Self-Esteem from an Astrological Point of View

A lot of people suffer from low self-esteem. I’m exploring how to help myself in this area, but it’s fascinating how this seems to be true for many in my generation! I hear it from a lot of people and work with them on it as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach. The astrological placement of Chiron in Aries is a big factor in self-esteem.  Does the following excerpt taken from Henry Seltzer’s astrological interpretations ring true for you?

“… issues with one’s vital force to be, to act, to initiate. With this placement, your very sense of who you are may be threatened by disturbing realizations and painful memories– you may have felt belittled and put down in your formative years, rather than encouraged, by the significant adult figures in your life.

“Even after reaching maturity, you may encounter obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential. These difficulties can set up a pattern for failure, in which you operate more from a fear of failing than the expectation of success that breeds confidence for further achievement.

“One way this may manifest is in terms of acting not in your own behalf, in furthering your own goals, but rather in behalf of the goals of other people, which seem somehow more important or at least get priority treatment. You may keenly feel a lack of achievement in your own life, and compensate by trying too hard to help these others, putting yourself in the background, as it were.

“As long as these patterns operate more or less unconsciously, they are difficult to overcome, so the first step in surmounting them is to become more conscious of your own pain; acknowledging and discovering more about what exactly went on in the past to make you feel frustrated with your own abilities. At that point you begin to come out from behind your painful experiences and really show yourself. With a more conscious understanding of your own dynamics you can also begin to truly be of help to others, in how they deal with similar issues, as you start to approach them not from a false sense of vicarious achievement, but from a place of true friendship and helpfulness.”

Got Chiron in Aries?  Have a glance at this article by Jeremy Neal.


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