The Miracle Room

The Miracle Room is a place where we practice the miracle.  Through regular practice, we learn to see the miracle in ourselves and others.  In this sacred space, our ACIM members are encouraged to share a part of their lives where they need a miracle.  Use words, poetry, photographs, links, and whatever media you can to tell your story.  The Miracle Room  is your safe place to express what you want to correct in your body, mind and environment.  You can go as vulnerable and candid as you want.

Other members are encouraged to engage the situation through meaningful practice of seeing God in the receiver. This is a practice that can happen inside or outside of the Miracle Room Page, but I ask that you check into the Miracle Room and share on the Receiver’s post how you held the space of the Miracle for them.
Here are some tips to help prepare you for practicing the miracle:
  • Clear your space of distractions.  Turn off your cell phones.
  • Set the ambiance for meditation and relaxation.
  • Make the moment sacred by lighting candles, using aromatherapy, playing soft music.
  • Take some deep breaths and center yourself in this space and time.
  • Tune in and visualize the Receiver in whole form.
  • Feel free to use meditation, prayer, chanting and whatever techniques you desire to help you hold space for the person in need of the miracle.
Please note:  The Miracle Room is a sacred space for active members of the ACIM Study Group ONLY.  Please do not share any of the information found here.  Please do not discuss the information found here with anyone outside of this group.

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