word, every movement, every gesture of mine preserves my unique stamp on life. For as long as time has been or ever shall be, there is no one who can exactly duplicate me.

I am pleased!  I accept myself. I love myself.  I am grateful for my new level of understanding.  My acceptance releases me from self loathing and so I am now free to change that which must be changed; to improve that which can be improved; to let go of that which is inhibiting or destructive.  My self-acceptance now enables me to accept everyone else.  I accept myself. I accept others as they are. I embrace even those who are ‘unacceptable’ as acceptable and go on my way!  I bestow upon others my affection, true and unencumbered.  In my imagination, I see them, having all the good I desire for myself.  What I desire for myself, I also desire for everyone else.  I am abundant and generous and I give freely of my time, my money, my love. I know that I am full and that my cup runneth over and I share with all beings without judgment or inhibition. I have fulfilled my nature, I have supplied myself with those priceless qualities and feelings:  acceptance, love and forgiveness… and so I now have them to give. I give them freely.  I feel the warmth and excitement of building a new and rewarding life.  A firm quiet sense of self-love and self-determination dominates my every waking and sleeping hour.  I am ready to release and do so this day.  Clear…clear…clear…

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