The Goddess Collective


The Collective is for women who want my support as a professional coach and healer to transform their lives. This is a group of women who want to be part of a strong community that is positive and going for their dreams. Really, this group is my very own League of Badass Women.
If you decide to join this group, I am going to ask you to plan to meet with us as a group in an online forum such as Google Hang-outs once a week for about an hour for a meditation and dharma talk. This is your LIVE weekly dose of inspiration and motivation. It’s like a shot of caffeine to help you get focused and to be sharp, and its like a shot of 23 year old Scotch aged in oak to help you relax into a state of excellent quality mellowness. (Yes, I am a woman who whiskeys.)
In addition to the once per week meditation/dharma talks, I’m going to be offering a once monthly live webinar where we’ll get together and I’ll teach you something deep and meaningful, like the REAL Law of Attraction or How to Do Shadow Work or the Principle of Allowance, or How to Use Your Intuition or How to Change a Limiting Belief. I have lots of these classes that I want to teach and so I feel like a monthly webinar in addition to the weekly sessions will be a powerful way to help me get the knowledge to you. All of the weekly meetings and the monthly webinars will be recorded so that you can listen to them later just in case you cannot attend the meetings live. All of this ONLY for members of The Goddess Collective.

In addition to all this, The Goddess Collective members will be receiving an exclusive monthly newsletter and weekly inspirations delivered right to your inbox. This will be fun and easy stuff. Just little bites that are nourishing and beneficial.

I’m asking members of The Goddess Collective to contribute $50 per month to participate. AND as a member you receive a discount of 20% off of ALL my services and events— massage, readings, healing and even my complete coaching packages.

The details are described below. I’ll be working on a calendar of events and classes and confirming the formats that I will be using— Google Hangouts, Skype or whatever. I will update you with information. Please let me know your thoughts about the program. I would LOVE for you to tell me what you want me to add in!!!! I would also love to know what classes you want me teach. Thanks a bunch!

So the Goddess Collective write-up is down below… I am updating it daily, but this is a good start!

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn

The Goddess Collective is a vibrant community that gives you endless support on your path of self-realization, self-love and self-acceptance.  We are a virtual community that gets together for regular LIVE events designed to help reignite your source of power, confidence and trust in/connection to the Universe.  We are a learning community that is constantly taking in Universal Wisdom and applying it to our lives so that we live from the inside out. We balance the Divine Feminine in us with the Divine Masculine in us, so that we live our lives in harmony, uniting doing with being and taking action with allowing.
The Goddess Collective gets together once per week to learn, meditate and pray, talk, heal, have tea and align ourselves with what is most important to us.  The Goddess Collective is a movement toward awakening the source of power that makes us The Goddess.  This is a group that is exclusively ours, and participation requires a commitment to radical self-acceptance and radical self-love.
The Goddess Collective is headed by me, Crystal Lynn Bell. I formed the Goddess Collective as a vessel for maintaining close support for my sisters, clients, students and friends who are wanting help to stay aligned with self-love and acceptance, and who want to learn their true meaning.
Here are just some of the benefits of membership in the Goddess Collective:
  • LIVE weekly Goddess talks and meditations with access to the recordings for future enjoyment
  • Once monthly LIVE webinars with a recording of session available for one week after the event. I will be hosting a webinar created just for us each month.  You are guaranteed a spot or access to the recording if you are unable to attend live.
  • A supportive network of like-minded women who will help you stay aligned with self-awareness
  • Private Facebook Group for staying connected, sharing your story, blogging, photo updates, sharing your progress and inspiration
  • Weekly inspirations with quotes and quips delivered straight to your inbox
  • Goddess Collective member-only retreats and events
  • 20% discount on all of my services, events and packages.


Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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