The Learning Lessons of Failure: Why it’s important to Fail and Receive Rejection with Confidence👩‍🏫

Ah the age-old lesson of failure. Just the word itself brings up images of the times you’ve totally fallen on your face (perhaps figuratively and literally), or painful memories of times you’ve been rejected. But each and every failure and rejection put in your path is a learning lesson, read on to find out why! 🌉

Why It’s Important to Fail❓

We may spend inordinate amounts of time trying not to fail, but the truth is that failure is sometimes just as unavoidable as it is necessary. Failure can actually bring you closer to success. Failure is a time to take stock, examine what happened, make necessary changes, and hold yourself accountable for the part you played. Failure is literally personal development in its most basic form. Failure is feedback. 📈

I won’t lie and say that any of us enjoy failing at something. It’s painful and it can be embarrassing. But more often than not the fear of failure is considerably worse than the failure itself. Fear is debilitating and it can stop us cold. Fear of failure prevents us from taking action and in that it steals from us the ability to have great success. The path to success, as I’m sure you’re well aware, is never linear. It’s jumpy, filled with setbacks, upsets, trials and tribulations. Filled, in fact, with failures. The idea is to take your failures, learn from them, and make the necessary improvements so as not to repeat them.😱

Receiving Rejection with Confidence💪

Rejection can hurt just as much as failure can, but handling it with confidence will turn you into a stronger, more empathetic human being. Rejection in particular can be difficult because it can feel like an assault on our personal value and self-worth. But receiving rejection with confidence means seeing beyond the rejection itself, knowing that it isn’t personal, and using it as a means to grow. To acknowledge the rejection instead of living in denial means to stop and analyze the situation, to try to view it from multiple perspectives, and to see exactly what lessons can be gleaned from it. 💡👀

Failure is a common factor of the human experience. Everyone fails. What’s important is how you respond to and grow from your failures. Failure provides us with unrivaled experience and understanding. It brings knowledge and builds resilience more than success ever could. Failure and rejection allow us to grow- we just need to let them. Living with the knowledge that it’s not only OK to fail but important and necessary will allow you to take bigger risks in life. When you let go of the fear of failure and rejection you can rid yourself of the pressure to succeed all the time and start truly living out and learning from your experiences. ✨


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